Who Is Evan Rachel Wood? Wiki, Actress, Net Worth, ‘True Blood’ And Facts You Need To Know

Get to know more about actress Evan Rachel Wood, a woman who says she was sexually assaulted twice. Below are facts about her including her overall net worth.

Evan Rachel Wood: Actress and sexual assault victim

You got to give the #MeToo campaign some respect because it helped a lot of women speak out about the sexual abuse ordeals that they’ve been through and the suffering caused by their partners or their male surperiors. Ever since Harvey Weinstein was called out the world has been surprised by other Hollywood stars who have narrated how they were sexually abused. The funny thing is that ordinary people thought that this was their problem alone, but now it also involves celebrities too. One of those celebrities is actress Evan Rachel Wood. Wood has been raped twice in her life and it affects her to date and she certainly isn’t shy about speaking out. 30-year-old Evan Rachel Wood is not only an actress but also a musician and a model. She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in an acting family. Her mother, Sara Lynn Moore is an actress, and director as well as an acting coach. Wood’s father, Ira David Wood III is a prominent actor in Raleigh as well as a singer, theater director and a playwright. Wood’s father is also the director of a regional theater company called ‘Theater in the Park.’ She also has an uncle, Ira David Wood IV who is an actor as well. Evan Rachel Wood has three siblings, Dana, Thomas and Aden Wood. Wood and her family are actively involved in ‘Theatre in the Park’ where she became a young actress and even appeared in her father’s musical comedy adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in in 1987 when she was just months old. Wood went ahead to star in in the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ and then as Helen Keller besides her mother in ‘The Miracle Worker’ which was directed by her father. Wood’s parents went separate ways in 1996, and her mother took her to Los Angeles County, California, where she hailed from. Wood briefly studied at Cary Elementary which is a public school in North Carolina before she became home-schooled and received a high school diploma when she was 15. Wood got a black belt in Taekwondo when she was 12 years. Since then she’s made a decent net worth starring in movies like ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Across the Universe,’ TV shows like ‘American Gothic’, ‘Westworld’, and ‘True Blood.’ The actress also formed her own band, ‘Rebel and a Basket case.’

Details of her abuse and her suicide attempt

Evan Rachel Wood was a guest in Congress where she stated that she was raped and tortured several times and that she thought of self-harm and that she had even attempted suicide. The ‘American Gothic’, ‘Westworld’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Thirteen,’ and ‘Across the Universe’ actress revealed in 2011 that she was bisexual, and she said on February 27 to the attention of Congress that she remembered waking up with a man who said that he loved her but who raped her when she was unconscious. Wood said that her abuser tortured her mentally and physically until the abuser felt that she had proven her love for him. The actress thought she was the only one who had experienced this, but after #MeToo, Wood realized she wasn’t the only one on the planet to go through it. Wood felt that she was powerless and felt like she deserved what happened to her. Evan Rachel Wood was addressing a House Judiciary Subcommittee to help Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act get implemented in the United States of America but the act has only been passed in nine out of the fifty states. The actress further stated that her ex-boyfriend started raping and torturing her slowly and that it escalated over time. The details of the abuse included threats against Wood’s life, a severe episode of gas lighting in her home, and brainwashing. Wood was subjected to toxic mental and physical abuse as well as sexual abuse, and it altered the course of her life. Wood recounted the details of the abuse that included sick rituals that were done on her with her hands and feet bound together. She was also repeatedly beaten and told unspeakable words. Wood’s self-esteem and spirit were broken, and due to the terror that she underwent, she still lives in fear to this day. Wood went on to say that she still struggles with the aftermath even though the incidents happened over a decade ago. Whenever she hears a big noise close to her home, she fears that someone is coming to hurt her. Wood added that when it happens, she wakes up and clutches her baseball bat ready to strike her attacker. She further stated that people spoke about these assaults in a few minutes, but that the scars last a lifetime.

