Who Is Becca K.? Wiki, Publicist, Net Worth, ‘The Bachelor’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about The Bachelor contestant, Becca K. who is a publicist. Below are facts about her, including her net worth.

Becca K. is a publicist by profession

TV show, “The Bachelor” has been on for a while now and many contestants for Arie’s heart have gone home, including Bekah, who most of us thought she would win over Arie or at least be there until the end of the show, but that wasn’t the case. Becca K. is still in though and many think she will be the one taking the last rose. Becca K. lost her father when she was young and she has been raised by her mother, Jill Kufrin. It’s Jill Kufrin who made Becca K. the character she is which has made Arie like her more. According to her ABC bio, Becca K. hails from Prior Lake, Minnesota. Going through Becca’s LinkedIn, she is a publicist and works and works for a marketing agency known as Skyaa. Becca loves movies and some of her favorites are “Sister Act 2” and “Gladiator.” She also has three tattoos and describes herself as honest, loyal and charismatic. Becca has a stable career as a publicist and has made all her net worth from her profession. Her rich personality is mostly the reason why she has stayed all this long on “The Bachelor,” and Arie liked her every day. In her real life, Becca takes her job very seriously. Anyone would feel the same way if they have worked in the company for years, but Becca has been with the company for slightly over five years. According to the website of the company that Becca works for, Skyya is an award-winning communication company which offers services to those who have communication needs of rising and well-established tech companies around the world. Probably that sounds fancy to you just because Becca works for the company and she is on “The Bachelor.” Becca has her life together and knows what she wants.

Spoilers predict that Becca K. might end up with Arie

There was a question of who Arie Luyendyk Jr. was in love with at this point of the show. He has narrowed it down and one of the few remaining girls in the show is Becca. At that point, every girl’s heart is beating and is hoping to win Arie. He might love one of them or never at all, but according to spoilers, Becca is likely to have the last laugh. Reading Arie’s behavior and his Twitter posts, it’s only Becca who hasn’t been turned down by Arie when a discussion of love and relationship comes up. The last one happened to Lauren B. Luyendyk stood up in the middle of a date with her and left after she told him that she was beginning to fall in love with him. He just asked to be excused and left the dinner table. Arie headed down to a grove of trees. Later on, he told the camera in a confession that he felt he was falling in love with Lauren B and viewers were left wondering why then did he have to leave her alone on the table. Spoilers suggest that he didn’t want to fall for someone else and he was focusing on maintaining what he was feeling for Becca. We can only wait and see it was indeed true that Arie prefers Becca.

Facts about the publicist

Her first date with Arie was perfect

The 27-year-old Becca got a chance to make a great first impression just after the show premiered. Becca and Arie went to Malibu for their first date. Becca was dressed by the super talented designer Rachel Zoe and Arie wore from his own collection. Becca kept so many clothes after playing dress-up and when on the date, Arie and Becca connected immediately. Today, Becca is one of the front-runners just because of that date.

She’s political

After checking her Instagram photos, you will know that Becca is not afraid to share her political opinions. There was a time when the publicist attended the women’s march to show her solidarity with them in supporting planned parenthood. Her signs warned politicians to keep of her ‘lady bits.’ Who wouldn’t love a woman who stands for what she believes in?

Her mother is a breast cancer survivor

Becca’s mother, Jill Kufrin had breast cancer, but it was stemmed down. It was a relief to the family as Becca’s father died of brain cancer when she was still a teenager. He passed on at 66 when Becca K. was about to turn 20. Her sister, Emily got engaged recently. She still wishes her father a Happy Father’s Day even though he’s not alive.

Becca got some lifetime friends from the Bachelor

Even though they had the same goal and it was only one of them who would take it, Becca and other contestants became friends and are now BFFs. On January 17, she posted a photo on her Instagram featuring some contestants like Britanny, Chelsea, Ashley, Caroline, and Jenna all hanging out side by side. She has also been posting on Twitter her progress with them. Arie would definitely like a girl who makes friends with people around her.

Her net worth

Becca’s net worth is still under the wraps, but most definitely she has a decent net worth that she has made as an employee. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

The show is not over yet and Becca is anxiously waiting for the moment that she will take the only rose remaining on the show. Hopefully, she will win Arie’s heart.