The teen YouTube sensation Jake Warden! A look at his life and career so far!

Jake Warden

Jake Warden has gained popularity on the social media as a YouTuber and a beauty and comedy vlogger. His first videos came up as postings on his registered YouTube channel in October 2014 but ever since he has been actively posting on his channel and earning a lot of credits and appreciation for it.

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His videos are varied and he has done make up tutorials for guys, some challenges and also hilarious vlogs. Let us today trying to gather more information on his life and career which is showing an upward trend!

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The growing years

Jake Warden ‘s date of birth is 20 February 2002  and it was in Denver, Colorado. Information about his parents and family is limited. But his mother does appear in many of his pictures on his Instagram account. He does love his parents immensely and posts some incidents related to them on his social media.

It is not known whether he has any siblings. Jake does not like school and prefers to be at home. He is also not very fond of sports. He loves shopping which he claims he does at least 5 times a week. He loves dyeing his hairs in various colors and shades. He is against bullying and does not like labeling people for their choices.

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Jake and his career

Jake started his YouTube channel in December 2013 and did not post for almost a year. He started with some makeup videos for boys and also did some DIY videos for Halloween costumes. His fame came when he did some lip-syncing videos to songs of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. His parody of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ show also got him a lot of fame and popularity.

Source: Famous People (Jake Warden)

His most watched video is called ‘Prank Calling in Sick from Jobs I don’t Have’ which has more than a million views. He has also won a lot of praise for his DIY and beauty tutorials. Most of Jake’s videos are relatable and fun. His friends Emily, Jessica, and Stevie also join him in the videos and that makes it more fun to watch the gang. His family also pitches in many times.

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At such a young age, Jake has a huge list of loyal followers. He has gathered more than 290k fans on his channel. He has done the Bean Boozled challenge and the Onesie Acrobatic challenge.

His Comedy Central appearance and his modesty

Jake has also appeared in an episode of Comedy Central which was aired on national TV on 15 November 2016. In spite of so much of fame at such a young age, he has not allowed the fame to enter his head. He has remained humble and still loves to enjoy time with his friends and family.

Jake is also health conscious and does regular exercise. His videos appear genuine and he seems to speak from the heart. He has over 2.2 million fans following him on his Instagram.

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Is he in any Relationship?

Jake is in his teens when love affairs are common. So is this 5 feet and the 5-inch handsome guy dating any girlfriend? Not that we know of. He has not been seen with any girl his age and it is believed that he is still single and concentrating on his career. But there are some rumors which state that he is dating Amanda Diaz. But it is still too early to say anything!

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Jake comes out as gay

On August 31, 2018, Jake uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled “MEET MY BOYFRIEND!!! *Not Clickbait*.”

His boyfriend’s name is Mickey Nucci, also a YouTuber.

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