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Joe Keery

Joe Keery-Facts related to this American actor’s career, his role in ‘Stranger Things’ and his commercial for Domino’s pizza!

Most of us are aware of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Netflix series ‘Stranger things’ which premiered on 15 July 2016. It has been highly appreciated for its characterization, acting, atmosphere, pacing, soundtrack, direction, screenplay, and the homage to the 1980s genre films. Joe Kerry in ‘Stranger Things’ Joe Keery had a recurring role in season […]

Brian Wecht

Physicist turned comedy musician and YouTuber-Know about Brian Wecht’s scientific and creative careers and how he changed the course!

Brian Wecht was a Physicist in London before he decided to change tracks and come into the world of entertainment and YouTube. It is amazing how a scientific person drifts into the music arena and makes it big here! Let us try to follow this great scientist turned musician’s journey from the ‘string’ theory to […]

Social Repose

How did a YouTuber become a music sensation? Know the story of Social Repose’s rise to fame, career, upcoming tour, family, marriage, and relationships!

Social Repose’s 2017 tour Social Repose or Richard Michael “Richie” Giese is a popular electronic dance pop singer, songwriter, and internet star. The popularity of Social Repose can be gauged from the fact that this iconic singer has a whole list of concerts lined up for the remaining of the year 2017. Social Repose kick […]

Sydney Sierota

Why did Jamie Sierota leave the Indie pop band Echosmith? Listen to Sydney Sierota’s version on their life changes and their new second album ‘Inside A Dream’!

Echosmith’s second album ‘Inside a Dream’ Echosmith’s second album ‘Inside a dream is due for release on the 29th September 2017. This album has come 4 years after the first album of this band. The Sierota siblings have moved on with life and there have been innumerable changes in their life ever since they came […]

Jimmy Wong

Is Jimmy Wong in a relationship now? Catch the latest on this famous YouTuber’s dating history, career, and childhood!

Jimmy Wong’s early life, childhood, and elder brother Well-known American YouTuber Jimmy Wong was born on 28th March 1987 in Seattle, Washington. He has an elder brother called Freddie Wong who is also an actor, director, and YouTuber. Freddie’s YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers. Jimmy Wong has completed his BA in Theater/Drama […]

Alex Aiono

The young wonder musician Alex Aiono-his early days, childhood, supportive parents, sisters, and rising career graphed out!

Alex’s childhood and supportive parents Alex Aiono or Martin Alexander Aiono is a Maori/Samoan-American singer and producer. He was born on 16th February 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. There is a total of six members of his family, including his father and mother. His three sisters are Sidney, Taylor, and Hallie. His love for music dates […]

Jesse Wellens

Is YouTuber Jesse Wellens the father of a ‘secret daughter’? Find out about Jesse’s relationships, love child, childhood, and career!

YouTube sensation Jesse Michael Wellens does have a wonderful sense of playing pranks. He started the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank’ or ‘PvsP’ in 2010 and it has over the years garnered an exorbitant number of subscribers and views. It would be interesting to have an idea about this social media star’s life and career! Jesse Wellens’ […]


YouTuber HolaSoyGerman or German Garmendia: his childhood, relationships, career, Mexican incident and ‘bots’ accusation!

German Garmendia or HolaSoyGerman as he is popularly known as is a famous YouTuber from Chile. He is an internet personality, comedian, writer, singer, and musician. He and his band Ancud have a number of their songs on YouTube and Spotify. German Garmendia is so famous that the venues where he appears usually get overcrowded. […]

Brett Ambler

The Kazoo Kid Brett Ambler-his rediscovery with the resurfacing of his commercial video, his career and life!

Brett Ambler’s early life Brett Ambler is a stage and film actor and musician. He was born on 8th December 1984 in Redding, Connecticut, the USA. Brett Ambler shares his birthday with celebrities, Nicki Minaj and Ian Somerhalder. His family later migrated to Boulder, Colorado. There is not much available and known about Brett Ambler’s […]