Tom Sizemore: Height, Net Worth, “Born Killers” & Sexual Assault To Know

The fallen star of “Born Killers”, “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Heat”, Tom Sizemore, found himself in the center of a scandal a few months ago. Again.

Tom Sizemore – age & early life

Le’s talk about another bad boy of Hollywood. Tom Sizemore is another in a series of actors, who succumbed to the burden of fame. Instead of being known for his roles, which he have a lot, he found himself as the main actor of sexual assault scandal. Unfortunately, this is not his only scandal. Tom Sizemore is associated with numerous charges of domestic abuse and drug use. And at first, it did not seem like that. Tom Sizemore, age 56, had all the conditions to become what he wanted. From father, lawyer, and mother, secretary in the government department, all the conditions for quality education and finding a good job were provided. Although he grew up in a bad neighborhood and had several criminals in his family, Sizemore seemed to have chosen a different life path. After experimenting with college, Sizemore obtained a Master’s degree in the field of theater and moved to New York, wanting to start his acting career. Before he got a chance to prove himself on the big screen, Sizemore worked as a waiter and accepted miserable roles until he finally got his first straight chance in the movie “Born on the Fourth of July.”

Tom Sizemore – movie career & net worth

On several occasions, Tom Sizemore admitted that he has always been attracted the role of bad guys. With a height of 5 ’11 “, he became a favorite of many producers who engage him in acting bad guys or very authoritative characters. Tom Sizemore is mostly known for his supporting roles, but his acting has always been noticed. His private life gradually began to influence his reduced engagement on the film, so today this actor is known more because of accusations against him, then for his films. His numerous scandals lower his net forth to only $3 million. And just a few years ago, Sizemore was a promising actor with an estimated net worth of over $10 million. His first noticeable roles were in the films “Born on Fourth of the July” and “Wyatt Earp”. Although his addiction was discovered in earlier years, because of his obvious talent, the producers tolerated him many things. Steven Spielberg had even threatened to completely stop recording “Saving Private Ryan” if Sizemore failed on the drug test. And the threat was successful; the actor remained clean for three years. During this period, Tom had several authentic roles in blockbusters like “Pearl Harbour,” “The Enemy of the State,” “Red Planet” and “Witness to the Mob.” But vices were stronger. Sizemore soon began to make the scandals one after another, and his promising career fell in the shadow of his vices and problems with the law.

“Natural Born Killers” as a milestone

One of his most noticed roles was in the movie “Natural Born Killers,” which he shot in 1994. Sizemore interpreted the detective who was searching for a pair of serial killers. The interesting fact is that Sizemore wasn’t Oliver Stone’s first choice. After Gary Oldman and James Woods turned him down, he hadn’t much choice. In one of his interview, Stone admitted that Sizemore chased him to his parking lot. Tom Sizemore stood in front of him and made him listen to the monologue he wrote for the role of detective Jack Scagnetti in “Natural Born Killers”. Although marked as very controversial and violent, “Natural Born Killers” was a big success at the box office. It seemed that after it, Tom Sizemore would come to A list of Hollywood actors. He became one of the most beloved actors for supporting roles in blockbusters; many producers wanted him. His private life was falling down, but his net worth was increasing rapidly. After “Natural Born Killers,” he starred in another great film, “Heat” which was shot in 1995. Acting with movie stars such as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, who was his idol since childhood, Sizemore could shine. In “Heat,” his dream came true – he played next to De Niro, who he admires and who indirectly had an enormous impact on Sizemore’s acting career.

