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Amanda Freitag

Amanda Freitag’s successful weight loss story! How she managed her workouts and healthy eating in the midst of a busy career!

Amanda’s excess weight story American Chef and Judge on the Food Network cooking shows, Amanda Freitag was very chubby right from her childhood days. She not only harbored an ambition to make it big in the field of kitchen and cuisine but she also had a great appetite. Her upbringing also added to it. Her […]

Mel B

‘He was so rude’-Mel B throws her drink on Simon Cowell and storms out of ‘AGT’ after his ill-timed and cruel joke on her marriage!

There was high drama on the set of America’s Got Talent show which was being telecast live on 22/8/2017. Judge Mel B threw a cup of water on co-Judge Simon Cowell leaving him wet and then stormed out of the set. How the drama unfolded It happened when contestant magician Demian Aditya attempted an escape […]

Bria Myles

Bria Myles finds mention in her ex-boyfriend Drake’s songs, their toned body, and rumors about their cosmetic surgeries!

Bria Myles and Drake’s songs Model and TV actress Bria Myles was known to be dating Canadian rapper Drake before he gained fame. This ex-girlfriend has found mention in some of his songs. Her name came up in his 2009 song ‘Bria’s Interlude’ which was part of the album ‘So Far Gone’. In 2013, Drake […]