Who Is Enzo Amore? Wiki, Wrestler, Net Worth, Sexual Allegation & Facts To Know

Did you know that Enzo Amore was actually signed up as a wrestler in WWE without prior experience? Find out more facts about him including his net worth.

Who is Enzo Amore?

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Enzo Amore whose real name is Eric Anthony Arndt is a professional wrestler who was born on December 8, 1986, in Hackensack, New Jersey. He went to school at Julia A. Traphagen School, and Crescent and Waldwick high school in Waldwick, New Jersey. Most of his early life was spent in Waldwick where he played football despite having a height of only 1.8m/5’9. He later joined Salisbury University football team where he played linebacker and safety for the Sea Gulls. Enzo Amore graduated from Salisbury University with a journalism degree. Before starting his wrestling career, Enzo did a number of odd jobs. For example, he worked as a piano mover, he was a manager at Hooters, and he worked as a disc jockey as well as a ticket salesperson for the New York Jets.

Enzo Amore’s Career as a Wrestler

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When Enzo was 16 years old, he attended a gym in Wyckoff, New Jersey, where he met WWE executive Triple H. He gave Triple H a video collection of himself doing different wrestling exercises and cutting promos. This resulted in Amore joining WWE in 2012 without any experience in wrestling where he acquired the ring name Enzo Amore. He wrestled against Mason Ryan and was easily defeated. After his defeat, he teamed up with Big Cass whom he had met prior in the football court and started a feud with Mason Ryan. They were defeated but they earned victory in a handicap match. Enzo Amore and Big Cass came up with a theme song for their arena entrance. The New York producers best known as CFO John Alicastro and Mike Lauri produced it. The entrance theme song ‘SAWFT is a sin’ was rapped by Amore himself. Amore and Cass continued to fight against Alexander Rusev, Sylvester Lefort, and Scott Dawson. It was during this period that they were promoted as the face of WWE. They later fought in a gauntlet match for the ‘NXT Tag Team championship’ and won against CJ Parker and Rusev Dawson. However, they lost to the Ascension. After a number of failed trials trying to win the ‘NXT Championship’, Amore and Cass teamed up with John Cena in a six-man tag team match at Battleground. They defeated The Club. In June 2017, the duo separated after a security video revealed that Big Cass had attacked Enzo Amore and feigned an attack on him. Amore challenged Big Cass and defeated him. Shortly thereafter Amore scored his first victory in cruiserweight division against Noam Dar in 2017. Later in the year, he claimed his first WWE title after fighting against Neville. Enzo Amore is the current titleholder of the Cruiserweight Championship.

Sexual Allegations against Enzo Amore

The WWE fired Enzo Amore after an unknown woman accused him of sexual abuse. The woman came forward hours before the 25th Raw Anniversary Show. She claims Amore raped her in a hotel in Phoenix, California on October 19 the previous year. She further narrated how Enzo Amore had Tyler Grosso and Toopoor act as his accomplices. They plied her with drugs and left her unconscious with Amore. The traumatized woman spent 45 days in a mental hospital. The investigations are still ongoing of the sexual allegations.

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Facts to Know about Enzo Amore

• Enzo Amore Met Big Cass in A Basketball Court

Amore first met Big Cass on a basketball court where they played together in the Cage of Manhattan, New York in their youth days. Their partnership did not start on the wrestling ring.

•He Signed With WWE without Prior Experience in Wrestling

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When Enzo Amore was 16 years old, he attended a gym in New Jersey, where he met WWE executive Tripple H. He handed Triple H a video that contained his athletic exercises and promo. Soon after, Amore was signed to WWE. Triple H gave him a chance and Amore did his best to learn despite having no prior experience of wrestling.

• Enzo Admired Shawn Michael

Since Enzo Amore was 8 years old, he was infatuated with the wrestler Shawn Michaels. At one time, he made a cardboard pin-up of Shawn Michaels as his school project. Apparently, his project landed him in trouble with his parents and the school principal.

• Enzo Amore Played in Division III NCAA Football

Having a height of 1.8 m/5’9 Enzo Amore played football at Salisbury University on a full scholarship for 2 years. He enjoyed playing football; therefore, wrestling came naturally.

• Enzo Amore’s love life

The worldwide known wrestler Enzo Amore was spotted being cozy with a female wrestler by the name of Nia Jax. The two wrestlers might become the next power couple of the wrestling world. Nia Jax is a female superstar who destroys her opponents without mercy. She is gaining fame due to Enzo Amore who is in a much better place than she is.

• Enzo Amore’s Net Worth

The famous wrestler Amore had a net worth of $250,000 in the years 2016-2017. His net worth can buy a replica of WWE heavyweight championship belts. So far, his current net worth as of 2017-2018 is still under review. Despite Amore career being on the line, he has still managed to remain in the spotlight. His net worth will continue to increase once his name is cleared of the sexual allegations. The talented 32 year old, Enzo Amore has worked hard and seen progress in his wrestling career and is without a doubt a talented man. Enzo Amore played on a football team in Salisbury University for 2 years but took other odd jobs as well. He’s worked as disc jockey, a piano mover, and a ticket salesperson, all before joining the WWE. He has struggled to create his name in the sports career. His net worth proves how much he has worked hard over the years. Enzo Amore continues to surprise his fans with his charm and sense of humor.