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Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s 24th birthday! Know how this celebrated Irish singer and former ‘One Direction’ band member would celebrate it! And his career updates!

Irish singer and songwriter, Niall Horan is quite in the news these days! He has been riding on the success of his career. He has signed a recording deal with Capitol Records as a solo artist in 2016. 13 September 2017 is Niall Horan’s birthday. Niall will turn 24 years this year. wishes this […]

Ben Folds

Ben Folds turns 51 today! Our Salute to this highly creative musician with a glorious career and lifetime achievements!

12 September 2017 is the 51st birthday of American renowned singer and songwriter Ben Folds! would like to wish this highly talented crooner a happy birthday and long, healthy, melodious, and harmonious life ahead! The Achiever Ben Folds’ career has been extensive and full of great amazing creative works. The earliest age when Ben […]

Danna Paola

Mexican pop singer Danna Paola-Interesting facts related to her childhood, parents, career, and her dating!

Danna Paola has some very interesting facts related to her childhood, family life, career, and personal life. She is a great and famous Mexican pop singer, actress, model, recording artist and to top it all a fashion designer. Let us try to trace her life from her early days in Mexico. Danna Paolo’s childhood days […]

Social Repose

How did a YouTuber become a music sensation? Know the story of Social Repose’s rise to fame, career, upcoming tour, family, marriage, and relationships!

Social Repose’s 2017 tour Social Repose or Richard Michael “Richie” Giese is a popular electronic dance pop singer, songwriter, and internet star. The popularity of Social Repose can be gauged from the fact that this iconic singer has a whole list of concerts lined up for the remaining of the year 2017. Social Repose kick […]

Kim Tae-Hyung

Is Kim Tae-Hyung gay? Know about this South Korean singer’s relationships and his great leap from being a farmer’s son to a great singer!

Kim Tae-Hyung’s childhood days Kim Tae-Hyung known by his stage name of V is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on December 30, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea. He is a great pop singer and is a member of the renowned Bangtan Boys, or BTS, music group. He was raised in […]

Sydney Sierota

Why did Jamie Sierota leave the Indie pop band Echosmith? Listen to Sydney Sierota’s version on their life changes and their new second album ‘Inside A Dream’!

Echosmith’s second album ‘Inside a Dream’ Echosmith’s second album ‘Inside a dream is due for release on the 29th September 2017. This album has come 4 years after the first album of this band. The Sierota siblings have moved on with life and there have been innumerable changes in their life ever since they came […]

Troye Sivan

Openly gay Australian singer, actor and YouTuber Troye Sivan-his relationship history, entertainment career, and childhood!

Troye Sivan’s SA and Australian childhood Troye Sivan is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actor who is also a popular YouTube personality. Troye Sivan’s parents, Laurelle and Shaun Mellet, were staying in Johannesburg, South Africa. Troye Sivan was born in South Africa. He spent few years there but due to the rising crime rate of […]

Mel B

‘He was so rude’-Mel B throws her drink on Simon Cowell and storms out of ‘AGT’ after his ill-timed and cruel joke on her marriage!

There was high drama on the set of America’s Got Talent show which was being telecast live on 22/8/2017. Judge Mel B threw a cup of water on co-Judge Simon Cowell leaving him wet and then stormed out of the set. How the drama unfolded It happened when contestant magician Demian Aditya attempted an escape […]