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FaZe Banks

What was the recent feud between YouTuber FaZe Banks and Jake Paul? Know about FaZe Banks’ reaction, career updates, and relationship timeline!

FaZe Banks or Ricky Banks is the Chief Operating Officer of the gaming group called as FaZe Clan. Around 2-3 months back, FaZe Banks had landed into some unnecessary controversy. August 2017 club incident YouTuber Jake Paul posted a vlog titled ‘My assistant is assaulted…’. In the video, Jake is seen with his assistant Meg, […]

Niana Gurrero

Niana Gurrero, the little sister of Filipino YouTuber Ranz Kyle! Know about her career, dance moves, family, and brotherly love!

Niana Gurrero is the little step-sister of Filipino internet sensation Ranz Kyle. She is also a dancer like her brother and is one-half of the dance duo Ranz and Niana. This elegant and talented dancer has also acquired fame like her brother and is liked by her fans. What was her life like before she […]

Ranz Kyle

The great big brother! Dancer and YouTuber Ranz Kyle’s intense love for his sisters, his family, parents! Know about his career and girlfriend!

Ranz Kyle is a famous social media star and a dancer from the Philippines. There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to this well-known dancer cum choreography and hence information related to him is quite limited and scarce. He and his sister Niana Guerrero have gone on to acquire international fame for their dancing. We try […]


British Gaming YouTuber Calfreezy! Facts related to his family, life, career, and relationships!

Calfreezy is an English YouTuber and FIFA gamer who uploads commentaries and tips on his YouTube channel. These are liked by his fans and he has accumulated more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Calfreezy’s real name is Callum Leighton Airey and his online name is Calfreezy. He is sometimes simply called as […]

FaZe Nikan

Canadian graphic designer FaZe Nikan! His rise to fame, family, his life before fame, and his secretive personal life!

FaZe Nikan is a Canadian graphic designer who has co-founded the FaZe clan. This internet personality has risen to fame in the last few years and is a creator of great ideas, designs, and ventures. So how did FaZe Nikan make it big in his online career? What was he doing before his fame? Let […]

Eugenia Cooney

Demand for ban! Why are people asking for a ban on YouTuber Eugenia Cooney’s presence on YouTube! Know about her career, family, and relationship!

American internet personality Eugenia Cooney has been gaining popularity. She has acquired more than a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Most of the fame gained is by positive reviews but there is a significant amount of negative and hate reviews which has hit her. There have also been signature campaigns asking for a ban […]

Joe Santagato

YouTube comedian Joe Santagato and his gorgeous girlfriend Sammy Rickey! Learn about Joe’s relationship with Sammy, his career, and early growing years!

Joe Santagato is an American comedian and entertainer. He comes from a humble background but has managed to achieve success in the entertainment field due to his talent and hard work. He also started his own YouTube channel and also tasted success here. He has a whopping fan following on his social media platform s […]

Rob Dyke

YouTuber Rob Dyke’s unique horror- and tragedy-filled videos! Know how his career took off, and about his relationships, education, and source of information on his videos!

Rob Dyke is a name quite familiar in the YouTube World! He is an internet personality and YouTuber who is known for his crime and horror videos. So how did Rob Dyke get into ‘YouTubing’ and from where does he get stories of crime, suspense and horror! Let us find out! Rob Dyke’s career Rob […]

Cory Kenshin

Cory Kenshin’s gaming videos! Know about this YouTuber’s career, family, childhood, relationships, and ectodermal dysplasia disorder!

CoryxKenshin is a YouTuber who is known for his popular videos. He is an internet personality who specializes in Let’s play game videos. He has more than 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He comes from humble beginnings and has other medical problems as well. But he was so fond of this online career […]

Face Unrevealed! YouTuber and gamer H20 Delirious’ career, family, sister, childhood, and relationship details!

H2O Delirious is an American YouTuber who has more than 9.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He creates funny gaming related videos and video content. He has never revealed his face on his videos and his full name is also not known. Let us try to find as much as possible about this YouTuber […]