Who Is Heather Locklear? Wiki, TV Show, Net Worth, Dynasty & Facts To Know

Heather Locklear is a Hollywood actress who has been featured on many TV shows, which have led to the accumulation of her net worth. Find out more about her.

Who Is Heather Locklear? Wiki, TV Show, Net Worth, Dynasty & Facts To Know

Heather Locklear is an American actress who is famous for her appearance in TV shows like Dynasty, Melrose Place, Spin City, and T. J. Hooker. She has also acted in movies like The Perfect Man, Fire Starter, and Money Talks. All these have contributed to her net worth. She was in the limelight when Instagram lit up with stories of her arrests for drunk driving and domestic violence. However, her drunk driving charges were later dropped. Locklear is an American citizen and has a mixed ancestry made up of German and Scottish-English.

Heather Locklear’s Early Life and Education

Heather Locklear was born on September 25, 1961, in Los Angeles, California. Her birth name is Heather Deen Locklear. Her mother’s name is Diana and she worked at Walt Disney Company while her father William Locklear worked at the University of California. Locklear grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a place called A Thousand Oaks. She has three siblings. She has a brother named Mark Locklear and two sisters called Coleen and Laurie. In 1979, Locklear enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles where she wanted to major in psychology. While she was at the University, she started modeling and doing TV commercials for companies like Pepsi, the California Dairy Council, and Polaroid. This did not give her enough time to concentrate on her studies and Locklear dropped out of University after one year to pursue her modeling career.

Locklear’s Career in TV Shows, Movies, and Net Worth

Locklear’s career in TV shows started with her having small roles in TV shows like Eight is Enough, Twirl, and CHiPs. She later met up with Aaron Spelling who is a producer and he put her on his TV shows T.J. Hooker and Dynasty. In the TV show Dynasty, Locklear acted alongside Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Barbara Stanwyck, John Forsythe, and Charlton Heston. The directors of Dynasty were Gwen Arner, Jerry Jameson, Gabrielle Beaumont, Nancy Malone, and Bruce Bilson. The TV show Dynasty was drama and comedy based. In the TV show T.J. Hooker, Locklear acted alongside actors like Sharon Stone, James Darren, Leonard Nimoy, and William Shatner. The directors of T.J. Hooker were Bruce Seth Green, Cliff Bole, Michael Caffey, Chuck Bowman, and Vincent McEveety. T.J. Hooker’s genre was drama, action, and crime. In 1984, Locklear appeared in her first movie, Firestarter, which was a sci-fi horror movie. The movie was about a small girl named Charlie who had the power to control fire. Locklear acted as the girl’s mother, who also had telepathic powers. In 1989, she appeared in her next movie, which was a sci-fi called The Return of Swamp King where she was the main character. Jim Wynorski directed the movie. It was a continuation of the horror movie called Swamp Thing, which premiered in 1982. In 1991, Locklear appeared in an American TV show called Dynasty: The Reunion. The mini-series was a continuation of the TV show Dynasty that aired in the 1980’s. The TV show got the highest ratings that year and Irving J. Moore directed it. In 1993, Locklear met again with producer Spelling and she got a part in an American TV show that was airing called Melrose Place. The TV show Melrose Place was not doing great but it became popular after Locklear appeared on it as Amanda Woodward. Melrose Place’s ratings even went up after her debut on the show. Melrose Place became a hit and it even got numerous Golden Globe Award nominations. In 1993, Locklear had a small part in a comedy movie called Wayne’s World 2. In 1996, she also had a small role in an American comedy called The First Wives Club. Locklear appeared in movies like Texas Justice (1995) and Shattered Mind (1996). In 1996, she also appeared in a TV show called Spin City. The TV show was about a fictional local government that controlled New York City. Locklear acted alongside Dakota Fanning, Michael Boatman, Richard Kind, Bill Maher, and Alan Ruck in Spin City. The directors of Spin City were Ted Wass, Andy Cadiff, Carl Lauten, and Lee Shallat Chemel. Spin City aired from 1996 to 2002. From 2002, Locklear appeared in movies like Flying By, Scary movie 5, and The Perfect Man. Mark Rosman directed the Perfect Man and she acted as Jean Hamilton. Locklear acted alongside Hillary Duff, Chris North, Ben Feldman, and Mike O’Malley in The Perfect Man. The Perfect Man whose genre is family, comedy, and romance was a huge hit. In 2003, she appeared in her own sitcom called One Around the Park, which was supposed to air on NBC. To her disappointment, the show did not get off the ground and it was never aired. Locklear also appeared in other TV shows like Scrubs, Hannah Montana, LAX, Rules of Engagement, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men, Hot in Cleveland, and Franklin and Bash. LAX was another huge disappointment for her. The show ended after only 13 episodes because its ratings were not that high. Her latest appearance is in the TV show Fresh off the Boat that aired in 2017. Her appearances in all these movies and TV shows have contributed to her net worth. Heather has also acted in animations like King of the Hill, Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Hercules. She has also been part of the production team in shows like Melrose Place and LAX.

