Tyler Christopher Wiki: TV Show, ‘ABC Soap Opera’, Net Worth & Facts About Eva Longoria’s Ex Husband

Tyler Christopher is an actor known for his soap opera’s roles. Here are some facts about the ex husband of Eva Longoria, including his bet worth.

Tyler Christopher: All about the actor

You have probably watched Tyler Christopher. Some people have been seeing Christopher since in the ‘90s. Tyler Christopher has been a household name for over two decades now. If you are a fan of soap operas, you have probably watched him acting as Nikolas Cassadine on the ABC soap opera titled “General Hospital” as well as NBC soap opera, “Days of Our Lives.” Christopher began appearing on the TV show on January 2, 2018. Christopher is the ex husband of Eve Longoria. Longoria and Christopher got divorced in 2005. Born in Joliet, Illinois and raised in Delaware, Ohio, 45-year-old Christopher has three siblings and he is the youngest. According to Christopher, his identification is within the Native Americans. Christopher’s mother, Jimi-Ann was Choctaw while Christopher’s father, Jim Baker is Seneca. There are no many actors like Christopher who have Native American roots, and therefore, Christopher feels unique. Christopher believes his community is a minority among the minority and since people didn’t think that he looks like one, Christopher responded by saying not very Italian and Latin guy has dark eyes and dark hair. Christopher studied at Ohio Wesleyan University for two years before moving to Los Angeles in search of something to do.

Tyler first time in LA was not easy

Christopher had his struggles when he came to Los Angeles. It wasn’t easy for him. Christopher tried hard to land roles but failed and went back home. Christopher gave his second trial and went back to Hollywood in 1995. While in Hollywood Christopher went to almost every audition and remained updated for every audition happening, just to increase his chances of landing a role. Lucky for him, Christopher’s efforts finally paid off. Christopher landed an acting role in ABC’s TV show “General Hospital.”

He retook his role

Christopher portrayed Nikolas Cassadine on the TV show “General Hospital.” Christopher landed the role in 1996. The role was vital in the show, and therefore after Christopher left the show in 1999, he was immediately replaced by Coltin Scott. Christopher came back to take his role in 2003 and was let go from the show in 2011. What helped Christopher get his role back was because of his unique sensibility and sense of maturity that helped Christopher portray Nikolas Cassadine as a strong and sensitive gentleman. Cassadine is noble and complex, making Christopher the exact pick for that role.

Christopher has won awards

Christopher has been nominated and has won some awards for his excellent performance. The first award that Christopher bagged was the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1997. Christopher got the award for his role as Nikolas. It was his first nomination before Christopher got the award for the Outstanding Male Newcomer. Christopher won his second award in 2001. Christopher had been nominated in the First Americans in two categories. The first one was for Arts Awards, for Outstanding Guest Performance as an actor in a TV series while the second category was for his supporting role in a film for Outstanding Performance. Christopher won an award for all the two categories. It was surely a great night for Christopher.

Christopher is Eva Longoria’s ex husband

Christopher’s acting career was paying off and for a while he was dating Eva Longoria. Longoria is an actress, activist, producer and director and she met her ex husband, Christopher while working. Christopher married Longoria in 2002 and everything looked fine for Longoria and Christopher. Exactly two years from their wedding date, Christopher and Longoria got divorced and Christopher automatically became an ex husband for the first time. The reason for Christopher and Longoria’s divorce was linked to their marital affairs. Christopher was blaming Longoria for cheating on him while Longoria was accusing Christopher for the same thing.

Longoria got married again

After Longoria left Christopher, she got married to Tony Parker. Parker became Longoria’s second ex husband. Their divorce was full of drama as both Parker and Longoria had not agreed the terms of splitting their estate. Longoria got married to the president of Televisa , Jose Antonia Boston in 2016.

Christopher has a family with Pedigo

Christopher is currently married to Brienne Pedigo. Christopher and Pedigo announced their engagement in late 2006 and got married almost two years later. Christopher and his wife live in Indiana. They have two kids, James and Boheme Christopher. Christopher’s wife, Pedigo is an auto racing reporter.

We will be seeing him on Days of Our Lives

Christopher made his debut in “Days of Our Lives” in early this month. In December, after hearing the news, Christopher thanked “DAYS” via Twitter for offering him a role. Longoria’s ex husband, Christopher had appeared in the “Days of Our Lives” in 2001 and played the role of Signore Christofero. Christopher started taping episodes in December last year but his fans would only see him in 2018 as that’s when the first episode to feature him would be aired. Viewers of the TV show can now include Christopher as their favorite actors in the TV show.

His net worth

Tyler Christopher has a net worth of $7 million. His ex wife Eva Longoria has a net worth of $35 million. Most of his net worth is sourced from ABC soap opera, “General Hospital’s role,” “Days of Our Lives’s roles,” and others.

It was a good start for the actor. By the end of 2017, Christopher was aware of his fate. It seems we will be seeing him for a long time on the “Days of Our Lives.” For those who love the actor but don’t follow the show, it’s time you started watching it.