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Manu Rios

The versatile Spanish actor, dancer, and singer Manu Rios! Learn about his successful career, relationships, and his lifestyle!

Manu Rios is an extremely talented, handsome, and creative entertainer who not only acts but also dances and sings. He started as a child actor and has gained fame by acting in films such as Les Miserables. He has also been a part of popular shows such as ‘Tú sí que vales’ and ‘Cántame cómo […]

Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar

Almost strange to the world David Nehdar is living happily in a family with actress wife Lacey. And blessed with a daughter!

Still relatively unknown to the world, David Nehdar who is married to actress Lacey Chabert. David Nehdar is living happily in a family with an actress who is his wife Lacey and is blessed with a daughter. Married to ‘Real Life Mean Girl’ Lacey Chabert Super famous by her role as  ‘Gretchen Wieners’ in the movie […]

Cassandra Peterson

The creation of the famous ‘Elvira’ character! Know about Cassandra Peterson’s childhood, struggling years, rise to stardom, and her varied relationships!

Cassandra Peterson is an American actress who gained fame for her portrayal of the horror hostess Elvira. She is a talented actress with an envious filmography and great roles to boast about. Cassandra Peterson’s romantic life might not be all that lucky but nonetheless has been colorful! Let us take a glimpse of her personal […]

Cree Summer

Cree Summer’s cute little family! Learn about her marriage, husband, daughters, and career!

Cree Summer has gained fame and recognition as an American-Canadian actress, singer, and voice actress. She has been active in the entertainment industry for the last 34 years and has acted in innumerable films and TV series. After she started, this talented and versatile actress has not looked back. She has scaled the ladder of […]

Ken Berry

Veteran American actor, dancer, and singer Ken Berry! His great talent, sprawling career, and married life!

Ken Berry is a veteran American actor, dancer, and singer. He has given more than 5 decades of his life to the entertainment industry and provided happiness to millions of fans worldwide through his skillful acting. Born to a Swedish-English family in 1933, Ken Berry celebrates his birthday on 3 November. He was born and […]

Allie deberry

Actress and Model Allie Deberry! Her flourishing career, childhood, family, and her relationships unveiled!

Allie Deberry is an American actress and model. She had provided the world and her audience some notable roles such as in A.N.T Farm. Beautiful and gorgeous Allie Deberry has charmed her viewers with her elegant style and great physique. Let us look back at her journey from Texas to the Hollywood! Allie Deberry’s birth, […]

Carlos Pena Jr

Who is Carlos Pena Jr.’s wife? Learn about his career, marriage, children, and childhood!

Carlos Pena Jr.’s birth and family life Carlos Pena Jr. was born as Carlos Roberto Pena Jr. on 15 August 1989. This American singer-actor was born in Columbia, Missouri. He has a mixed ethnicity with his father being of Spanish and Venezuelan descent while his mother has Dominican roots. His upbringing was carried out in […]

Dinah Jane

Who is Dinah Jane’s boyfriend? Learn about this Fifth Harmony singer’s relationships, career, family, and childhood!

Dinah Jane Hansen is an American singer who got world-wide renown when she performed as a member of the Fifth Harmony all girls Miami-based group. She had participated in the British reality TV singing competition called ‘The X Factor’. Dinah comes from a large family with some singing being present in her genes. Let us […]