Thomas Lennon Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Knife Skills’ Filmmaker

Thomas Lennon is a filmmaker who is known for The Irish In America: Long Journey Home. Let’s get better acquainted with him and learn more about his net worth.

Thomas Lennon: The Man Behind the Art

Thomas Lennon is a filmmaker whose focus is on documentaries. Thomas Lennon was born in 1951 and throughout his career as a filmmaker has won three Academy Awards and three Oscar nominations including his recent Oscar 2018 nomination.

Filmmaker Thomas Lennon’s Career

With the start of his company named Lennon Documentary Group, Thomas Lennon began his career as a filmaker back in 1996 with the project “Battle Over Citizen Kane”, where he gained an Academy Award nomination. Thomas Lennon would continue sharing history with the world with the introduction of “The Irish in America: Long Journey Home”, also produced by his company Lennon Documentary Group. With the mini-series completed back in 1998, Thomas Lennon gained greater public recognition for his talents. In “The Irish in America: Long Journey Home”, Thomas Lennon used the platform to display the history of the Irish population in America and the parts that the Irish played in history. In the project “Tongzhi in Love”, Thomas Lennon worked as a producer and dared to open the eyes of the public to the controversial subject of homosexuality in China. “Tongzhi in Love” was a 30-minute documentary which followed the lives of gay men in China and was released in 2008. The film gained momentum in the United States, China, and many other Asian countries. Also, the film brought light to a key slang term [Tongzhi] used in many Asian countries which once simply meant “comrade”. In 2010, Thomas Lennon worked on the screenplay for “The Warriors of Qiugang”. The film, “The Warriors of Qiugang” followed the lives of Chinese villagers who battled a chemical company that was poisoning their farmland and water supply. The film later became a political movement as three weeks following its screening, the government of Benghu created a $30M clean up of the site covered in the film. The film also received an Oscar nomination for it’s detailed and touching coverage of the issues felt by the farmers. In 2016, Thomas Lennon became the director of “Sacred”, a film that followed the many religious experiences from across the world. The documentary “Sacred” challenged viewers to acknowledge and understand the different faiths around the world and spiritual practices. Thomas Lennon’s most recent project was “Knife Skills” which premiered in 2017. Thomas Lennon was the director and producer of the short film. The film “Knife Skills” followed the lives of men and women who had been in prison but now held employment at a local French restaurant in Cleveland. Since it’s release, “Knife Skills” has received an Oscar 2018 nomination.

Thomas Lennon: Facts, Net Worth, and More

Thomas Lennon is a man of great compassion, whose involved in many charitable organization along with bring awareness to the public using his documentaries. Thomas Lennon was a part of the multi-year AIDS prevention campaign in China. The campaign included a trilogy documentary that later won him an Oscar Award in 2007. Thomas Lennon lives in New York City and is married. The wife of Thomas Lennon is Joan Reibman who was one of the most well known workers after the 9/11 attacks. Because he is continuously being mistaken for the comedian Thomas Lennon, he had twice had to return royalty checks meant for the comedian. As a result, the net worth of Thomas Lennon (the filmmaker) is always under review and cannot be confirmed.