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Tokyo Toni

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Tokyo Toni is a name which Shalana Jones-Hunter got when she was young. She also happens to be the mother of the model and Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna. The relationships between the mother and the daughter are strained and things are only getting uglier as days pass.

The latest on their relationship

Tokyo Toni and her daughter are estranged and hence Tokyo is not able to meet her grandchildren King Cairo and Dream Kardashian due to it. She attempted to patch up with her daughter over the social media but Blac Chyna has decided not to pardon her.

Tokyo has now changed her tone and took to slamming Blac on the social media.

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She has now disowned her and also called her a mistake, and a rape baby. This time Tokyo was extremely impolite and rude. She wrote:

“The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past quite a few years, I’ve tolerated it because I’m your momma, you’re the only child — but you better keep in mind, I’m a bad b—h. You know exactly who you f–king with. You wouldn’t be where the f–k you are if it wasn’t for me. Oh, f–k birthing you b—h. That was a mistake [that] just happened to come into play. You was [sic] a statutory rape baby.”

Tokyo has been kept away from her grandchildren and she requested Amber Rose, Blac’s friend to intervene and help her.

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Black chyna reacts

Chyna has revealed that because of her mother’s toxic behavior, she has decided not to stay close to her mother. She added that her mother was trying to get a response from her and she does not want to reward the behavior.

Tokyo Toni and her career

Tokyo Toni resides in Washington DC now. She had worked with the US Army as a soldier in 1991. She is the CEO of On My Grind Entertainment And Promotions, LLC. Which is based in Largo, Maryland and has uploaded several videos of the meetings of the company.

She had previously worked at the  EOTM Radio and Media and Movie Extra. A List Talent. One of her twerking video clip of 7 minutes is uploaded on the website of Kirksey Entertainment. She is a vlogger as well and vlogs on a daily basis. Her net worth remains elusive.

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Tokyo Toni and her relationships, marriage, and husband

Tokyo Toni is now married to Marcellus Hunter. The couple said I do to each other in October 2012. She is known to be a very hot-headed individual. Marcellus, 48 had spoken on it to the press. He said:

“Shalana is violent when angry. She often tries to start a physical altercation. I have hundreds of texts [threatening] bodily harm, threats to come to my job and get me fired. Threats to ‘crack my head open’ if I return to my home. Threats to leave me in a landfill. I want the threats to stop. I want her out of my home…She has already cut up my clothes!”

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After he was badly threatened by her, he got a restraining order issued against her from the Maryland Prince George County District Court in July 2013.

Blac Chyna is her only daughter. Though she is not much in tune with the Kardashian family, she likes Rob for her daughter. She said:

“He treats Chyna like a Freaking Queen on a Throne.” 

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Tokyo Toni and her birth, age, and childhood

Tokyo Toni is 46 years of age now and was born on 12 October 1969. She hails from Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. There is not much known about her childhood, parents, and siblings. As per her Facebook, she has attended Prince George’s Community and Howard University.

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She has resided in LA and Miami.