Talinda Ann Bentley: More About the Widow of Chester Bennington

More about Linkin Park Late Musician Widow, Talinda Ann Bentley

To all of our Linking Park fans or any of you how are interested in the life of the late rock star Chester Bennington, we have an interesting article on a very important part of his life, his widow, Talinda Ann Bentley. It is always nice to know a little bit more about what and who is behind our favorite artists, am I right? We don’t always get that chance. If you think the same, don’t go just yet, we haven’t even started yet! Keep reading and find out what we are talking about. Here we go:

The Love Story of Chester Bennington and Talinda Ann Bentley

Talinda Ann Bentley is the wife of Chester Bennington, the late lead singer of Linkin Park. The couple met and began dating in 2004 through a mutual friend, musician Ryan Shuck, while Talinda was a model and Bennington still married to his first wife, Samantha Marie Oil. They married in 2005, shortly after the divorce of Bennington and Oil.
Talinda and Bennington’s union produced three children, a son Tyler Lee and two twin daughters Lila and Lilly. Talinda is also a stepmother of three more children: Jaime from Bennington’s previous relationship with his girlfriend Elka Brand, Draven from his marriage to Samantha Olit and Isaiah, an adopted son.

The couple’s marriage was apparently sweet and enviable while it lasted. After Chester’s divorce, he claimed he was a broken man and gave Bentley credit for helping him overcome his fight against depression. According to Bennington, divorce was one of the worst and best things that happened to him, leaving him so exhausted and bitter. In fact, for being the fresh air he also needed at that time, the Linkin Park singer dedicated the song “Give your wife your name, Talinda.” to his new wife.
However, after 12 years of marriage, rock fans and the world of music, in general, were surprised when the news came that Talinda’s husband had taken his own life. Leaving his beloved wife and six children, the seemingly engaged husband and father who had just returned from visiting his family in Arizona, hanged himself on July 20, 2017, at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Chester Bennington was home alone when he died and an employee discovered his body.

Of course, Talinda was completely heart broken after this happened. She stayed in the dark for one week, grieving and passing through the immense pain of losing her love. After that week, Talinda finally broke the silence with some tweets. “I want to let my community and fans around the world know that I feel your love. We also feel your loss. My babies are too young to have lost their father. And I know that all of you will help me keep your memory alive,” writes Talinda Bennington.
“He was a bright and affectionate soul with an angelic voice. And now he is singing his songs, without pain, in all our hearts. May God bless you all and help us support us when we are suffering. Chester would have wanted us to do it. Rest. in peace, my love, ” she concludes. We can defiantly feel the pain in those words.

7 Facts About Talinda Ann Bentley

1. Height, weight and body measurements

Talinda Ann Bentley stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 55 kg. The measurements of his body are chest – 34 inches, waist – 28 inches and hips – 34 inches. We have got to admit that she has pretty great measurements, the reason why the ex-model has scored several Playboy magazine issues, and many others that are all about the body.

2. Tattoos

Just like her late husband Chester, Talinda Ann Bentley is a tattoo junky. She has many art pieces inked on her body, which all carry different meanings with them. She even has an inscription over her half right sleeve that was designed by her late husband. She also has other tattoos that represent her adorable family, such as all of her family members’ birth dates inside a little heart. 

3. Animal lover

Talina Bentley is an avid animal lover. Besides her children, she has been a lovely mother of five dogs and three horses. Recently, the family has got an Instagram page for their cute black colored pooch; Benji. Her house is basically a farm full of beautiful living creatures. Isn’t that just amazing?

4. Victim of Cyber ​​Stalking

Bentley and Bennington were victims of cyberbullying during their marriage. For about a year, a man named Devon Townsend continued to harass the couple, manipulate their personal information and threaten them. However, the couple’s life later returned to normal after the cyber saker was convicted and sentenced to two years for his crime.

5. Chester Bennington

Before his death, Talina was married to Chester Bennington, the legendary rock lead singer of Linkin Park, the famous band known for redefining the genre of nu-metal and rap metal. He was the only child born on March 20, 1976, to Elaine and Lee Russell Bennington. Chester had a difficult childhood after his parents separated in his teens. After the divorce, he was raised by his father. However, the divorce hit the rock star heavily and plunged him further into depression and the drugs he had to fight with for most of his life. Before his death, Chester Bennington had his net worth linked to $ 30 million.

6. Social work

It is not all bout glamourous looks and presence for Talinda Bennington. On the inside, she is a simple kind-hearted woman. After the tragic death of her husband, she has been actively involved in the mental health issues awareness campaign. She is the co-founder of 320 Changes Direction & Executive Advisor to the Campaign To Change Direction, both drug and mental health awareness campaigns. It is great to see how she is combating against something that haunted her marriage and bringing her experience to others.

7. New fiancée

As we will explain further down below, Talina has gotten herself a new fiancée. The woman is focused on regaining join and love in her life, and for that we applaud her.
His name is Michael Moshe Friedman, an 36 year old LA County Firefighter. We don’t actually know much about Michael, just that he joined the department after 17 weeks of intensive physical and mental training, receiving his badge in a graduation ceremony in 2016. Also, he seems to make Talina very happy, which is the reason why we love him already

Her Announcement of Her New Marriage

After two years of the death of Chester Bennington, ex-vocalist of Linkin Park, his widow rebuilds her life and announced that she will remarry.

Talinda Bennington found love again and got engaged, according to a statement she posted on her Instagram account. Her post read,” I am overjoyed to announce my engagement to my angel on earth, Michael F. I am here to tell you that you can find love after tragedy. That the death of a soulmate does not mean the death of you. My family, friends, and my Linkin Park brothers welcome him to the family with open arms. I will continue to honor Chester and continue my life’s mission to make his passing, not in vain (sic). To all Suicide Loss Survivors, you can be happy again. You can have space in your heart for grief, joy, happiness, sadness, and love. Thank you for all of your continued love and support”.

She says that her family, friends and members of Linkin Park have taken their new relationship well. After all, nobody can blame women for moving on and having a happy life after becoming a widow. It’s 100% valid.

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It is always nice to learn about the people behind the greatest starts of all time, the ones that loved and supported them through their years of success and through the tough times, as it is the case with Chester Bennington’s widow, Talinda Bentley. Her story also gives us a huge learning; it is possible to move on and be happy after a tragedy. We owe it to ourselves to keep living and finding what makes us happy again. That doesn’t mean forgetting or not valuing our pasts anymore, but letting the stings of it go. This way, we will be able to find happiness again, which should always be the case after things like her own experiences. We learn a little everyday, and today, Talinda is part of that.