Daniel Howell

Who is Daniel Howell dating now? Is he gay, bisexual or straight? More Details About His Lifestyle

Daniel Howell is a British Vlogger and radio personality. He is popularly known for his channel ‘danisnotonfire’ where he has the huge subscription.

Not only his YouTube channel, but he also has the huge fan following on his other social media platform. Many people want to know about his sexual orientation. Why do they want to know? Why is Daniel famous on YouTube? Let’s find all the answer below:

Source: Instagram (Daniel Howell)

Is Daniel Howell gay, bisexual or straight?

Since he started YouTube back in 2009, people are making many questions regarding his sexuality. Daniel has confronted many times that he has crushes on both male and female celebrities. Yet, he has not opened up out about how he labels himself sexually. But one of his videos raised the question even more.

Back in one of the challenge video, which is called ‘Roast yourself challenge’, he roasted himself. ‘Roast yourself’ is the challenge where YouTubers make fun of themselves. Famous YouTuber Ryan Higa firstly introduced the challenge. In this video, Daniel on a lot of subjects, including how he barely uploads new video anymore and his “noodle”-like body

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In one of the part, he talked about the very question that was on everyone’s minds for years. He rapped:

“So, your celebrity crush was J.Law, but now it’s Evan P[eters]. WTF even is your sexuality? It’s hard to put you in a box when you keep it so blurry, I think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly a furry. I’m joking, obviously. Okay that went deep. Repress it? Yup. Before I start crying, let’s wrap this s*it up.”

Though he did it in a roundabout, funny way, the Brit was much clear in his message. Meanwhile, some people thought him stating both Jennifer and Evan meant he was saying he’s bisexual. Yet, a large majority of fans noted that he’s simply admitting that he’s still trying to figure things out. And he doesn’t want to put labels on anything just yet.

Source: Instagram (Daniel Howell)

Career, education, and lifestyle of Daniel Howell 

Dan is very foodie by his character and loves trying delicious food with a change in taste. His bio besides the career of Dan provides very less information about his personal life. He even has not managed whom he is having his affair. Additionally, he also loves watching football and also a huge supporter of Manchester United.

Dan is also passionate about painting and tries often in his times. Moreover, he is also music lovers and his favorite is Enrique.

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He dropped out of the university there because his interest was changed within video blogging. Later on, he converted his hobby to his profession.  His best friend Phil Lester was the best BBC Radio presenter of the town who inspired him to join his passion. It led him to reach across his destiny within the very time. Dan has also launched apps, tours, and other business enterprises beside constant collaborator Phil Lester.

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