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Malu Trevejo

Who is Malu Trevejo dating now? Learn about her relationships, boyfriends, breakups, career, childhood, and family!

Malu Trevejo’s birth, early life, and family American star Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-born internet personality who has tasted fame at such a young age. She is a Latina and was born on 15 October 2002, making her current age as 15 years. Her real name is Maria Luisa Trevejo. This dimpled beauty has […]

Danielle Cohn

American star and model Danielle Cohn-her childhood, career, and relationships!

Danielle Cohn’s early life, childhood, and supportive family Danielle Cohn, the wonder star was born on 7th March 2004 in Florida, the USA. She has an extremely supportive family. Her mother is Jennifer Cohn who manages all her social media accounts. She has an elder brother named Chad who escorts her during her beauty […]

Bryce Hall

Who is Bryce Hall dating? Know about this popular star’s relationships, career, controversies, and childhood!

Bryce Hall’s early life and childhood Bryce Hall is a budding social media star who has a huge fan following.  He was born on 14th August 2000 in Ellicott City, Maryland. He is currently studying in a regular high school. There are not many details available or known about his parents and siblings. His […]


Duhitzmark needs a girlfriend!!! Know about this popular star’s relationship requirements, his glowing career, and childhood days!

Duhitzmark of Mark Christopher Thomas is a popular star. He is a social media sensation who has managed to collect a great number of fans and followers on his social media handles. He releases grind videos and also has his original singles. Duhitzmark’s early life and childhood Duhitzmark was born on 29th March 2001 […]

Joey Kisluk

Who is Whynot_Joey (Joey Kisluk) dating now? Get the latest relationship updates, childhood and career details on this American star!

Joey Kisluk’s early life and childhood Joey Kisluk was born in Connecticut on 6th of January 2000. He is still residing and schooling in Connecticut. hi, my name is Joey. A post shared by Joey Kisluk (@whynot_joey) on Apr 3, 2017 at 5:20pm PDT Joey Kisluk has not disclosed about his parents, family life, or […]