The TV Show Actress’s Major Works and Net Worth

Heather Locklear’s most important work in her acting career and which contributed to her net worth is the TV show Melrose Place. The show is based on the lives of people who live in Melrose Place, which is found in West Hollywood, California. Other actors who were in the TV show include Doug Savant, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett, and Amy Locane. In spite of Melrose Place being a huge hit, it also got negative reviews. Another important work of Heather Locklear was the TV show Spin City. The show aired on ABC Network from 1996. She appeared on the show as a marketing campaigner called Caitlin. Other characters included Barry Bostwick who played the mayor, Michael J. Fox who played deputy mayor, and Richard Kind who played the press secretary. With time, the show’s ratings started to go down and it was finally canceled in 2002.

The TV Show Actress’ Achievements and Awards

In 1994, Locklear’s appearance in the TV show Melrose Place won her an award for Best Actress in the First Americans in the Arts Awards. She also received four nominations in the Golden Globe Awards for her appearance in the same TV show. In 2004, Locklear won the Favorite Teen Dream in the TV land award for her appearance in Melrose Place. She has also received two nominations in the Golden Globe Awards for her appearance in Spin City.

Heather Locklear’s Personal Life

Heather Locklear has been married and divorced twice. In 1986, she married was Tommy Lee who was a drummer for Motley Crue. They went for their honeymoon in the Cayman Islands and lived in a mansion in the San Fernando Valley. The marriage lasted for only seven years before Lee cheated on Locklear. Locklear filed for a divorce in 1993. In 2016, she posted a throwback photo with Lee on Instagram. A year after the divorce, Locklear got married to Richie Sambora who was a guitarist for Bon Jovi. On October 4, 1997, their daughter Ava Elizabeth Sambora was born. Ava is currently a model and she loves to post photos on Instagram. In 2006, Locklear shocked her friends and family when she filed for a divorce again. Sambora and Locklear later became friends and continued to co-parent their daughter. Locklear later met Jack Wagner after her divorce. In August 2011, the two got engaged. However, they later called off their engagement in the same year in November. Locklear has also dated some famous people like Tom Cruise, Larry Porush, Scott Baio, Mark Harmon, and Andrew Stevens. She is currently dating Chris Heisser and the two have posted numerous photos on Instagram.

Heather Locklear’s Arrests

In March 2008, Locklear had a problem with the police when someone pretending to be her doctor, called the police and reported that she was trying to kill herself. An investigation was done and it was found that she was fine. However, Locklear later admitted herself to a medical center to be treated for depression and anxiety. In September 2008, Locklear was arrested in California on suspicion of driving under the influence. However, no drugs or alcohol were found in her blood when she was tested. The District attorney’s office changed the charge to driving under the influence of prescription medicine. In January 2009, Locklear contested the charges, which were later dismissed by the court. However, she was given a fine, sentenced to three years’ probation, and was required to take lessons on safe driving. In 2011, it was reported that Locklear had an argument with Jack Wagner after their breakup. However, no charges of domestic violence were filed against her. In the same year, Locklear was arrested for hitting a sign with her car and was charged with a hit and run. However, she was never prosecuted and the charges were dropped. Locklear’s sister made a call to the police in January 2012. Her sister reported that she was in danger of overdosing after taking alcohol and prescription drugs. Locklear was rushed to the hospital and discharged later on. In September 2017, she was in a car accident near A Thousand Oaks, California. The Porsche she was driving crashed into a ditch and Locklear was taken to the hospital with slight injuries. The police later ruled that alcohol and drugs were not responsible for the accident. On February 26, 2018, Instagram was lit after Locklear was arrested for domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor battery. Her brother called the police to break up a fight when he found her fighting with her boyfriend Chris. When the police tried to arrest Locklear for domestic violence after seeing bruises and marks on Chris, she resisted arrest. It is reported that she fought and kicked the three police officers who tried to restrain her and threatened to shoot them. It is reported that Heather’s daughter Ava was present during the altercation. Chris and Heather were first taken to the hospital for a check-up before being taken to jail. Locklear was charged with domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor battery. Her bail was set at $25 thousand, which she paid, while her boyfriend was set free without any bail. A court date has been set to listen to her domestic violence and misdemeanor case. Two days after her release, she posted a photo on Instagram of her and her dog on a plane going to Boston.

