Taura Stinson Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Mighty River’ Songwriter

Taura Stinson is a very talented songwriter who has written the beautiful song, ‘Mighty River’. Read more about her including her overall net worth.

Who is Taura Stinson?

Taura Stinson is an American songwriter and occasional musician. She is best known for co-writing songs for artists including Usher, Ariana Grande, Paloma Faith, Deborah Cox, Raphael Saadiq, Burns, Kelis, and Destiny’s Child. She’s also written songs for films on television as well, including the song, ‘I Am’ for ‘Twin Peaks, ‘Gonna Be Alright’ for ‘Epic’, ‘Beautiful Creatures’ for ‘Rio 2’, ‘Champions’ for ‘Hands of Stone, ‘Carnivore’ for ‘You May Now Kill the Bride, ‘Jump’ for ‘Step’ and “Mighty River” for ‘Mudbound’. ‘You May Now Kill the Bride’ was a movie made for television and it was released in 2016. She wrote the soundtrack for ‘Black Nativity’ and she also received critical acclaim and an Oscar 2018 nomination for her work in ‘Mudbound’. She also earned the Golden Globe Award and Black Reel Award nomination for Best Original Song. Oscar 2018 will be held on March 4, 2018. The veteran songwriter was born in Birmingham, AL and raised in Oakland, CA. During her early career, Stinson penned songs for artists like ‘Destiny’s Child,’ Kelis, Kelly Rowland and Deborah Cox. She collaborated with Raphael Saadiq, Dr. Dre, Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, Kanye West and Andre 3000 among others. Her first soundtrack was for the film, ‘Men in Black’. Since then she has co-written the Grammy nominated single on the Illumination album called ‘Show Me The Way’ for the legendary band, Earth, Wind and Fire. Taura along with her long time writing partner, Raphael Saadiq wrote and produced the song ‘Gonna Be Alright’ for the animated film ‘Epic’. They also wrote and produced all of the songs for the musical film ‘Black Nativity. ‘ The duo was nominated for the Ashford and Simpson songwriters award and they also received a Grammy nomination for their work on the song, ‘Good Man’ on ‘Stone Rollin,’ and album written by Saadiq. Stinson is a freelance A&R consultant who also won a Grammy award for her very first A&R project, ‘The Awakening of LeAndria Johnson’. She was also the A&R director for Music World Entertainment and BET’S ‘Sunday Best’ franchise for winners and contestants including Amber Bullock, Joshua Rogers, Andrea Helms, Elder Goldwire and Alexis Spight, who released Top 10 Gospel Singles/Albums. She was the lead lyricist for the animated film ‘Rio 2’ and she also co-wrote ‘Airplay’, which was the end title for the film “Beyond The Lights.” Her talented voice can also be heard on the ‘Champions’ which was the end title for the 2016 film ‘Hands of Stone.’ Stinson as worked extensively as a background vocalist, mostly with two other seasoned vocalists, Joi Gilliam & N’Dambi. These two can be heard on the monster hit ‘Bang-Bang.’ . Recently, Taura collaborated with Raphael and Laura Karpan on ‘Jump’ which was the end title song for the film, ‘Step’. ‘Jump’ has since won the Critics Choice Award for best song in a Documentary as well as the HMMA for best song in a documentary. In addition, Taura and Raphael were also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the song ‘Mighty River’ which was the end title of the Netflix film that they wrote along with it’s co-star, Mary J. Blige. She recently authored her first book, “100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know”, starting yet another chapter of her illustrious and multi-faceted career.

Net worth of the songwriter

The net worth of Taura Stinson is currently under wraps.

Upclose and personal with Taura Stinson

In an interview with the multi-faceted and talented songwriter, Taura Stinson was asked a few intriguing questions. Here we have the best bits from the conversation with the interviewer: When asked about being born in Birmingham and then being raised in Oakland, she was asked about her opinion on the change and her love for music. “How could you not love music growing up in Oakland?” she says. “If you have any kind of creative blood flowing through your veins it’s the best place to be––that whole region is.” Stinson is an exception in an industry where everyone competes only for elusive record deals. She said, “I knew I was a writer, and I thought maybe I would be a journalist. To satisfy my musical urges, I started a girl group. It never occurred to me that we’d get a record deal.” She experienced an epiphany the moment she was signed with the trio ‘Emage’ to a deal with Mercury Records. On being questioned about her experience on that she said, “I realized I had this thing about being in front of large crowds. I was terrified. One of the girls was a ham. She would take over and I was totally fine about that. When the group got dropped I was happy. ‘Really? I can write full-time now?’” Stinson is now based in Los Angeles and is writing songs for Destiny’s Child, Kelis, Kelly Rowland and Deborah Cox. Her newest niche is writing songs for films.

The talented song writer is currently working on a lot of projects and hopefully we shall hear a lot from her soon!