Vanessa Arico Wiki: Net Worth, Photo, Instagram & Facts About Paul Sorvino’s Ex Wife

Get the facts, photos, and other career information of Vanessa Arico, the ex-wife of 78 year old American actor, Paul Sorvino.

About Vanessa Arico, Paul Sorvino’s Ex-wife

A lot is known about Paul Sorvino, the sculptor, businessman, actor, singer, and writer. But little is known about Vanessa Arico, the ex-wife of this 78-year-old man. Vanessa Arico is an American real estate agent who was initially married to Paul Sorvino. Added to her list of ex’s is the fact that Vanessa Arico is also the ex-stepmother of three children: Michael Sorvino, Mira Sorvino, and Amanda Sorvino. These three children were born to her ex-husband from an earlier marriage with Lorraine Davies. Michael Sorvino is the first child. Mira Sorvino, who is the second, takes after her father, having been a recipient of an Academy Award as an outstanding actress. Although much is not known about her parents and childhood days, Vanessa Arico’s one-time relationship with Paul Sorvino, the tall, dark, and imposing actor is not unknown. Vanessa Arico is also tall and blue-eyed and she has a penchant for acting too. In her 4 year marriage to Sorvino, Vanessa Arico was never pregnant. Her current relationship status has not been made public, so it is not clear if Paul Sorvino’s ex-wife is still single or has hooked up with someone else after her divorce to Paul.

Vanessa Arico’s Relationship Issues

Paul Sorvino and Vanessa Arico met each other in 1990 and dated for just a year. They both decided to take their relationship to the next level by walking down the aisle on March 20, 1991. The marriage ceremony was moderate and it promised to be a successful one. However, for reasons not yet known to most people, the sad news of divorce between Arico and her ex-husband, Paul Sorvino, was eventually announced. At first, everyone thought they would make up later, but it never happened. Exactly four years after their marriage, the union collapsed. Paul Sorvino eventually got married to Dee Dee Sorvino on December 27, 2014. Things appear to be going on well between the duo because it’s been 4 years since they got married and they’re still together.

Final Thoughts

There is no sidestepping the fact that Vanessa Arico is a successful woman at what she does. She’s been doing fine with her real estate job but her exact net worth is unknown. Vanessa Arico is not well represented on Instagram and other social media pages. Her pictures can hardly be found on Instagram. Paul Sorvino’s ex-wife is in her 6th decade on Earth and yet she still looks charming.