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Jacob Sartorius

The teen pop singer Jacob Sartorius was pinned to the ground and handcuffed by the Virginia police! Get the facts on this and other unfortunate incidents in this social media star’s life!

Jacob Sartorius is pinned to the ground by police On 8th August 2017, American teenager singer Jacob Sartorius had a nightmarish morning and was a victim of some huge misunderstanding. He tweeted about this incident. Jacob wrote: “I just got woken up being hand cuffed by 15 police with guns pointed to me pinned to […]

Is Vic Fuentes married or in a relationship? Find updates about ‘Pierce The Veil’ band’s Vic Fuentes’ relationships, girlfriends, career, and musical childhood!

Vic Fuentes’ early life and childhood Vic Fuentes was born as Victor Vincent Fuentes on 10th February 1983 in San Diego, California. His mother is Vivian K. Fuentes. His father is Victor Gamboa Fuentes who is a former Mexican Jazz musician. Victor now dabbles in painting. Vic Fuentes has a younger brother called Mike Fuentes. […]