Tyler Hilinski Wiki: Quarterback, Net Worth, Death & Facts To Know

Get to know more about quarterback Tyler Hilinski, who played for the Washington State. Here are facts about the fallen player, including his net worth.


All to know about Tyler Hilinski

Whether you are a fan of Washington State University Cougars or not, you must be knowing about Tyler Hilinski. He was the quarterback of Washington State, and his death has left more questions than answers. He was only 21 when he committed suicide and friends, family and fellow players are still in shock after learning thatHilinski is no more and he would be present in their lives anymore. He graduated from Washington State University just lasts a year. The late Hilinski was the son of Mark and Kym Hilinski born in Claremont, California, and he had two siblings. His older brother, Kelly Hilinski served as a quarterback for Notre Dame High School, the same school that Tyler attended. His younger brother, Ryan Hilinski also plays as a quarterback for the Orange Lutheran High School.

His death

Tyler Hilinski didn’t show up for practice on January 16, 2018, and it looked weird. The police went to his apartment and found him dead with a gunshot wound to the head and a note, probably of his last words. It was suspected that Hilinski shot himself. However, the reason that he committed suicide is still unclear and the officials are still trying to uncover the real reason why he ended his life. Hilinski’s team had just lost 42-17 to Michigan State in the holiday bowl.

Facts about quarterback Tyler Hilinski

His family is in shock and disarray

Hilinski’s family released a statement saying that Tyler Hilinski was the kind of kid who would put smiles whenever people were down, especially his family members. They also stated that they would mourn Hilinski for some time but celebrate the former quarterback’s life each day. The authorities recovered a rifle next to Hilinski and a suicide note. The self-inflicted wound on Hilinski’s head was ruled out to be suicide. The authorities and Hilinski’s family have declined to reveal the contents of Hilinski’s note. The family is still confused and in disarray.

He used to joke with the teammates before a match

Hilinski was the kind of person who loved to keep the mood light before a game to put his tension low. You would find Hilinski joking with his teammates before playing, and you would hear them laughing in the dressing rooms. When Hilinski was alone and heading to a game, he would play his favorite country jams all the way to the pitch. Some of Hilinski’s favorite artists were Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes. The music used to calm him down and prepare him for what was ahead of him, the game. Being a quarterback helped him grow his net worth.

Hilinski’s brother asked for prayers

Ryan Hilinski posted on a heartbreaking message on Twitter asking the world to pray for him and his family at this time when they lost one of theirs, Tyler Hilinski. The Washington State University also posted on Twitter stating that their thoughts and players were with Hilinski’s parents, brothers and the entire family. The head football coach for the university, Mike Leach, released a statement saying that they were deeply saddened by the tragic news and praised Hilinski as an incredible man. He added that everybody who was able to know the quarterback knew he was good at it. Leach also stated that they were mourning with Hilinski’s family and sent their payers to them.

His hobbies included hearing music and watching movies

Hilinski loved football, but it doesn’t mean he used to play and practice throughout. At times, when he wasn’t working on football in his downtime moments, he used to watch movies with his family at their home and joke together. Hilinski had revealed that immediately a new movie would come out, he and his family would go out and get movie tickets to go and watch. If you could come across his iPhone, you would notice that his favorite music was hip-hop and country music. Most of the songs you would find were from Drake, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and of course, Rascal Flats.

His teammates expressed their shock and sadness online

Shortly after news circulated that the quarterback, Tyler Hilinski was no more, fans, friends, and his former teammates took to social media and expressed their grief. One teammate, Skyler Thomas, praised Hilinski for being a great player, friend, and brother. He also thanked the late Hilinski for bringing smiles to the people around him. Thomas wished that he would have known that Hilinski was going through hard moments before he took his life. Thomas also tweeted warning people that life is precious and no one should take. He asked those who felt like taking their lives as Hilinski did should contact him or contact the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255. Another player who sent his condolences to the family was Jamire Calvin. He wrote that he was hurt after learning his friend, Tyler Hilinski was no more and stated that he was playing for Hilinski’s family.

His net worth: Hilinski’s net worth is unclear

Tyler Hilinski started playing for the team last year, and he hadn’t made a big stride. His net worth is unknown as he was just starting his career. His net worth cannot also be estimated.

Like Thomas said, life is precious, and when it is taken, it is never given back. Some might argue that living is an act of courage and some are unable to withstand the pain and commit suicide. It was sad that Tyler Hilinski had to end his. Rest in peace Tyler!