Who Is Josh Brolin? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘The Goonies’ & Facts To Know

You are about to learn all about Josh Brolin who has starred in several movies. Below are facts about him and also his net worth.

Josh Brolin: Movie actor

We are anticipating ‘Deadpool 2’ which will be coming out next month. The first ‘Deadpool’ was really interesting and some of us watched it more timer that any other movie. There is also another Marvel movie that is about to be released, it’s’Avengers: Infinity War,’ and these two movies have made Josh Brolin the talk of the town. Brolin is an American movie and TV series actor who has been active since 1985. He is one of the most talented stars in Hollywood. However, Brolin’s biggest break came when he started starring in the Marvel movies. Josh Bolin usually plays the villain Thanos and has made just two appearances in the past projects through motion capture and voice acting. Everything about Brolin is pretty interesting and probably you should know his story before the spotlight shown on him. 50-year-old Brolin was born in Santa Monica, in California and he is the son of Jane Cameron who was a wildlife activist and a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. Brolin’s father is James Brolin and he was an actor just like his son Brolin. However, Brolin didn’t grow up in Santa Monica but in a ranch in Templeton, California, where he had little exposure to his father’s acting career. When Brolin turned 16, his parents divorced and his father went ahead to marry singer and actress, Barbra Streisand in 1998 and she was James Brolin’s third wife. Josh Brolin didn’t get inspired to become an actor by his father. He actually developed an interest in acting after he took an improved acting class while in high school. In a 2014 interview, the actor explained that when he was a teenager, he was a member of a surfing friendship group known as the “Cito Rats” and he described the group stating that it was Santa Barbara, the ‘80s and punk rock. The group consisted of the kids of either the rich neglectful parents or poor, neglectful parents, and so it was a mix yet they co-existed so well. Despite their different backgrounds, Brolin and the rest of the kids grew up the same way and Brolin stated that he had not seen such a group before and he has never seen another one like it to date. Josh Brolin also admitted that he was a drug abuser and he even used to steal cars to pay for his drug use one of them being heroin which he actually never liked. He also stated that he was grateful that he didn’t die from it which was kind of a good thing as 24 of his friends died from the drug. Josh Bolin has made a decent net worth starring in movies such as “The Goonies”, “No Country for Old Men”, “Deadpool 2”, “Sicario”, and “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Josh Brolin: Thanos and Cable

The actor and Instagram sensation have been on cloud nine this year after it emerged that not only will he star as Thanos in the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ but also as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2.’ In the comic books, Cable is a time-traveling son of Madelyne Pryor and Cyclops and he was trained to be the warrior of the future to return as an older man in the present. The character played by Brolin has telepathic and telekinetic powers. Kevin Feige who presides Marvel said that the Mad Titan, Cable(Brolin) was almost the main character in ‘Deadpool 2’ and so Brolin had a lot of time to explore Thano’s character. Feige added that it was a tremendous experience to unite Brolin with the staggering cast. The president also said that it was one of the funniest projects he had ever worked on and while with THR, he discussed Josh Brolin playing the roles of Thanos and Cable. He said that they didn’t have any contracts about other roles that people like Brolin can do and it had never been a problem considering that Indiana Jones and Han Solo were are the same people. Thanos and Cable are very different and Josh Brolin has managed to show that exactly. Feige then added that he did not doubt that Brolin would make ‘one hell of a Cable.’ The cast is packed with heavy-weights, but perhaps the most important one is Thanos. To this moment, the character played by Brolin is teased in Marvel movies in the past credits of phase 2 and 3 films, according to Feige, but ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ will be his first major project where he will become the primary antagonist pursuing his evil designs. ‘The Goonies,’ ‘No Country for Old Men,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Sicario,’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ actor, Josh Brolin frequently post his ongoing projects and teasers on his Instagram. Recently, he shared a photo on Instagram teasing his transformation into one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel galaxy. Brolin also teased the massive powers of infinity gems each with its ability and which together, they can rewrite reality and destroy the world. In an interview, the movie actor, Josh Brolin opened up about saying that he didn’t have all the Infinity stones in the movie ‘Avengers Infinity War’ and that led to speculation that Thanos would feature into movies. To address that speculation, Brolin said that he didn’t know if that would happen because he had not done the second movie and didn’t even have any idea of what the second script was. However, Brolin suspected that the second script was perhaps under structuring and restructuring and stated that Thanos would use psychological tactics and brute force. Brolin also never forgot to mention his love for ‘Avengers’ and said that it was the most fun he ever had in his life. After watching a snippet of it, he thought it was terrific. After he watched what they were doing, Bowling stated that he felt it was mind blowing especially watching himself not being like himself and thought it was strange.

