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Jade Chynoweth

The young dancing talent! Meet Jade Chynoweth who is a choreographer, dancer, and actress! Know the latest on her career and personal front!

Nineteen-years-old Jade Chynoweth is an American actress and dancer. She gained gradual recognition due to her innumerable appearances on various TV shows and dance programs. She has also modeled for TV commercials which added to her fame. So how did Jade Chynoweth enter this profession and make it to the top? There always exists a […]

Niana Gurrero

Niana Gurrero, the little sister of Filipino YouTuber Ranz Kyle! Know about her career, dance moves, family, and brotherly love!

Niana Gurrero is the little step-sister of Filipino internet sensation Ranz Kyle. She is also a dancer like her brother and is one-half of the dance duo Ranz and Niana. This elegant and talented dancer has also acquired fame like her brother and is liked by her fans. What was her life like before she […]

McCoy de Leon

Is Filipino actor McCoy de Leon linked romantically to Elisse Joson? Get to know his inner feelings for Elisse and about his career and childhood!

McCoy de Leon is a Filipino actor, model, dancer and a recording artist. He is an extremely talented artist who has multiple talents incorporated. He is part of a dance group and also appeared on Pinoy Big Brother Lucky season 7. He is also the first Filipino ambassador of the Vivo smartphone. He represents the […]

Manu Rios

The versatile Spanish actor, dancer, and singer Manu Rios! Learn about his successful career, relationships, and his lifestyle!

Manu Rios is an extremely talented, handsome, and creative entertainer who not only acts but also dances and sings. He started as a child actor and has gained fame by acting in films such as Les Miserables. He has also been a part of popular shows such as ‘Tú sí que vales’ and ‘Cántame cómo […]

Ranz Kyle

The great big brother! Dancer and YouTuber Ranz Kyle’s intense love for his sisters, his family, parents! Know about his career and girlfriend!

Ranz Kyle is a famous social media star and a dancer from the Philippines. There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to this well-known dancer cum choreography and hence information related to him is quite limited and scarce. He and his sister Niana Guerrero have gone on to acquire international fame for their dancing. We try […]

Tomasina Parrott with her husband

Who is Tomasina Parrott married to? Know the secret of dancer-actor-choreographer Tomasina Parrott’s great-going marriage!

Tomasina Parrott is an American actress, dancer, and choreographer. She is the present wife of American actor Larenz Tate. Tomasina has a short but strong filmography.  She has given the world some of the best acting roles and has been appreciated for it. Her life with her husband and family is going excellent and they […]

Cassandra Peterson

The creation of the famous ‘Elvira’ character! Know about Cassandra Peterson’s childhood, struggling years, rise to stardom, and her varied relationships!

Cassandra Peterson is an American actress who gained fame for her portrayal of the horror hostess Elvira. She is a talented actress with an envious filmography and great roles to boast about. Cassandra Peterson’s romantic life might not be all that lucky but nonetheless has been colorful! Let us take a glimpse of her personal […]

Malu Trevejo

Who is Malu Trevejo dating now? Learn about her relationships, boyfriends, breakups, career, childhood, and family!

Malu Trevejo’s birth, early life, and family American star Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-born internet personality who has tasted fame at such a young age. She is a Latina and was born on 15 October 2002, making her current age as 15 years. Her real name is Maria Luisa Trevejo. This dimpled beauty has […]

Ken Berry

Veteran American actor, dancer, and singer Ken Berry! His great talent, sprawling career, and married life!

Ken Berry is a veteran American actor, dancer, and singer. He has given more than 5 decades of his life to the entertainment industry and provided happiness to millions of fans worldwide through his skillful acting. Born to a Swedish-English family in 1933, Ken Berry celebrates his birthday on 3 November. He was born and […]