Tyrese Gibson Net Worth: Facts To Know About His Fortune

Tyrese Gibson serenaded women around the world in the late 90s with his song ‘Sweet Lady,’ and ever since then, he’s been building his net worth.

The Fortunate Life of Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson was born on December 30, 1978 in California. Tyrese Gibson experienced a difficult childhood being raised by his single-mother and three siblings after his father left the family.

Becoming a Star

When Tyrese Gibson was 16 years old, he appeared in a Coca Cola commercial. Tyrese Gibson’s voice sang the infamous “Always Coca Cola” tune in the commercial and this became the start of his career in music. From that point, Tyrese Gibson was signed to RCA records where he debuted his first album titled ‘Tyrese.’ The album began to slowly move along the Billboard charts with the first single release. It wasn’t until the third single release “Sweet Lady,” that Tyrese Gibson was introduced to fame. After the release of ‘Sweet Lady,’ the album was certified platinum setting the page for Tyrese Gibson’s future career and net worth.

Family Life of Tyrese Gibson, Wife, and Daughter

Tyrese Gibson met Norma Mitchell in 2007 and the couple dated until 2009. In 2009, Tyrese Gibson officially made Norma Mitchell his wife. Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson share one child named Shayla.

Tyrese Gibson and Daughter Shayla

Tyrese Gibson is not a typical father in Hollywood. Being raised without a father himself has caused the artist to aim to be a greater role model for his daughter. Since her birth, Tyrese Gibson has had a positive role in his daughter’s life. The artist shares pictures and videos on social media of the two vacationing and of special events like birthdays and holidays. Overall, Tyrese Gibson demonstrates an impressive relationship shared with his daughter and continues to enhance his daughter’s life experience.

Breaking up is hard to do

Though Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson shared a loving relationship and a beautiful daughter, Tyrese Gibson and wife Norma Mitchell experienced a divorce soon after their daughter’s birth. Following their divorce, Tyrese Gibson and Norma Mitchell began their custody case for their daughter. During the custody case, Norma Mitchell accused Tyrese Gibson of child abuse. Norma Mitchell was granted temporary full custody of Shayla. Though the courts temporarily saw the case from Norma Mitchell’s perspective, Tyrese Gibson took to the public to share his opinion regarding ex-wife Norma Mitchell’s allegations towards his character and parental rights. Tyrese Gibson also used social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to voice his innocence. Norma Mitchell filed a restraining order on Tyrese Gibson during the case. Tyrese Gibson, in turn, hired a helicopter to fly a banner over Norma Mitchell’s house professing his love for his daughter. In turn, Norma Mitchell filed a police report against Tyrese Gibson. The battle went on all of the year of 2017, ending with Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson sharing custody of their daughter Shayla. Tyrese Gibson has shared his gratitude towards his ex-wife Norma Mitchell for dropping the charges she placed on him resulting in his ability to be the father he wishes to be to their daughter.

Building a Forbes Fortune

Tyrese Gibson has built a fortune through his modeling, movies, and music. Over the years since the release of his first album, Tyrese Gibson has released several more albums, written music for top artists, and became a part of the Fast and Furious franchise which has a net worth of over $1B.

Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth

Tyrese Gibson’s success has resulted in a luxurious lifestyle for the star. Tyrese Gibson has an impressive car collection including various luxury cars and a house in Woodland Hills. Tyrese Gibson is publicly known to own one house with a net worth of $1.5M and his car collection holds a total of four cars with a net worth of $1M. Tyrese has a net worth of $25M.


Tyrese Gibson began his acting career as “Jody” in the movie Baby Boy. Since his debut on the silver screen, Tyrese Gibson has starred in many movies including becoming a member of the billion-dollar franchise Fast and Furious. Movies like Transformers also helped in earning Tyrese Gibson respect for his acting skills. Tyrese Gibson has starred in many other small screen movies including Death Race and Waist Deep.


Regardless if it was ambitious goals or just a joke, the Instagram post by Tyrese Gibson in October 2017 was not received well by followers or the public in general. The artist created a mock-up of the famous magazine Forbes cover to include himself as a self-made billionaire, which exaggerated his net worth. Not too many people understood his angle on the fake story. Since then Tyrese Gibson has promoted the cover on Instagram in hopes of realizing his dream of building a multi-billion dollar net worth.

The Next Chapter with Tyrese Gibson

Since gaining the shared custody of his daughter Shayla, Tyrese Gibson has been quiet regarding his emotional outburst on social media. The artist seems to have received what he wanted which was shared time with his daughter from ex-wife Norma Mitchell and the court system. According to Tyrese Gibson, justice has been served to him and a lifetime of being Shayla’s father is finally in the cards for him. Tyrese Gibson, whose drawn much negative attention to himself in regards to relationships with fellow Hollywood stars like Will and Jada Smith and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has many apologies to give before hitting the big screen on future projects. It will be an uphill climb for the artist who let his emotions blind his vision when it came to his career in Hollywood.