Who Is Anne Hathaway? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘The Intern’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about the Anne Hathaway who is an actress and has stared in several movies. Below are facts about her and her net worth.

Anne Hathaway: Movie and TV actress

Good morning weight shammers! Have a prosperous week, month, or whatever. After what Anne Hathaway told you and shut you down, I doubt if your week will be exciting. Being a celebrity comes with many advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is, when fame comes through the door, privacy jumps out of the window, and as a star, people tend to feel like they own you and can share their opinions about you. Well, that’s the problem Anne Hathaway is going through after some weight shammers decided that her increasing body size was their business. Hathaway is famous and she is not only an actress, but also a singer. She was named as one of the highest paid actresses in 2015. Hathaway also has a big following on Instagram. The actress has won major awards like an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and the British Academy Film Award. The 35-year-old Anne Hathaway was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, Gerald, is a labor attorney while her mother, Kate is a former actress. Her grandfather from her mother’s side was Joe McCauley of WIP-AM Philadelphia. Kate is of Irish descent while her husband has Irish, French, English, and German roots. Hathaway was named after Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway and when she turned six, she and her parents moved to Millburn, New Jersey and it’s the place where she was raised up. The actress is the second born following her elder brother and she also has a younger brother. Hathaway fell in love with the stage after she watched her mother perform as Fantine in “Les Miserables.” However, her parents were not willing to support her in pursuing an acting career. Kate then quit acting to raise her kids. The actress was raised a Roman Catholic and with some strong values. Hathaway revealed that she wished to be a nun when she was growing up but acting became her priority. At the age of fifteen, her family left the Catholic Church and their connection with the church changed after they learned that her elder brother Michael, was gay. They knew for sure that they would face intolerance from the church because of that and so they converted to Episcopalianism. Hathaway and her family didn’t stay there for long. Hathaway describes her religion as a work in progress. The actress went to Brooklyn Heights Montessori School and also Wyoming Elementary School based in Milburn. Anne graduated from Milburn High school where she loved playing soccer and participated in many stage plays. After high school, Hathaway went to America Academy of Dramatic Arts only to be employed later in the Barrow Group when she was still a teenager. The actress has made a net worth by appearing on different movies and TV shows including “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Les Miserables,” “The Intern,” and “Love & Other Drugs.”

Anne Hathaway hits back at weight shammers

Anne Hathaway is doing everything she can to gain weight for a role in an upcoming project but when weight shammers took on her after she posted it on Instagram, she hit back at them by telling them that it wasn’t her but them. The actress had shared a workout video on Instagram to show her followers part of a routine she was using to transform her body shape for the film. The Instagram video showed the actress lifting weights as part of the bodybuilding program alongside her personal trainer. Hathaway also said that she wanted the video to be set at Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls. The movie actress posted a caption stating that she was gaining weight to fit her movie role and it was all going well. She then went to meet weight shammers’ attention before they even started and told them that if they were going to fat shame her, it would be them not her. She also said that the copyright refused her to set the video for Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls. However, the actress didn’t reveal what the project was about and what could be behind the weight gain. However, she has some big projects coming and you can only wonder which of them needed her to add weight. The first one is “Live Fast Die Hot” which is a drama about a New Yorker who becomes a mom and life changes. The other one is “The Lifeboat” which is a story about a young woman being tried for murder. Her next project that will be released soon will be “Ocean’s Eight,” alongside other actresses like Dakota Fanning, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Rihanna.

John Krasinski joked that he couldn’t get Anne Hathaway

John Krasinski is married to Emily Blunt and they look happy together, but according to him, he first paid attention to his co-star in “Devil Wears Prada,” Anne Hathaway. The actor had appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” alongside his wife where he revealed how much he loved “The Devil Wears Prada.” John said that it was one of the things in those days that older adults like him used to channel surf. He added that he had watched the movie 723 times because it was one of those movies that whenever one was going through the channels, they would stop and look. His obsession with the movie was perhaps one of the first things he told Blunt before they started dating. John recalled telling her that he was a huge fan of hers and he was in full-stalker mode. He then asked her if she wanted to go on a date with him. The couple tied the knot on 2010 and they have two kids Hazel and Violet. Emily Blunt said that her husband often watches the film. There were many instances when “The Princess Diaries”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Les Miserables”, “The Intern”, and “Love & Other Drugs” actress Anne Hathaway got some fabulous outfits and John really admired them. He would point at one outfit and shout that it was his favorite. That’s when Krasinski teased his wife that he would have wanted to date Hathaway jokingly and told her that he couldn’t get Annie.

Anne Hathaway really loves lifting weights

Anne Hathaway is not afraid to show that she has brains, brawn, and beauty. She can break a sweat lifting weights like a bodybuilder on a daily basis and still find time to come on set. She was seen last month in a strenuous workout at her close to home West Hollywood gym. The movie actress showed her intellectual side by wearing a black Albert Einstein tank and kept the rest of the things sporty by rocking some Adidas sneakers. Hathaway pumped iron and displayed her toned arms at the gym. Hathaway was ready for everything that was laid out for her on the bench and she wore basic black athletic-wear. With the help of a black Nike cap, she managed to keep her tresses out of her face. A handsome and muscular trainer watched over the actress as she held her breath and lifted weights. In another session, Anne Hathaway bent her body at the waist and touched the ground with her hands to ease her legs and arms. After the rigorous workout, Adam Shulman, her husband, came and picked her up.

Facts to know about the movie actress and her net worth

Acting is in her blood

Just like some of the most incredible actors in Hollywood, Hathaway got her acting chops while in the womb of her mother, a former super talented stage actress. Even though there was a time they thought they shouldn’t inspire her to be an actress, her parents changed their minds later and her mother was actually the one who encouraged her to be an actress. In fact, she took the role of Fantine in “Les Miserables” from her mother. Hathaway said in an interview that before taking the role, she asked for advice from her mother. “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Les Miserables,” “The Intern,” and “Love & Other Drugs” actress, revealed that they talked about the character.

She was once caught in a riptide

In 2014, there were reports that Anne Hathaway almost drowned in Oahu with her husband, Adam Shulman. She was out swimming in the ocean when she got caught up in a riptide without knowing. The actress said that she wasn’t drowning, but got stuck in a riptide and couldn’t swim to the shore. At the time of the incident, Hathaway’s hubby was laying on the beach and he suspected that there was trouble. He hurriedly ran into the waters to save her and at that moment, the photographers realized that something was wrong. There are a lot of photos from the incident and Hathaway looks distressed, but the actress assured her fans that she was a good swimmer and she could have survived either way.

She has turned down a role

When an actress or actor turns a role, especially if it’s the main one, that means she is an established star and she doesn’t have to bargain for a role. Anne Hathaway was asked to take the leading role in the comedy, “Knocked Up” but she turned down the opportunity. The reason why she did so was that Hathaway was uncomfortable with the birth scene. In her own excuse, the movie actress stated that her issue was that she wasn’t experienced with motherhood back then and she wasn’t aware of what she would feel about giving birth. After she gave birth to her first baby, she said regretted not taking the role. The role was actually taken by Katherine Heigl, and she brought it up so well.

Her net worth

Anne Hathaway has a net worth of $35 million, that’s according to Celebrity Net Worth. She has made all her net worth from performing in movies and TV shows, some of them being “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Les Miserables,” “The Intern,” and “Love & Other Drugs.”

We all love Anne Hathaway and we can’t wait to see her new look after adding some weight. For the weight shammers, you deserve no attention. You can check out her progress on her Instagram.