Tasie Lawrence: 10 Hottest Images Of All Time

Tasie Lawrence is a British actress best known for her role in “House of Anubis.” Here, you can find her hottest images from Instagram and more!

Tasie Lawrence

Tasie Lawrence is a British television and film actress. One of her first major roles was on the TV show “House of Anubis” as the character Mara Jaffray. Tasie can also be spotted in guest roles on the TV show “Criminal Minds.” Some of the movies she had been in include “Everything Before Us,” “God Kids,” “Public Disturbance,” and “Brothers in Atlanta.” Most recently, Tasie is acting in the TV show “The Resident.” She started playing the character of Priya Nair on “The Resident” in 2018.

Top Ten Hottest Images from Instagram and More

Tasie Lawrence posts many images of herself and her friends on her Instagram, and other beautiful images of her can easily be found elsewhere online. Here are some of her top ten hottest pictures. Enjoy!


This Instagram image shows Tasie Lawrence having a great time with her “House of Anubis” cast-mates and friends. It looks like good looks are shared between all the gals in this group, but Tasie still finds a way to shine in this imagine with her casual smile.


This silly image of Tasie Lawrence shows her having a fun day in the sun, nibbling away at a mini-cupcake. She looks fantastic in her summery patterned dress.


Tasie Lawrence looks cool as ice in this image of her. We can’t see her eyes behind her stylish frames, but we still know without a doubt that she’s rocking this casual look!


Tasie Lawrence looks great in this hot summer get-up. her collared shirt is almost reministant of her days on “House of Anubis” where she often wore a school-girl outfit.


Tasie Lawrence’s comment on this Instagram image of her simply says “Tbt to the day I lost my hairbrush,” but we still think she looks great. The light from the background makes her look even better than normal, even if she hasn’t combed her hair for the day yet.


While Tasie Lawrence’s net worth is still unknown, we can guess that it must be high. However, you would never guess that she is an actress with a high net worth if you saw this picture. She looks amazingly attractive, even when lounging in comfy pants and with bedhead.


Tasie Lawrence’s IMDb image is just stunning. On her IMDb page, fans can also find more information on her movies and television show appearances, like on “Criminal Minds” and “Everything Before Us.”

Source: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net


Tasie Lawrence looks great in this image, even though she is wearing nothing but makeup. It just goes to show that she doesn’t need to wear beautiful outfits to look beautiful.


Another great image of Tasie Lawrence shows her on the beach in this Instagram image. Even though she has a cool summer look with short shorts and a crop top, she still looks hot with her long dark hair blowing in the wind.


Tasie Lawrence’s hottest image comes from her own Instagram. Here, she is casually sprawled out on her bed, looking gorgeous in a lacy bra. There’s nothing better than an all-natural look for this woman!