Sturgill Simpson Wiki: Net Worth, Songs, Age & Facts To Know

Sturgill Simpson is famous for his songs. He went on the world tour several times. Well after all these money he earned, what is his net worth?

Who is Sturgill Simpson?

Sturgill Simpson is famous for his marvelous song releases. Simpson remains one of the best country singer and songwriter. Simpson has dropped three solo albums, and one of these albums has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of best Americana album. There are so many interesting facts about this rising star; read on to know more about Sturgill Simpson Simpson’s father was a police officer by profession, while his mother was a secretary. Simpson initially joined his father as an undercover narcotics officer but later became a state police officer. However, when Simpson’s family moved to Versailles, he was forced to leave the police job and attend Woodford County High School. Simpson formed and named his first band “Sunday Valley” in 2004. The band got popular in a short time. All was going well until something unknown happened and Simpson had to take a break from music. He then went on to Salt Lake City where he performed a duty at Union Pacific Railroad and Simpson became a manager. Nevertheless, Simpson’s job didn’t last long, and he went back to his music.

Some Basic Facts About Sturgill Simpson

Simpson is from Kentucky, but he has lived everywhere. Just like other country artists, Simpson is from the South—Jackson, Kentucky. And also like several other classic country artists, Sturgill Simpson comes from a family who mines coal. But this is where Simpson’s classic country roots end. After Simpson graduated from high school, he served in the Navy for three years and also spend some good time in Japan. Simpson also spent some time in Washington before he moved back to Kentucky, his hometown.

Simpson Almost Gave Up On Music

Simpson formed a little music band and named it Sunday Valley in 2004. He did all he could to make the band a successful one, but all his effort proved abortive. He even had to move to Nashville briefly all in the name of making the band a successful one, but couldn’t successfully hustle his own music. He then described the experiment as a “total bust.” Again, Simpson gave up on music and relocated to Salt Lake City to begin work as a railroad officer. Simpson spent up to four years in this career and was in the end promoted to operations manager. Simpson said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that his present wife convinced him to go into music again. Simpson also explained that his wife said to him, “You care about music, go after your passion.” Simpson’s wife advice worked, and the couple moved to Nashville where Simpson began his musical career afresh.

Simpson’s First Two Albums Were Completely Independent

Immediately Simpson got to Nashville, he started working on his music, and he produced two independent albums before he was later signed to a major record label. Simpson released his first album High Top Mountain in 2013, but it didn’t generate much buzz. But Simpson had his breakout with his second album in 2014 titled Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. These two albums made people take note of Simpson as a major force in the industry. After release, Simpson’s album tops Album of the Year lists. With the popularity and great buzz of the Metamodern album, Simpson signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

You May Have Seen Simpson Over Your Late-Night Programming

Simpson’s second album “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” was very popular and this made him perform on several late night shows. Simpson performed his song “Life of Sin” on the Late Show with David Letterman in July 2014. Simpson’s career started advancing in 2014, even if you weren’t sure who Simpson was at that time, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse of him.

Simpson Almost Quit Music Again

After Simpson spent eighteen months touring Metamodern, he almost quit music again. Simpson said music was taking his son away from him. Despite several challenges, Simpson never gave up on his dreams. After nominating one of Simpson’s albums at the Grammy Awards, he went on to say, “The record is a love letter to my wife and my son for saving me from a life of despair.”

Simpson’s Influences Include Some Hip-Hop Greats

When asked which of his colleagues inspire him, Simpson’s answer was amazing. He listed artists like Frank Ocean, Chance, Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels and D’Angelo.

Simpson’s Music and Tours

One of Simpson’s greatest music was the “The Promise”, a cover of When in Rome’s “The Promise”. Simpson also turned Nirvana’s rock hit “In Bloom” into a very more slow and interesting music. The Grammy Award winning country and Americana star Sturgill Simpson also released a hit single with the title “All around you”, which has got the whole country talking about Simpson.
Simpson has also gone on several tours this year, which includes a great Austin performance at Austin360 Amphitheater.
Simpson was presented with the Best Country Album award at the 2017 Grammys, but he was not there to receive the CMA Awards.

Simpson’s Net Worth

Sturgill Simpson mostly follows the smooth mode of singing which is catchy and the perfect reason for the net worth of $3 million dollars.