Who Is Bill Cosby? Net Worth, TV Show, ‘The Cosby Show’ & Facts To Know

Bill Cosby is known for Leonard Part 6 and Little Bill. He’s also known for controversies. Here is his net worth and details about his remarkable TV show.

Bill Cosby: Early Life

The Little Bill star Bill Cosby was born on July 12 in the year 1937, in Philadelphia at Pennsylvania. Before he became a popular TV star, he was also very active in other fields. He played various sports, excelled in plays, did many part-time jobs at once to support his family. He stopped his school after he failed the tenth grade, and joined in the U.S. Navy and attended university. But he did not continue the university course and started his career in stand-up comedy in 1962. After that, he did in different TV shows starting from ‘The Tonight Show’. He started doing acting in 1965 when he performed on I Spy as the first African American show in a featuring role for which he got three Emmys awards. The Cosby Show is his very famous show. Bill Cosby was not only a good comedian or actor, but also a great musician. His passion for music got attention when he put forward jazz due to which he got an award in music. Also, his comedy albums were awarded a Grammy award.

Bill Cosby’s Work, Career, Net Worth and TV Show

Bill Cosby did many TV shows, but his famous shows were ‘The Bill Cosby Show’, ‘Fat Albert’, and the ‘Cosby Kids’. But what carried him the most success was ‘The Cosby Show’, a sitcom featuring Cosby himself that started in 1994. The show was based on the Huxtable family; the show was believed to be one of the biggest TV shows of the ‘80s. This show helped to gain benefit to NBC (National Broadcasting Company) and also to sitcoms in general. With this TV show, he opened the way primarily for a black cast. This show is assumed to have been the main source of a huge portion of the Leonard Part 6 star Bill Cosby’s net worth. So, the total earnings of the series were nearly net worth $330 million. In 1996, he brought another family-based sitcom called Cosby, for which he earned net worth$1.0 million per episode for the 95 episode series. But his first show’s reruns were removed from television, especially following the sexual assault allegations. So obviously Cosby has stopped received royalties from the show’s continued airing. His show Ghost Dad, movies like Fat Albert, Jack, Landlord Part 6 was also a popular show. Some of Bill Cosby’s remarkable TV shows are: • The Bill Cosby Show (1984)
• Cosby (1996)
• I Spy (2002)
• Ghost Dad (1990)
• Fat Albert (1972)
• Jack (1996)
• Landlord Part 6 (1987)

Bill Cosby’s Endorsement Projects and Financial Condition

Bill Cosby also has made money from advertising as becoming a household name. He was one of the first black persons in the U.S. to serve as a speaker. He did advertising for many famous brands like Coca-Cola, Texas Instruments and much more. But he appeared in ads in 1974 when he joined the partnership with Jell-O brand. Since then, he truly thrived in the field of advertising. Through this brand, he earned $100 million worth in its first year. Then he has promoted Jell-O products for a long duration, and due to this, he sustains the world record as longest-serving celebrity speaker for a brand. As he is famous personality and his net worth and personal stock face took an immense hit. He was accused by over 50 women of sexual assault, comprising drugging, rape, and child sexual abuse. But due to Cosby’s popularity and impact never came forward sooner, as he started doing such things as early as the 1960s. In such situations, his lawyer and also his wife have been filed many civil suits against Cosby. As an outcome of this, he got arrested for sexual assault in 2015 but got out on bail. As an effect of this, various companies and groups has detached themselves from Bill Cosby. Also, some of his past awards have been annulled. But even if he is proven innocent, the charges will hinder the growth Bill Cosby’s net worth, if not complete lower it.

Family and Other Interesting Facts

Bill Cosby has a wife, Camille, and they have five kids. Together, they have four daughters and one son. One interesting fact about Bill Cosby is that he is well-known to have taught kids on how to make a teacher stop approaching them to make a confession. Talk about your parents first, and then she or he will talk their parent as well. In this way, the problem will be solved.

About the Case

Bill Cosby is made a name for himself as an American standup comedian, TV star, actor, musician, and author in Philadelphia. But now he is becoming known as a criminal. He has a charge of sexual assault on Andrea Constand, a Canadian national team basketball player. Andrea Constand has filed the case against Bill Cosby concerning a sexual assault that supposedly occurred in 2004 when Constand was working for the Temple University women’s basketball team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At that time, no prisoner charges were filed.

Criminal Charges

In this Cosby’s case, many assertions are made by the defense that there were too many contradictions in Constand’s story. This case has turned a performer into a villain. The life of a good performer has become a criminal show because of this. Bill Cosby became famous for his excellent performance and work. But sadly, he has now become the center for controversies. He was once an icon for many but now he is a criminal in many people’s eyes.