Robert De Niro “back him to life”

While they were shooting “Heat”, De Niro noticed Sizemore’s strange behavior. Because of the use of drugs, Sizemore was often disoriented and very often some scenes had to be repeated. It was revealed that the actor was a heroin addict and De Niro forced him to apply for rehabilitation. Tom Sizemore then stated that De Niro was an authority for him and that he just could not refuse him. He saved his life then when he personally took him to one of the rehab centers in Arizona. One day, he just showed up at Sizemore’s house and forced him to go to rehab. The other solution was a jail. Shortly after De Niro was “brought him back to life,” his first major role in “The Relic.” The same year, Sizemore played the unique role in the film “Saving Private Ryan.” This movie was his most significant success. After the role of Sergeant Horvat in “Saving Private Ryan,” where Sizemore got a real chance, he got more remarkable roles in films and series. “Black Hawk Down,” “Bringing Out the Death” and “Piggy Banks” (the official name was “Born Killers,” but this film has nothing to do with “Natural Born Killers,” although Oliver Stone directed both of them) are just some of the movies where Sizemore starred.

Tom Sizemore showed his diversity in the series

Since he has already proved himself as an excellent choice for roles in action and criminal movies, Sizemore has decided to take a shoot on the TV screen. Since he started his career, he took part in various TV projects, but he made a particular impression in the crime series such as “CSI Miami,” “Law & Order,” and “Hawaii Five-0.” The big turn-around was his show-up in the TV comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Although in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Sizemore had a small role as a truck driver, he managed to give his mark and prove himself to be a versatile actor. His role in “Always Sunny” was so remarkable that the dialogue that Sizemore’s character of the psychotic truck driver had with two leading actors, was characterized as one of the funniest in that season.

Sizemore got into every role

Regardless of his negligence in private life, Sizemore is a favorite of many producers because he prepares every role very carefully and tries to get into the character as much as possible. This bad guy really “does his homework.” For example, to get better prepared for the role of detective in “Natural Born Killers,” Sizemore visited the psychiatrist to understand the diagnosis of the character who he interpreted. For the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” along with colleagues, he followed the boot camp, where he physically prepared for the role. This preparation was very rigorous that Sizemore lost several pounds and looked too skinny with a height of 5″11′. He then managed to get a few pounds on that height, when he shot “Witness to the Mob,” where he played a mobster Gotti. He accepted this role in order to thank Robert De Niro for helping him with his addiction.

The star of “Born Killers” and his scandals

After “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Tom Sizemore proved himself as a tough boy in Hollywood. Although he successfully applied and completed the rehabilitation process several times, it seems that his fighting with drugs is still taking place. Engagements are becoming rarer, and the actor begins to have many problems with the law. In addition to drug problems, which Sizemore has never denied, he was also accused several times of brutality against women, for threats and violent behavior. The actor already had two charges of domestic violence. Both time he was accused by his ex-girlfriends. The latest in a series of scandals is related to the sexual assault that took place while filming “Born Killers.”

Tom Sizemore’s drugs issue

Sizemore admits he has been fighting with addiction since his fifteenth year. He was on his first rehabilitation after “Saving Private Ryan,” and the other happened shortly, with the help of Robert De Niro. The actor tried to resist the use of methamphetamine but failed to do so. Several times he was arrested, and in 2006 he faked the results of the drug test. The same year, Sizemore was sentenced to probation for three years, because he was arrested and accused of possessing and consuming methamphetamine. The actor admitted that there was a period when he was sitting in a room without electricity, consuming drugs and thinking about suicide. He was forced to sell the house for debts and then confessed to himself that he rocked the bottom. Overall, Sizemore spent more than a year in jail for possessing and consuming drugs.

The star of “Born Killers” and sexual assault

This year, the actor found himself at the center of a scandal involving sexual assault. He was accused by an actress who was only 11 years old at the time of the shooting “Born Killers.” After she confided to her parents that Sizemore inappropriately touched her, the director decided to remove him from the set. However, the parents soon withdrew the accusation, claiming that the then 11-year-old girl was not aware of whether there was sexual intent or not. After almost 13 years, she still managed to engage a lawyer who will examine the background of this event. Tom Sizemore said he had done a lot of wrong things in his life, but he never did anything to any child. This case came to the public’s attention, especially since it was hidden for years. Considering Sizemore’s past and the problems he had with violence against women, the society was not in favor of him. However, the actor shouldn’t be judged in advance. In the days ahead of us, we will see if some new events will emerge. Because of this scandal, his films are forgotten, and the actor will have to work a lot to fix his bad reputation.