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Liza Koshy

Multi-talents! Viner-YouTuber Liza Koshy-her career, childhood, boyfriend and relationship goals!

This viner-turned-YouTuber Liza Koshy has garnered enormous followers on her social media. Liza is known as Lizzza and her followers on each of her different social media have crossed a million. What could be the reason of such fame and popularity? Let us try to find out through her wiki! Liza Koshy’s career Liza  Koshy […]

Bryce Hall

Who is Bryce Hall dating? Know about this popular star’s relationships, career, controversies, and childhood!

Bryce Hall’s early life and childhood Bryce Hall is a budding social media star who has a huge fan following.  He was born on 14th August 2000 in Ellicott City, Maryland. He is currently studying in a regular high school. There are not many details available or known about his parents and siblings. His […]


Duhitzmark needs a girlfriend!!! Know about this popular star’s relationship requirements, his glowing career, and childhood days!

Duhitzmark of Mark Christopher Thomas is a popular star. He is a social media sensation who has managed to collect a great number of fans and followers on his social media handles. He releases grind videos and also has his original singles. Duhitzmark’s early life and childhood Duhitzmark was born on 29th March 2001 […]

Nathan Triska

Multi-talented young YouTuber Nathan Triska: updates about his soaring career, childhood, and relationships!

Nathan Triska’s growing years Renowned American social media sensation Nathan Triska was born on 11th of June 1999 in Seattle, Washington. His mother is Lynn Debra Faulkner. His family moved to Arkansas and Nathan Triska has studied at Highland High School at Hardy, Arkansas. He does not much speak spontaneously about his family on his […]

Colby Brock

Viner And YouTube Personality Colby Brock’s Career, Friendship With Sam Golbach, The Mega Pranks, And Dating Affairs Details

The charm and dashing personality have made this YouTuber the heartthrob of many girls out there. Yes! He is none other than the handsome hunk former Viner Colby Brock. He comes to the list of the YouTubers who have gained the popularity through the vines and rising in the YouTube. Colby is the star of the […]

Joey Salads

Who is YouTuber Joey Salads’ current girlfriend? Pick up the latest on Joey Salads’ childhood, family, career, social experiment videos, and girlfriend!

Joey Salads’ childhood and early life Joey Salads is an American YouTuber and Viner who was born on 10th December 1993 at Staten Island, New York. His full name is Joey Saladino. He has a sister whose iPhone4s he had bashed. He also has a younger cousin called Vinny who often appears on his Instagram. […]

Alex Burriss

Who is Alex Burriss’ girlfriend and partner?-Find the details about his relationships, childhood, career and net worth!

Alex Burriss’ childhood and early life Alex Burriss or Alex Wassabi as he is popularly called as is a famous YouTuber from Montana, Western USA. His family migrated to North Carolina where he met his best friend Roi Fabito with whom he made their common YouTube channel called as ‘Hoiistroi’. Its name was later changed […]

Roi Fabito

Know about Roi Fabito’s life here! His childhood, career, net worth, lifestyle, relationships and girlfriend!

Roi Fabito’s childhood Roi Fabito or famously called as Roi Wassabi is a YouTube artist from the Philippines. He was born on 25th August 1991 at Pangasinan, Philippines. At the age of two years, Roi’s family migrated to the USA since his mother got a job in Durham, North Carolina. He is the eldest child […]

Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon-the 3-in-1 modern-day Renaissance woman! Know about her career, relationships and boyfriend!

The multi-talented celebrity Megan Batoon is a dancer, actress, and social media star. Megan Batoon was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the USA on 29th March 1991. Her birth name is Megan Alicia Batoon. Megan Batoon loved dancing and would dance every year on the 4th July with her cousins. Though she liked dancing, she was […]