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Ethan and Grayson Dolan

Career break! Dolan Twins have paused posting videos on their YouTube channel-Is Ethan Dolan’s hand surgery and mental health issues the reason?

Ethan Dolan undergoes hand surgery On 21st July 2017, Ethan Dolan, one of the YouTuber twins posted a message on his Twitter which mentioned about his hand surgery. He talked about a pause from recording videos. He wrote: “Prob not going to be able to get a video up. Sorry guys… just had hand surgery […]

Ethan Dolan’s struggles with mental issues amidst his hand surgery.

Youtube star Ethan Dolan, one of the duo of Dolan Twins has been suffering from both mental and physical problem and he opened about his issue on social media this week. Let’s find out the reasons! Ethan’s Mental and Physical Health Donald Twins recently celebrated their four million subscribers on Youtube and just the day after that […]