Tia From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Tia, a contestant on the TV show The Bachelor. Below are facts about her, including her unknown net worth.

Who is Tia from The Bachelor?

If you have watched the previous seasons of “The Bachelor”, you might have seen Raven Gates in one of them. It was in Nick Viall’s season, and Raven didn’t win Nick’s heart, but later on in another TV show “The Bachelor in Paradise” she fell in love with Gottschalk. You know Tia? She is in this season with Arie, and she is Raven’s BFF. Raven posted on Instagram that she was happy to hand over her bachelor baton to Tia and added a photo of her. Tia doesn’t stand out just because she is Raven’s bestie, but also for being a Weiner and a dog mummy. Tia is aged 26, and she is a physical therapist from Weiner, Arkansas and has made her net worth from her profession. Sher has survived all the three eliminations, and hopefully, she will be staying long on the TV show. Tia is not active on Facebook like she is active on Instagram and Twitter. Being a friend of Raven probably will work in her favor. She, of course, has the insight of how everything should go, and if she lasts long enough on the show, the TV show will bring her for a cameo. Since Raven became famous, she has made a decent net worth from blogging.

Her entrance into the TV show was awkward

Before Raven revealed that Tia would be on the TV show “The Bachelor” blogger, Reality Steve talked about their relationship. Steve listed all the contestants and described them before the show premiered, and when it came to Tia, he wrote that she was a friend of Raven Gates. He then stated that Tia being Raven’s fried she might last on the show very long and believed that they didn’t put her there to be a non-factor. But again, he could be wrong, but so far, we can all sit behind our screens and watch Tia do her thing. Tia’s entrance to the TV show was a little bit awkward. She handed Arie a little hot dog weiner but surprisingly, the bachelor enjoyed it, and he said that he liked her. Tia and Arie bonded later for being silly and nerdy. The next week of the show, Arie pulled Tia over and they sat on a hay bale. Ari then told Tia that he liked her more every day. On week four, Arie gave Tia a rose for being open and vulnerable. Tia also stated that she felt comfortable with Arie that she was becoming jealous. They ended their time with a kiss and it looked like Tia would get one date with Arie.

Tia will go far on the show

There is a higher chance that Tia will take the last rose. One of the reasons she deserves it is because she is hilarious, and Arie is capable of understanding her silliness. If she doesn’t win it, she will be the best candidate for “The Bachelorette.” Another reason Tia looks like she will win this is the fact that the producers of the TV show are somehow pushing her. The producers apparently told the audience to cheer for Tia and ‘boo’ Bekah after she came out in the wrestling group date. Later on, the audience was told to cheer the winner and apparently, Maquel was top of the fight and she looked like she was going to win. The crowd started to cheer for Tia instead. The host, Chris Harrison named Tia the winner after the match. According to critics, it was noted that the producers of the TV show, were pushing Tia to make sure the fans loved her so that they would support her to be the next Bachelorette. So, if Tia makes it in the final four, which is most likely to happen, the reason won’t be that she was hot for Arie but because they want her to be the one handling roses this coming Spring.

Facts about her

She likes to shoot guns and fish

Tia is one of the contestants on “The Bachelor” with very simple hobbies that can’t scare Arie. By simple hobbies I mean there is a contestant called Kendall who hobby is keeping dried dead animals. You would be scared by that. Wouldn’t you? Tia loves the outdoors, and what she does is, of course, are the only things you can do in Weiner, shoot at birds and go fishing.

Tia has tattoos

Most people have tattoos and among them is Tia. She doesn’t have one or two, but four. She has “Patience” inscribed on her wrist, an owl drawn on her tricep, “Mama & Papa” inscribed on her left foot, and the word “Peace” on her right foot. The owl tattoo, in particular, looks beautiful.

She has her biggest fears

Tia’s biggest fear is being on an awkward date with an uninteresting guy. Maybe the guy is not funny and not creative. Another big fear that she has is having food in her teeth.

Her favorite destination

Tia would love to go to Chicago because she would want to eat all the delicacies the city is popular for.

What kind of fictional character would she want to be?

Tia would want to be Olivia Pope because she believes she is badass.

Her net worth

Tia’s net worth is not known, but the Weiner native has, of course, made some net worth from her profession. If she manages to become the candidate for “The Bachelorette,” she will have another income generator to contribute to her net worth.

Tia knows her fate is almost sealed, either way, it will go, she will still fall in love with someone. It can be Arie or one of the contestants in “The Bachelorette,” but that doesn’t mean she should relax and post her bachelor photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.