Marilyn Manson’s fantasy of killing the actress

Women are coming out following the #MeToo movement and the abusers are being unmasked quite often now. What nobody seems to be mentioning, however, is Marilyn Manson’s fantasy of killing Evan Rachel Wood after she came out to reveal that she was assaulted. In 2009, Marilyn Manson told a reporter that his song “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies” is about his fantasies. Responding to a question about his ex-girlfriend, Manson said that he had fantasies about smashing her skull with a sledgehammer. Wood and Manson met when she was just 18 years and he was 36. The actress and the singer were engaged in 2010 but broke up in 2011. Some people think that it’s Wood that Manson was singing about. Speculation aside, Manson confessed that he had violent fantasies towards his ex, and he even described a gruesome pattern of details about the abuse. One of their relationship’s low points was when he called her on Christmas Day 158 times. Each time he called he took a razor blade and cut his face or hands. Manson only wanted to show Evan Rachel Wood the pain she was putting him through. In 2009, all the magazines and blogs were focused on Manson’s murderous image with some of them stating that Wood was smart to leave the star instead of calling a spade what it was instead of a spoon. Manson was supposed to be described as an abuser, a cold abuser as he admitted it himself. Everyone joked about Manson and never bothered to be concerned about Wood’s safety.

Mickey Rourke accused of abusing Evan Rachel Wood

Wood was actually assaulted twice and the second time was in 2016 when she took to Twitter to defend Mickey Rourke. He was accused but he was not the one who abused her after rumors began to circulate that he was the one who raped her the second time. The actress dated Rourke after she played the role of his daughter in the 2008 film, ‘The Wrestler,’ and because of those rumors, Wood’s fans think that he was the abuser. Rourke is 35 years older than Wood, and she told Rolling stone in 2009 that she wasn’t attracted to him because he was too old for her. Wood stated that nothing happened between then and that she felt disrespected by the media and by Rourke for encouraging the thought that they had something going on apart from friendship. Wood had also told People Magazine that she had bonded with the actor as friends and nothing else more than that. It’s was hard to say how details abuse connected to that.

Evan Rachel Wood married a fellow child star

Wood first met her now ex-husband Jamie Bell when they were filming the Green Day video ‘Together’ in 2005. Shortly after, Wood and her partner got matching tattoos on their ankles and then they were married a few years later. Even though they divorced, Wood spoke about their tattoos by saying that they were meant to last together and that’s why they got matching tattoos but it didn’t happen and they split. However, Wood stated that she didn’t regret the tattoo as it reminded her of a moment in her life.

She gave birth to her son at home

Evan Rachel Wood gave birth at home to her first and only child and a baby boy, back in 2013. After the successful process, she thanked fellow actress Ricki Lake who directed a home birthing documentary, ‘The Business of Birthing’ as the film that inspired her to try home birthing. To date, Wood has not mentioned the name of her child and she prefers to protect his privacy. The actress doesn’t like showing off her son and even before she gave birth to him, she took to Twitter to request photographers not to take pictures of her son after he was born.

She was nominated for an award when she was young

At a very young age, Evan Rachel Wood was noticed and she made an impact on the film industry. Little effort might result in 15-minutes of fame, though a lifelong career, on the other hand, might require you to keep on proving yourself. This is a standard that the actor has carried with her throughout her career, in both movies and television while performing in ‘American Gothic,’ ‘Westworld,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Thirteen,’ and ‘Across the Universe.’ It’s also something she thinks about while performing with her band ‘Rebel and a Basket case.’ Wood did just that, and she’s been nominated for an acting award every year since. She was also nominated by the prestigious Screen Actors Guild for her outstanding performances in film and television.

Her net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Wood has a net worth of $8 million dollars. The actress has made the net worth from acting, modeling and singing. She has built most of her net worth from appearances in TV shows and movies like ‘American Gothic,’ ‘Westworld,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Thirteen,’ and ‘Across the Universe.’ She has also made some of it from performing with her band, ‘Rebels and a Basket case.’

No woman should go through any form of sexual abuse regardless of who she is. Evan Rachel Wood is just one among the few who had the courage to come out and reveal their experiences. There are many more out there that are willing to share their thoughts and feelings but many are afraid. Let’s hope that Evan Rachel Wood can be a role model for women for years to come.