Tobias Rosen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘Watu Wote / All of Us’ Director

Get to know more about the producer and director of Watu Wote/All of Us, Tobias Rosen. Below are facts about him, but his net worth is not clear yet.

Who is Tobias Rosen?

You have probably watched the film “Watu Wote/All of Us.” If not, why not catch up with it? It tells a great story and the film was nominated for an Oscar 2018. The film was directed by Katja Benrath and produced by Tobias Rosen. We are going to talk about Rosen. Apart from being a producer, Rosen is also a director and some of his most recognized projects are “Berkeley,” “Ein Lacheln nachts um vier,” “Valentina,” “Secrecies,” “Feuerkind,” and the award-winning “Watu Wote/All of Us” which have helped him gather a decent net worth. It’s hard to find Rosen on social sites like Instagram though. 34-year-old Rosen was born in Nurenberg, Germany. Before Rosen became a producer and director, he was an actor, and he attended the Actors in Motion school between 2004 and 2005 and completed his acting lessons at the New Munich drama school in 2008. He passed the ZAV examination as a certified actor. While studying, Rosen would get first theater engagements. For instance, he landed the role of Fenton in Shakespeare’s comedy, “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” Tobias Rosen began to focus on his own projects alongside his fellow actor, Max Kidd and director, Tilman Braun. He graduated from Hamburg Media School with a Master’s Degree. And then proceeded to release the film, “Valentina.”

Watu Wote/All of Us

“Watu Wote” is a short film that narrates the ordeal the passengers of a bus heading to Nairobi from Mandera encountered in the hands of the Al-Shabab militia. The incident happened in December 2015 and made headlines all over the world due to the heroic acts of the Muslim passengers. The film was produced in 2016 by the director, Tobias Rosen, and Katja Benrath was actually the director. The film was a graduation project for both Benrath and Rosen who happened to be in the same college, Hamburg Media School. Rosen’s film is about a woman, whose husband and child were murdered by the terrorists. She boards a bus to travel to Nairobi, the capital. The woman known as Jua wants to leave Mandera, a town on northern Kenya that is on the border of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The town has been under attacks for a couple of times. In the bus, Jua is suspicious of every Muslim, and she is not aware that the Muslim teacher, also on the same bus will put his life at risk to save hers. When the militants stop the bus, the ask the Muslims to help them identify the ‘kafirs’ or the Christians, they refuse to do so. The Muslims had already given the Christians their extra hijabs to wear and look like them, so the terrorists are unable to recognize them. The Muslim teacher tries to preach to the militants how true Islam entails when it comes to love, but he gets shot. By the time the police are coming, the driver and the teacher are already shot. In real life, the Muslim teacher succumbed to his injuries in less than a month and was declared a national hero by the Kenyan president.

Facts about the director

Rosen believes that every film he makes is a privilege

All the films that Rosen has worked on including “Berkeley,” “Ein Lacheln nachts um vier,” “Valentina,” “Secrecies,” and “Feuerkind,” have become some of the most-viewed short films in the world. It’s because Rosen, as he states, gives his all as a producer and director to make his film come out so great. He also takes his film as a privilege. For that reason, Rosen has earned quite a net worth from his projects.

He also uses film to find himself

Film gives Rosen a chance to experience life, learn about other people’s lifestyle, misfortunes and see himself in a different perspective appreciating what he has. Rosen stated that it is crucial element being an actor, producer, and director and many bubbling filmmakers aren’t aware of that. To create art, and tell a story from it, Rosen said that one has to be inspired by the events to live their life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter how, whether you like traveling or sitting at a park, Rosen stated that it helps him to find out the privileges he has in life that others don’t have.

He learned how to make a good film by watching

After he quit acting, Rosen used to go to the theater to watch films. He stated that every filmmaker should begin there to learn about making some great films. He also said that before being a director, it’s essential to works as a PA of another director to learn the dos and don’ts. Rosen stated that he aspired to become a director and producer and he learned through watching.

Rosen believes it doesn’t get easier

According to Rosen, the more you make films, the more experience you gain, but it doesn’t make the process easier. One of the challenges one will likely face as a director is finances to fund his projects. So literally, every film comes with its challenges.

There is always some resistance

A film mostly points out the antagonist and the protagonist. For instance, “Watu Wote/All of Us” was applauding the love people have towards another despite their faiths while also humiliating the militants. Rosen stated that some people thought the film was not telling the story quite well.

His net worth

Tobias Rosen’s net worth is not known, but from all those films he has produced and directed, he has, of course, made some good net worth.

We all hope that the film will win the Oscar 2018 and also, he will be active on Instagram. Tobias Rosen is excellent in what he does, and from the recognition, he might be able to make other interesting films.