Tom McGrath Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Madagascar’ Voice Actor

Get to know the voice actor behind Skipper, the penguin from Madagascar. Learn facts about Tom McGrath, including as his age, bio, net worth, and more.

Who is Tom McGrath and what is his net worth?

Tom McGrath, age 53, was born in Lynnwood Washington. He attended college at the University of Washington where he studied industrial design. His work in the entertainment industry is quite impressive though. He has taken part in directing, animation, and voice acting. As of 2018, Tom McGrath’s net worth is hard to pinpoint, but does fall between $700,000 and $1.1 million. He is best known as the voice actor of Skipper, the leader of the penguins in Penguins of Madagascar, Madagascar, and Madagascar: Escape 2.

1. Tom McGraths love for animation began early

When McGrath was younger, he has said he loved Bugs Bunny. Remember the Saturday morning cartoons? He loved those. All animation was appealing to Tom very young but he has said Looney Toons and Warner Brothers was his favorite for the comedy it contained. Back in McGraths younger years Mel Blanc had been the voice actor for Bug Bunny. He kept the role for fifty years. Who’s to say that may have been the point McGrath’s destiny was set as a voice actor?

Skipper the penguin

2. This voice actor didn’t stop at Penguins of Madagascar!

He also lent his voice to Madagascar, Madagascar: Escape 2, and Madagascar 3 as Skipper the penguin. He also voiced Lord Scott in Megamind. The character Lord Robert Scott is the adoptive father to the character Metro Man. Lord Scott is also considered an important citizen in Metro City which is the city Megamind is set in. McGrath’s voice has not stopped here either. He also voiced the TV chef character in The Boss Baby. The Boss Baby hit theaters back in 2017. The story follows a suit and tie wearing baby who sets into the business world with his brother. Alec Baldwin is actually the voice behind the tiny business man.

3. McGrath was a part of a popular 90’s TV show

In 1991, a tv series called The Ren and Stimpy Show aired on Cartoon Network. Tom McGrath was the director and story board artist for the series. Ren and Stimpy were suppose to be a overly hyper chihuahua and a ditzy cat who have bonded into a life-long friendship. Throughout each episode you follow them on humorous adventures. To be honest, it is really hard to tell what they are with out googling them. In 1992-1994 the show was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Program. This series was one of McGraths first projects stepping into his career.


4. Tom McGrath did more than voice a penguin

He was also an animator and co-director for the first Madagascar, Penguins of Madagascar, and Madagascar: Escape 2. While chatting about how the penguins for Madasgascar and Madagascar: Escape 2 ever came about, McGrath talked about how him and his partner had the story planned out but just for the fun of it McGrath decided penguins who did not want to go to Africa with the other animals would be a good idea. A good idea it was to because the movie did so well a solo movie for the penguins was made! Remember the 1992 big movie Space Jam starring Micheal Jordan and none other than McGrath’s favorite childhood cartoon Bugs Bunny? Yeah, McGrath did the animation for it. Crazy, right? Space Jam follows the Looney Toon gang back to Moron Mountain where the owner is in need of new attractions. Bugs pulls in Micheal Jordan (who acts as himself), to defeat the Mon-stars in a basketball game!


5. 2018 had a pretty big first for Tom McGrath.

We are in the season of the Oscars 2018 and all of their nominations. This year is the first that Tom McGrath, as a director, has been nominated in the Oscars. The Boss Baby is nominated for the animated feature film award. Alongside Coco, Ferdinand, The Bread WInner and Loving Vincent! The Oscars 2018 air March 4th. On April 2 2017, The Baby Boss rolled in over fifty million in the box office for its opening weekend. Finishing out with a whopping $175 million! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 52% but that doesn’t stop it from helping McGrath achieve and Oscar award!

After reading through this I bet you discovered at least one thing you never knew this man did. It’s not hard to say he’s been a jack-of-all-trades. To add even more to his voice acting career, because he clearly has directing all figured out. Tom McGrath also voiced the artist rat in the 2006 animated film Flushed Away. The story of a high society rat who mistakenly gets flushed down the toilet from a pent house apartment that travel and ends in London. Here he learns that not every rat has had the life he’s used to living. Another film Tom McGrath is a part of is 2014’s Mr Peabody and Sherman. McGrath voices the Greek king Odysseus. In this family film, Odysseus isn’t quite what he is according to Greek mythology. Like most of Tom McGraths characters, he’s is very comical. With all the films named so far, there are still some animated films Tom McGrath has been a part of even with small side characters such a bar thief in Puss and Boots and Gary in the movie Shreck. His voice acting knows no ends.