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McClure Twins

McClure Twins, the youngest and most adorable twin female YouTubers-Read about their multi-racial family, their childhood, online career, popularity, and merchandise!

McClure Twins multi-racial family McClure twins are one of the youngest and most gorgeous and adorable female YouTubers. Ava and Alexis McClure were born on 12th July 2013 at West Orange, New Jersey. Their father Justin McClure is an American who was raised in rural North Georgia. Their mother is a Muslim from Nigeria named […]

Keith and Kevin Hodge (Hodgetwins)-their roaring fitness and health-related career, their wives and family, and their childhood!

Keith and Kevin Hodge’s career Keith and Kevin Hodge were working in finance and US Marine Corps. They uploaded their first video in 2008. They had thought that they would just make people laugh and at the same time provide them with tips about a healthy lifestyle. But when their videos started getting popular, they […]

Ethan and Grayson Dolan

Career break! Dolan Twins have paused posting videos on their YouTube channel-Is Ethan Dolan’s hand surgery and mental health issues the reason?

Ethan Dolan undergoes hand surgery On 21st July 2017, Ethan Dolan, one of the YouTuber twins posted a message on his Twitter which mentioned about his hand surgery. He talked about a pause from recording videos. He wrote: “Prob not going to be able to get a video up. Sorry guys… just had hand surgery […]

Merrell Twins

Gather details on Merrell twins-their early life, childhood, supportive parents, career and relationships!

The Merrell twins embarked on their YouTube Channel in 2009 and they have not looked back! These wonder girls are known for their comedy and music videos. They have amassed more than 1.7 million subscribers and greater than 260 million views. These pretty cute Missouri natives have made it big in the YouTube World! Let […]