Josh Brolin: His role as Cable

‘The Goonies,’ ‘No Country of Old Men,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Sicario,’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ actor, Brolin, is also super excited about his role as Cable and if you follow him on Instagram, you have probably not allowed his updates pass you. One of the latest pictures of Cable that Brolin has shared led fans to speculate that it was actually a scene from ‘Deadpool 2.’ The fans believed that it was more than what met the eye and he was just teasing another villain close to Cable. There is a higher chance that it wasn’t even Cable but Stryfe, an evil clone from the comic books. According to Brolin, when cable was sent to the future, a clone of him was made in his absence and then was kidnapped by Apocalypse and trained to accept mutant supremacy and harm humans. The clone later came as the leader of Mutant liberation and it was just confirmed. Brolin’s fans praised Brolin for looking closer to the comic book’s Cable. The director of ‘Deadpool 2’ stated that Brolin won’t just look like Cable in the comic book, but he will also act like him. David Leitch stated that the tone of the movie will be reflecting the comic books. Marvel is happy that fans are concerned about Josh Brolin playing both iconic characters. Last year while on set, Rob Liefeld asked Brolin to hold the character’s prop rifle. Then Brolin passed the rifle to him and told him to be careful before taking it. The rifle is pretty heavy and weighs 70 pounds. Brolin then asked him if he had to run up hills carrying that thing and Liefeld just laughed. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ will premiere on May 4, and you will have to wait for a while to watch ‘Deadpool 2.’

Facts to know about the movie actor and his net worth

He had to lose weight and regain it while portraying George Bush

The actor of ‘The Goonies,’ ‘No Country of Old Men,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Sicario,’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Josh Brolin played George W. Bush in the 2008 movie, ‘W.’ The film tells the story of Bush’s adult life and Brolin had to be like him from when he was 21 to when he turned 58. The film had to be shot sequentially and so the poor Brolin had to lose much weight to play a youthful Bush and then regain the weight to depict him in his late 50’s.

He was worried about what the gay community would think of him

You probably watched the 2008 movie, ‘Milk’ that Brolin starred as Dan White. Brolin played the role of a man, Dan White

Brolin has been married three times

The apple does not fall away from the tree and so it’s evident that Josh Brolin is not different from his father. The actor has married three times and divorced twice just like his father did. Brolin’s first wife was actress Alice Adair who he married in 1988 and divorced in 1994. They have two children together, Trevor and Eden. Afterward, Brolin was engaged to actress Minnie Driver for just six months before the called it splits. He married another actress, Diane Lane in 2004 and they divorced in late 2013. In March 2015 he got engaged to Kathryn Boyd, his former assistant and a model. They got married in late 2016.

Brolin’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Josh Brolin has a net worth of $35 million. Brolin has made much of his net worth appearing on movies like ‘The Goonies,’ ‘No Country for Old Men,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Sicario,’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ You definitely can’t get enough of Brolin.

And to end this!

Josh Brolin can brag as one of the most successful actors currently. But Brolin also finds himself on the wrong side of the law. One of the cases he was involved in was when Brolin allegedly beat his ex-wife, but she didn’t press charges. Otherwise, Brolin is a great actor.