Locklear’s Body Measurements

Locklear has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs 126 Pounds. Her body’s measurements are 37-27-36 inches. Locklear’s hair is dyed blonde and the color of her eyes is grey. Her bra size is 34C and she has a tattoo of a flower on her body.

Facts to Know About Heather Locklear

1. When Locklear was young, her siblings used to tease her and call her Hexter. 2. Locklear can touch her toes without bending her knees. 3. When she was growing up, she used to love the Bee Gees. She still listens to their music and it makes her happy. 4. Locklear never leaves the house without her phone. 5. Her favorite spot to go on vacation is Hawaii. 6. Locklear swears that she will never eat lamb chops because she had a dog called Lamb Chop. 7. She always keeps a diary. She has kept one since she was 18 years old. 8. Locklear does not have a Twitter account. However, she spies on her daughter’s account from time to time. 9. She had her first kiss when she was 5 years old. 10. Locklear wishes that she could speak French. 11. She does not drink a lot of water, as it is required. 12. The first time Locklear met Bruce Willis, she fell down a flight of stairs. 13. She claims to have Lumbee Indian ancestry. 14. Locklear’s first concert was the O’Jays. 15. She has a talent for playing Angry Birds. 16. Locklear has four dogs called Coco, Bambi, Tico, and Sophia. 17. When she was 15 years old, she scooped ice cream to earn money. 18. Locklear’s favorite chocolate is marble fudge. 19. Her parents have been married for 57 years. 20. Her favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean. 21. Locklear loves going to the supermarket, however; she is not a fan of cooking. 22. She does not like peanut butter. 23. Her friends call her by her middle name Deen. 24. Her father was once a colonel in the Marine Corps. She believes that he still has the best posture. 25. When Locklear was little, she felt bad for the ugly dresses that no one bought. Therefore, she bought them and her mother forced her to wear them to school. After being embarrassed at school, she gave up the habit. 26. Locklear called Heisser her first and final love on a photo she posted on Instagram on his birthday. 27. Locklear’s boyfriend Heisser was a contractor before he was convicted of fraud in 2013. He was sentenced to two years in prison and his license was taken from him. 28. Her boyfriend Heisser was married previously and has children from his previous relationships. 29. Locklear’s daughter has done a bit of acting. When she was a teenager, she appeared on This is Forty and in a Disney series called Good Luck Charlie. 30. Locklear has had issues with prescription drugs and alcohol. 31. She is famous for appearing on TV shows Melrose Place and Dynasty. 32. Her zodiac sign is Libra. 33. Her friends and family do not like her boyfriend Heisser, they say that he is a bad influence on her. 34. She has a net worth of $25 million. 35. She has been part of more than 70 projects through her role as an actress. 36. She gets her endorsements from People Magazine and this contributes to her net worth. 37. Locklear is non-religious meaning she has no religion. 38. She owns a house in Westlake, California. 39. Heather was recently banned from owning a firearm. This happened when she was arrested for domestic violence and she threatened to shoot the arresting officers. 40. Heather has appeared in movies and TV shows that were not Hollywood hits. 41. She went to the premiere of Scary Movie 5 with her daughter Ava.

Heather’s Net Worth

Heather Locklear’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million. She has accumulated her net worth from her appearance in TV shows like Dynasty, Melrose Place, T.J. Hooker, Spin City and in movies like The Perfect Man and Scary Movie 5. She has also accumulated her net worth from working as a producer on TV shows like LAX and Melrose Place. Heather’s career as a model and endorsements from People Magazine has contributed to her net worth. Heather Locklear is an actress who has grown both personally and in her career. She never fails to entertain her fans in both her TV shows and in real life. However, her life is full of controversies that never seem to end. Just wait and see what she comes up with next.