With no specific style of videos, Poppy Gained internet fame for her innocent, childlike appearance in music videos on YouTube!


Moriah Pereira popular as Poppy is a YouTuber and singer/songwriter. Poppy is known for making rather odd and somewhat creepy videos on her channel. She is able to gain internet fame for her innocent, childlike appearance in music videos on YouTube.

She does not have a specific style of videos like others do. Her videos are very different from one another and are usually no longer than 2 minutes.


Strange personality

Recognized for very high-pitched, a childlike voice in her videos, Poppy has a very innocent, childlike appearance. Followed very pale white skin, a very glossy face, long, bleached blonde hair, large hazel eyes, thick eyebrows.

She tends to wear very strange clothing followed with wears high-heels and earrings in her videos. Her outfit is also found differences in all her videos.

Sometimes without staring at the camera at all and even without moving, Poppy delivers very strange and curious lectures in her videos. She also seems to act as some sort of victim of unknown forces in some of her videos. It is also believed that she is a Satanist.

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Rise to Stardom

Poppy was born on January 1, 2001, in Nashville, Tennessee. Her original name is Moriah Pereira. Her father is a professional drummer. Poppy’s father used to play in the band. She used to spend her free time watching her father playing. There is not much regarding her earlier days and childhood.

Back in 2014, Poppy collaborated to produce a music video. Teaming up with director and musician Titanic Sinclair In 2014, Poppy moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career. Also to make a series of abstract promotional videos on YouTube.

In November 2014, the ThatPoppy YouTube channel was launched. The first video uploaded to the channel features footage of Poppy eating a stick of cotton candy. On December 3rd, a video titled “My Phone Is Not Plugged In,” featuring several short skits of Poppy alone in a room with a guitar and rotary telephone.

In 2015, Poppy signed to Island Records. And released her debut song in June 2015 under Island, “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy“.

In November of 2015, Poppy performed at the Corona Capital Festival. A month after releasing “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy“, she released her first single, “Lowlife“. In February of 2016, released her first EP(Extended Play), ‘Bubblebath’.

Poppy published a video in which is shown repeating the phrase ‘I’m Poppy‘ for 10 minutes On January 6th, 2015. The ThatPoppyVEVO channel released the music video On July 24th for her song ‘Lowlife’.

Poppy published a video On August 18th in which she introduces a dog to her audience. A video titled ‘young girl makes a crazy video on YouTube’ was uploaded to Poppy’s YouTube channel On November 9th. On that video she thanks her fans.

Poppy released a short video titled “Everyone was a Baby Once,” On December 15th. In this, she delivers a strange monologue about the internet, music and living on planet Earth. On May 4th, 2016, Poppy posted a video to YouTube titled “I love the internet so much,” in which she discusses her use of various web applications while ominous music is heard playing in the background.


Adores music

A songwriter, music composer and YouTube personality, Poppy gained a lot of media attention for her singles “Lowlife” and “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy.” She says,

“I’ve always played music my entire life, so it’s just a part of me. … I like Michael Jackson a lot, and Elvis, and Madonna. I’m filling a void – probably the pop star void because Lady Gaga isn’t doing it anymore. Pop music on the radio is boring, so I don’t want to be boring. It’s really slow, and everyone always whispers a lot instead of using their voice to sing. … I just want to make pop music great again.”

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