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Wil Willis

Who is Wil Willis engaged to? Learn about this ‘Forged by Fire’ host’s fiancée, family, military career, and childhood!

The good news! ‘Forged in Fire’ host Wil Willis had some great news for his fans when on 24 March 2017 his girlfriend-turned-fiancee Krystle Amina posted a picture of the two holding close to each other and smiling and captioned it as: “❤ Engaged!!! #valentinesday#empirestatebuilding #newyork #engaged#love #bennyandjoon @whiskey2whiskey” There was also the picture of New Empire building, New York at […]

Jasmine Guy

American versatile actress Jasmine Guy’s diverse career, relationships, daughter, and childhood detailed!

Jasmine Guy’s life has been as fascinating as her career! Jasmine Guy has been in the industry since the age of 20 years. Starting as a dancer, Jasmine Guy diversified into several other areas and is an established dancer, writer, singer, director. Jasmine Guy has also won several coveted awards. Her love and personal life […]

Jonathan Daniel Brown

What is Jonathan Daniel Brown doing these days? Check out the latest about this ‘Project X’ actor’s career, upcoming projects, and relationships!

Jonathan Daniel Brown’s rise to fame Jonathan Daniel Brown is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, and director. He is a native of San Fernando Valley. He was born in July 1989 in Tarzana, California, the USA. He started work as a standup comedian. In 2012, Jonathan had worked in a porn film. He was chosen […]

Lena Dunham

American controversial actress Lena Dunham’s allegations of transphobia on two employees of American Airlines, the backlash, and her other scandals!

Lena Dunham’s allegations American actress Lena Dunham had 1 month back levied some allegations on two American Airlines employees. Lena Dunham was at the JFK international airport in New York waiting for her flight to depart which was unduly delayed due to some reasons. She overheard something during her wait at the airport about which […]

Connor Franta

A confab on American gay YouTuber Connor Franta’s childhood, family, career, books, and relationships!

Connor Franta’s early family life and childhood Connor Franta is an American YouTube personality, an entertainer, a writer, and an entrepreneur. He was born on 12th September 1992 in Wisconsin, USA. His father, Peter Franta is a physician by profession while his mother Cheryl Franta is a homemaker. After Connor Franta was born, his family […]

Is Tyler Perry secretly married? Know about this award-winning all-rounder entertainer’s relationship, secret wife, love child, career, and awards!

Tyler Perry’s secret marriage? American actor, writer, director, and producer Tyler Perry is said to have been secretly married! Tyler Perry seems to not have disclosed this fact to his fans and audience. But his close friends are aware of it. Grammy award-winning R&B singer Stephanie Mills possible has unknowingly spilled the beans on this […]

Jimmy Wong

Is Jimmy Wong in a relationship now? Catch the latest on this famous YouTuber’s dating history, career, and childhood!

Jimmy Wong’s early life, childhood, and elder brother Well-known American YouTuber Jimmy Wong was born on 28th March 1987 in Seattle, Washington. He has an elder brother called Freddie Wong who is also an actor, director, and YouTuber. Freddie’s YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers. Jimmy Wong has completed his BA in Theater/Drama […]

Kefera Buchmann

Brazilian actress and YouTuber Kefera Buchmann: her childhood, career graph, relationships, and current boyfriend!

Beautiful vlogger Kefera Buchmannis is from Brazil. Her resonance has been felt in the USA and other countries. This 24-years-old multi-talented actress has got her own YouTube channel called as ‘5inco Minutos’. Let us look into her life and follow the path from her childhood to her meteoric rise to stardom. Kefera Buchmann’s early life, […]


YouTuber HolaSoyGerman or German Garmendia: his childhood, relationships, career, Mexican incident and ‘bots’ accusation!

German Garmendia or HolaSoyGerman as he is popularly known as is a famous YouTuber from Chile. He is an internet personality, comedian, writer, singer, and musician. He and his band Ancud have a number of their songs on YouTube and Spotify. German Garmendia is so famous that the venues where he appears usually get overcrowded. […]


Calum Hood-his 5 Seconds of Summer band, interesting facts, affairs and relationships unveiled!

Calum Thomas Hood, famously known as Calum Hood is the vocalist and bassist of the band, 5 Seconds of Summer(5SOS). He was born on  January 1996. His nationality is Kiwi and ethnicity is mixed(Scottish-Maori). About his band 5SOS 5 Second of Summer band is the band of four very talented young boys namely, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton […]