Vanessa Britting Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About David Krumholtz’s Wife

Vanessa Britting is a wife to actor David Krumholtz, as well as an actress herself. Learn the top facts to know about her here.

Vanessa Britting: Who is David Krumholtz’s Wife?

Vanessa Britting is married to actor David Krumholtz, who is well known for his role on the CBS drama series, Numb3rs. She is also an actress herself, with over twenty credits under her belt, including Without a Trace and Big Breaks. Vanessa Britting was born on August 30, 1980, in Rockaway, New Jersey. She is 37 years old. Her full name is Vanessa Almeda Goonan. She adopted the last name Britting because it is her maternal grandmother’s maiden name. Vanessa attended school at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. She studied Theater. Vanessa’s husband, David Krumholtz was born on May 15, 1978, in Queens, New York. He is of Polish descent and was raised in a Jewish family. His parents are Judy and Michael Krumholtz, a dental assistant and postal worker. David has had a more successful career in the movie and television industry, appearing on TV’s Numb3rs as Charlie Eppes, in the Harold and Kumar movie series as Seth Goldsten, and as Bernard the elf in The Santa Clause. Vanessa and David were married in 2010. Shortly afterward, David was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He was declared cancer-free a year later after undergoing radioactive iodine treatment. Not much else is known about the details of Vanessa Britting’s life, such as who her parents are, what her nationality is or what her early life was like.

The photo above was taken from Vanessa Britting’s Instagram and shows her and hubby David Krumholtz goofing around together, having a good time and smiling.

Vanessa Britting: Fun Facts, New Baby, Net Worth

Vanessa Britting and David Krumholtz have been married now for seven years. Their relationship began in 2005 and they dated for two years before getting engaged. Their engagement lasted about another two years before they were finally married on May 22, 2010. The wedding was a swanky affair, taking place at the famous Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, New York. This is not too much of a surprise given that David is a native New Yorker. Since tying the knot, Vanessa and David have had two gorgeous children together. Their first child was a daughter, who they named Pemma Mae Krumholtz. Their second baby, Jonas Krumholtz was welcomed into the world on December 7, 2016. The family recently celebrated his first birthday with an intimate party at home. Big sister Pemma Mae is now three and a half years old and is simply delighted with her new baby brother. The net worth of Vanessa Britting has not yet been calculated, however, husband David Krumholtz’s net worth has been reported to be about $8 million. With that nice amount, it is certain that the two will be able to provide anything their two beautiful children will ever need or want.

A photo above of Vanessa Britting, taken from her Instagram, with the newest member of the family, baby boy Jonas.

Vanessa Britting: Acting Career

Vanessa has held a career as an actress and writer, with many small roles in movies and television series to her credit. Her first film debut came with Walking the Walk, in which she played the character of Teri. Walking the Walk was released in 2005 and is a mockumentary about filmmaking on a tight budget. Since her debut in film, Vanessa has appeared in several other short film and television roles, including a guest appearance on her husband’s show Numb3rs, Desperate Housewives, Girlfriends, and The Young and the Restless. She is perhaps best known for her recurring role as Angela Richter on the television series Without a Trace and for her performance in the short film Big Breaks, in which she held the role of Penny Sullivan. Vanessa has not been active in the industry for some years now as she has been focused on raising a family with David Krumholtz. Her most recent appearances from 2011 to 2013 include roles in short films like Paperboy, For a Good Time, Call…, Seth Rogen = Worst Person in the World, and Placeba. Will Vanessa return to film and television in the near future? We’ll just have to wait and see!

David Krumholtz and wife Vanessa Britting together. Vanessa really stands out in this photograph with her fashionable and bright yellow dress. David is the star of TV’s Numb3rs.

Vanessa Britting: In Conclusion

Although not much is known about Vanessa Britting besides her relationship and marriage to actor David Krumholtz, it is clear that she is a loving wife to him and doting mother to their two children together. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of the children and family. She stuck by her husband’s side when he was diagnosed with cancer just after their marriage and has been the support he needed throughout his career and on his new journey in fatherhood.

A fresh faced Vanessa Britting shown here. Her hair in this photo is lovely, all flowy with light curls. With her beautiful eyes and terrific smile, she is surely a pleasure on the eyes.