Thomas Lee Wright Wiki: Producer, Net Worth, ‘New Jack City’ & Facts To Know

Producer Thomas Lee Wright shot to fame with his recent film, ‘New Jack City’. Find out some interesting facts about him including his net worth.

Who is Thomas Lee Wright?

Thomas Lee Wright is best known for his original screenplay for the hit movie, ‘New Jack City’. This Warner Brother’s movie starring Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock and Ice-T was scripted by Thomas Lee Wright. He has also penned some political documentaries including, ‘Eight-Tray Gangster: The Making of a Crip’ which narrates the story of L.A’s Rodney King riots from the perspective of a gang member. Wright is from Minnesota. He attended Harvard College. He received a degree in English literature and Trinity College, Dublin. He studied Irish theater and played point guard for its national championship basketball team. He later moved to Los Angeles and became a story editor at Walt Disney and Columbia Pictures. initially he served as a creative executive at Paramount Pictures where he helped to develop “48 Hours”, “Flashdance” and “Trading Places”. When he left the corporate ranks, Wright’s original story ‘The Godfather, Part Three’ was critically acclaimed and it also helped to launch is screenwriting career. He further wrote projects for every major studio and plenty of Hollywood’s top producers. He wrote for Peter Guber, Dino De Laurentiis, Mike Medavoy, Daniel Melnick, Don Simpson, and Casey Silver, among others. Thomas Lee Write co-wrote some widely-used film school text books – American Screenwriters and Working in Hollywood. Currently, Wright is the executive producer of Richard Linklater’s , ‘Last Flag Flying’ starring Laurence Fishburne, Bryan Cranston, and Steve Carell. Wright’s book, ‘The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse’ is available online and in bookstores everywhere. His film, Edith+Eddie revolves around a similar subject.

Net worth of the producer

Thomas Lee Wright has a net worth of $950,000. He has made a substantial net worth directing his documentaries.

A brief about his movies

Of all his work so far, the following is the summary of some of his best works: * The Last of the Finest: The Last of the Finest was co-scripted by Thomas Lee Wright along with George Armitage. Directed by John Mackenzie, The Last of the Finest, was released in 1990. The movie is about a guy named Frank who leads a group of undercover Los Angeles cops- Wayne, Ricky and Howard. They work on tough cases which others feel are unsolvable. When a huge raid takes place on a meatpacking unit, it does not turn up as expected according to the narcotics daly and subsequently, Frank and his men get sacked from the force. They do not get deviated from digging into the case and are finally able to uncover a massive drug trade conspiracy involving LAPD higher-ups and the U.S. government. John Mackenzie was nominated for the Best Film Category in the Mystfest in 1990. * The Long Ride Home The Long Ride Home is a political drama/documentary co-produced by Thomas Lee Wright along with Brett Bowker. The film is also directed by Wright. To honor a promise made to a friend and fellow soldier, two men make a 95-day 4200-mile bike ride across America, determined to arrive at Ground Zero in New York City on the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001. The film was critically acclaimed and has received rave reviews. * Eight Tray Gangster: The Making of a Crip: Produced and directed by Thomas Lee Wright, Eight Tray Gangster: The Making of a Crip is the story of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising and riots from the point of view of a prominent member of the Eight-Tray Gangster Crips street gang. The movie has a powerful quotient of current urban African-American life. The movie attracted a lot of theatrical interest and immediate fest owing to its sensational content. * Edith+Eddie Edith+Eddie was a documentary co-produced by Thomas Lee Wright along with Laura Checkoway who was also the director of the movie. The heart wrenching story is about an Edith and Eddie who got married in Virginia, United States, aged 96 and 95. Since tying the knot, both Edith and Eddie have found a new reason to get up in the morning. At the start of each day, he helps her put in her teeth. They enjoy exercising and relaxing by the river. But their love story was soon disrupted by a feud over their legal guardianship that threatens to force the couple apart. This documentary is nominated in the Oscar 2018 in the Best Documentary Category. Oscar 2018 will be held on March 4, 2018. * New Jack City Co-scripted by Thomas Lee Wright, New Jack City is about two cops who take it on themselves to bring down a notorious drug lord who has gotten away from the law for much too long. New Jack City was released in 1991 and was directed by Mario Van Peebles.

Although he started a bit late in life, his brilliant documentaries are creating quite a ripple in the U.S society. His documentaries cover sensitive subjects and are portrayed in a very unique way. Thomas Lee Wright has many upcoming projects under him currently and we just can’t wait to watch his next movie!