Wesley Wong Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen’ Actor

Get to know more about Wesley Wong who is an actor on ‘Pacific Rim Uprising.’ Below are facts about him that you never knew including his overall net worth.

Wesley Wong:’ Pacific Rim Uprising’

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ is the latest hero film to hit our screens and we can’t get enough of it. Since March 23, cinema lovers have been flocking to the theater to watch this movie. True to form it had been a good week, though not quite like ‘Black Panther,’ but close. ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ had its own bragging rights but fans of the movie aren’t excited about it alone. The actors have had their fair share of publicity as well and everyone wants to know all about them, including actor Wesley Wong. Wong is a Chinese actor who had the opportunity to go from east to west to fulfill his dream in Hollywood, even though he had already made a name for himself in Hong Kong. Who is Wesley Wong? What is it about him that makes him such a great actor? 31-year-old Wesley Wong was born Hong Kong, but some people confuse him with Kai Wong, a Hollywood actor and producer, who is also the god-grandson of Jading Wong. Wesley Wong’s father is Melvin Wong, a TVB actor in Hong Kong and his mother, Angie Chiu is a TVB star. She is popular for her famous elegance and femininity which doesn’t age. Before Chiu was married to Melvin Wong, she was married to another Wong, and he is the father of Kai Wong which makes them half-brothers. Wesley Wong was born with attached earlobes while Kai Wong has detached earlobes but their appearance is otherwise similar. Their eyes are almond-shaped leaving their fans more confused. Wesley Wong attended USC and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He also acquired a Master’s degree in acting from Beijing Film Academy. The actor has made a net worth starring at ‘Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen’, ‘Sorry, I Love You,’ ‘Pacific Rim Uprising,’ ‘Falling in Love,’ and ‘Massagists.’

His shirtless scene

Hong-Kong born talented actor, Wesley Wong made his Hollywood debut with the new movie, ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ and he really tried his best he to steal scenes from the main stars, John Boyega and Scott Eastwood. One of the ways he did that was to take off his shirt. Yes! There is a shirtless scene of him. Hello ladies? Are you now going to watch the movie? Check out his pics below. Wong spoke to ‘PEOPLE’ about his body and said that they had a fitness trainer and a nutritionist on set while shooting the whole process. From day one, according to Wong, it was basically bulking up everything he had and that the trainer was with them five days a week for training. Wong admitted that he had not been heavy at all during his life and that he was specifically preparing for the shirtless scene. The actor acknowledged that that was the part of the role that pushed his limits for him to see how far he could go. Despite both of his parents being successful actors in China, he wasn’t pressured to be part of the family business. Since Wong was a child, his parents always insisted that he finds his own passion in life and they didn’t dictate a particular direction for him to go. After he completed college, Wesley Wong decided to follow his parents’ footsteps, and he soon realized that he made the right choice. Wong told ‘PEOPLE’ that his father took him aside and asked him what plans he had pertaining to his life after he was done with college. He asked him if he wanted to continue college, find a job, or go back to Hong Kong. Wong told him that he would be an actor like them and they vowed to support him.

Facts to know about the actor

He was a big fan of the first ‘Pacific Rim’

Wong told ‘Hollywood Life’ that he was a fan of the first ‘Pacific Rim’ and it helped him understand what was required of his role in ‘Pacific Rim Uprising.’ He loved it because of the concept and the fact that Jaeger, one of the characters, was controlled by human beings. That was a concept that was fun and exciting to Wong while he played the role of the character Cadet Jinhai.

Wong was brought aboard to improve Asian representation

Janet Yang, an Emmy-winning producer said that actors like Wong wouldn’t have been required to go to China and Hong Kong to establish their talents for them to be in Hollywood. Yang said that she had labored to help increase Asian actors in the American films and she was happy with the progress that has been done recently. Despite that though, she had a hard time trying to put Asians in lead roles in movies and on television in the United States. Hollywood has begun focusing on making films while maintaining a global appeal in them, especially focusing on China. They have been adding actors from across the nation.

His net worth

According to net worth stat, Wesley Wong’s net worth is not clear. The actor has however made a net worth acting on at ‘Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen’, ‘Sorry, I Love You,’ ‘Pacific Rim Uprising,’ ‘Falling in Love,’ and ‘Massagists.’

Wesley Wong has had an opportunity to be in Hollywood and it seems that he’ll land more roles, hopefully sooner than later. No one can tell what the future holds, but we’re confident Wong is going far. You can check out his pics on his Instagram Feed.