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Steven Suptic

How did Steven Suptic meet his 3 colleagues? The story of Steven Suptic’s Super Pine 7 channel and his career journey detailed!

Steven Suptic’s career history Steven Suptic has seen a lot of it in the online world! He has great experience working with 3 different companies. Also known as Super Pine 7 or previously MlgHwnT, Steven Suptic is an American skit creator and vlog maker. Steven Suptic had first created his YouTube channel under the name […]

Jessica Vanessa

The real-life story of twerking internet artist Jessica Vanessa-know about her family, relationships, career, and career-related issues!

Jessica Vanessa’s twerking career Jessica Vanessa is a social media star who has shot to fame due to her twerking on Vine. Jessica Vanessa was working part-time at a daycare but she took the bold decision to quit and jump full-fledged into the internet world. She posted her video on 4th May 2013 titled ‘What […]

Dannie Riel

Canadian model Dannie Riel’s rising career, her childhood and secretive relationship history!

Dannie Riel’s established career Canadian Dannie Riel is a model and a fashion icon who is also a popular YouTube star. She has enticed the world with her charming looks and an attractive personality. Dannie Riel is been looked at as a hardworking, talented, carefree and cheerful lady and it is her these qualities which […]


Duhitzmark needs a girlfriend!!! Know about this popular star’s relationship requirements, his glowing career, and childhood days!

Duhitzmark of Mark Christopher Thomas is a popular star. He is a social media sensation who has managed to collect a great number of fans and followers on his social media handles. He releases grind videos and also has his original singles. Duhitzmark’s early life and childhood Duhitzmark was born on 29th March 2001 […]

From a Venezuelan illegal immigrant and child prostitute to a US Rapper, blogger, and author-the real life story of Kat Stacks!

Kat Stacks’ childhood Kat Stacks’ real name is Andrea Herrera. She was born on 2nd November 1989 and hails from Caracas, Venezuela. Her father died when Andrea was just 10 months old. Her mother came to the USA illegally and started residing in Miami, Florida. During this migration, Andrea was only 8 years old. She […]

Joey Kisluk

Who is Whynot_Joey (Joey Kisluk) dating now? Get the latest relationship updates, childhood and career details on this American star!

Joey Kisluk’s early life and childhood Joey Kisluk was born in Connecticut on 6th of January 2000. He is still residing and schooling in Connecticut. hi, my name is Joey. A post shared by Joey Kisluk (@whynot_joey) on Apr 3, 2017 at 5:20pm PDT Joey Kisluk has not disclosed about his parents, family life, or […]

Blake Gray

Who is the hero of Blake Gray’s life? Know on this star’s childhood, career, and relationship!

Blake Gray’s supportive mother and brother American heartthrob Blake Gray was born on 9th of January 2001 in Cypress, Texas, the USA. Blake Gray has not divulged much about his family. It is however known that Blake Gray is very attached to his mother and he derives his inspiration from her. She is supposedly […]

Felipe Neto

Meet Brazilian popular YouTuber Felipe Neto’s girlfriend! And know about his childhood, family, career, and relationship!

Felipe Neto’s humble life start Brazilian YouTuber and comedian Felipe Neto was born on 21st January 1988 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was raised in the neighborhood of Engenho Novo. He has a brother called Luccas Neto who is also a YouTuber. Felipe Neto comes from very humble background. He started to do odd […]

Laura Riihimaki

Canadian Vlogger and YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki: her creative and athletic childhood, her uprising career, and relationship updates!

Lauren’s creative childhood Canadian YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki was born on 11th August 2011 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her full name is Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki. Her parents are Greg and Gail Riihimaki. She is of mixed race. Her father is a Finnish-Ukrainian, while her mother is of Japanese origin. Lauren was first at Alexandra Public […]

Marlin Chan

The story of YouTuber Marlin Ramsey Chan’s budding career, his humble childhood, his Cambodian parents, and his relationship update!

Marlin Ramsey Chan’s humble beginnings Marlin Ramsey Chan is an American YouTuber who was born on 7th October 1993 in Stockton, California, the USA. He is born to parents who were originally belonging to Cambodia. His parents used to reside and work in Cambodian labor camps. His father was Chan. He had a sister who […]