Who Is Kristina Cohen? Top 5 Facts To Know About The Actress

Actress Kristina Cohen’s recent accusations against Ed Westwick proves that there may be more then acting going on in the city of glitz and glamour.

Who is Actress Kristina Cohen?

Kristina Cohen was born in Los Angeles, California on November 16, 1989. The young actress seems to have always had a sense of entrepreneurship; from starting her own businesses as young as 20 years old to her successful acting career. But it was her encounter with Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick that made her a household name. Being a native to Tinseltown, Kristina Cohen has lived in the limelight most of her life and her latest encounters with Ed Westwick brings light to a dark side of life in Hollywood.

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Kristina’s Career in Hollywood

Kristina Cohen is an actress from Earthwalkers and Ladies Like Us. Kristina Cohen demonstrated her writing skills through the creation of Ladies Like Us: The Rise of Neighborhood Watch. The actress has been in Hollywood since her childhood years performing in small roles. The actress has been low-key in Hollywood drawing no major attention to herself outside of her career and the latest news has all her fans and fellow celebrities in shock.

Kristina and Ed Westwick

It was on Facebook that Kristina Cohen made her shocking announcement. According to the actress, she’d met Ed Westwick who starred in Gossip Girl for the first time at his home alongside her producer boyfriend at the time. The three enjoyed time together when Ed Westwick made an uncomfortable request. Upon doing so, the couple became unsettled, and according to Kristina Cohen–she asked to leave. Kristina Cohen was asked to nap in a spare room of Ed Westwick’s and according to the star, she instantly fell asleep from fatigue. Upon awakening, Kristina Cohen claims Ed Westwick had proceeded to rape her in his guest room. Kristina Cohen states she held the secret for three years due to the dealing with her mother’s death and a feeling of guilt. Upon receiving the news of the accusations, Ed Westwick took it to Twitter denouncing ever knowing Kristina Cohen and denying the rape accusations. For many years it had been known that something was going on in Hollywood, but not until recently have women who have suffered rape come forth with their stories. The Earthwalkers actress will not the last to come forth with such stories, but it seems the fear of public rejection keeps these women silent for longer periods than expected. Kristina Cohen’s very public announcement on Facebook regarding her rape demonstrates the lack of support and understanding the actress was going through. LAPD is currently investigating her claim against Ed Westwick. Since LAPD has begun their investigation, two supporters have come forth on behave of Kristina Cohen aiding her case against Ed Westwick. Kristina Cohen’s sister Catalina Colgate has also come forth on Dateline in support of the Ladies Like Us star.

Kristina Cohen – The last month has been incredibly… | FacebookThe last month has been incredibly difficult. Like so many women I too have a story of sexual assault, and the outpouring of stories have been both…Source: Kristina Cohen – The last month has been incredibly… | Facebook

The Darkside of Hollywood

Hollywood has always attracted the dreamers, those who not only can imagine it but have the desire to go out and make it their realities. However, the Hollywood that most fans are aware of seems to be completely different from the Hollywood the celebrities speak about. From sexual assault, rape, or simply inappropriate interactions with agents, producers, etc; it seems the dark stories are far along in the magic city.The most recent allegations against top producer Harvey Weinstein shook Hollywood; however, since such allegations, more than 65 young women have come forth with similar stories. Child stars like Elijah Wood, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and Todd Bridges have all come forth with sexual assault or rape stories. Many Hollywood stars speak on what is known as the “Casting Couch”, encounters that most Hollywood female stars regret having or continue to suffer from. Though some celebrities come forth with their stories, many choose to stay silent, suffering from their pain alone and without support.

The Future of Hollywood

It has been custom for someone to have a dark story to share in the Hollywood circle, however, never before had fans thought many celebrities shared the same encounters with Hollywood agents and producers alike. The story of Kristina Cohen is an isolated incident in the privacy of one’s home. However, many of Hollywood’s citizens share stories that are not so private. From the allegations against Bill Cosby to now Harvey Weinstein, the future of Hollywood seems to be grim. On the positive side, men and women are having the courage to come forth with their stories and bring light to such a dark industry. For too long many lived in silence and fear of their careers being ruined if they came forth with similar stories as Kristina Cohen shared, but it might be a new turn for Hollywood’s silent victims.

Five Facts about Kristina Cohen

Fact One: Kristina Cohen is a natural born Scorpio who’s birthday is November 16, 1989. Fact Two: Kristina Cohen is from Los Angeles, CA. Fact Three: Kristina Cohen is a funny girl, she performed stand up comedy to the age of 21. Fact Four: Ironclad Movement was Kristina Cohen t-shirt line when she was 20 years old. Fact Five: Graduated from The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.