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Jessica Vanessa

The real-life story of twerking internet artist Jessica Vanessa-know about her family, relationships, career, and career-related issues!

Jessica Vanessa’s twerking career Jessica Vanessa is a social media star who has shot to fame due to her twerking on Vine. Jessica Vanessa was working part-time at a daycare but she took the bold decision to quit and jump full-fledged into the internet world. She posted her video on 4th May 2013 titled ‘What […]

David Dobrik

Know About YouTuber David Dobrik’s Steep Career Graph, Current Net worth And His Relationship With His Girlfriend Liza Koshy

Wel, David Dobrik is not the new face on the Internet. His names come in the list of famous YouTubers. David is the popular Vine star alongside well-known face on YouTube. Moreover, he also handles a successful channel ‘Second Class’ with few other guys apart from his official channel’. The kid who was born and raised in […]

Liza Koshy

Read details of Viner Liza Koshy’s life here! Her Career, Net worth and Her Boyfriend Fellow YouTuber David Dobrik

A girl who started from the Vines is now the social media star. YouTube star Liza Koshy‘s birth name is Elizabeth Shaila. She is the famous American Youtube personality, social media star, and actress. The YouTube star with 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel started her journey towards stardom through the Vines. Her further step included YouTube […]

Ethan Dolan’s struggles with mental issues amidst his hand surgery.

Youtube star Ethan Dolan, one of the duo of Dolan Twins has been suffering from both mental and physical problem and he opened about his issue on social media this week. Let’s find out the reasons! Ethan’s Mental and Physical Health Donald Twins recently celebrated their four million subscribers on Youtube and just the day after that […]

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders: His childhood, great-going career, and ‘coming out’ as gay!

American actor-comedian, singer, and Vine artist Thomas Sanders is marveled by many for his comedy and singing. He is a YouTube and Vine personality who has got the support of innumerable loyal fans and subscribers.  Through his hilarious videos, Thomas Sanders has supported the LGBT+ community. Let us have a flashback into this rising artist’s […]