Sonya Salomaa Wiki: Top Facts To Know About Warren Christie’s Wife

Sonya Salomaa, the beautiful wife of Warren Christie, became popular for her sterling performance in The Collector and Durham County. But who is she?

About Sonya Salomaa, Warren Christie’s wife

Sonya Salomaa is a Finnish-Canadian woman born in the year 1974 in Sudbury, a Canadian city which is in Ontario. Her father, Rainer Salomaa, who was a minister, is Finnish while Sonya’s mother, Claudia Ranchie, owner of an Upholstery business, is a Canadian. Sonya Salomaa was, however, raised in Prince George British Columbia. She had her college education at the renowned University of Northern British Columbia and graduated from its department of Forestry. It was during her last days in college, precisely the last summer, that Sonya Salomaa became interested in acting after singing and playing the guitar at an event in Victoria. Ever since she fell in love with acting, Sonya Salomaa has made a lot of exploits in the Canadian movie industry. She is known for her great performances in The Collector and Durham County, two drama series’ that have won her awards and several nominations. As you may have noted from the introductory comment, Sonya Salomaa is not single. She’s the wife of Warren Christie, who is also a veteran actor. They were wedded in 2007 and they currently reside in Vancouver as loving husband and wife.


As an actress, the first time Sonya Salomaa would appear on the screen was in the year 2000 where she acted as a reporter in a TV series titled 2gether: The Series. It was in the TV series that Sonya Salomaa was featuring until the 2003, when she featured in her first movie titled House of the Dead. Sonya Salomaa’s character was Cynthia in this movie. The rise to eminence of Sonya Salomaa in acting was not so much in her movie appearances, as it was in TV series’. Mention Sonya Salomaa in Canada or even in North America as a whole and “The Collector” and “Durham County” both come to mind. These were two TV series’ shown in the years 2005/2006 and 2007/2009 respectively. She also cannot be forgotten for her performance in the movie “Watchmen” (2009), which probably was one out of 15 movie appearances that she’s popular for. In “The Collector”, Sonya Salomaa acted as Maya Kandinski and the series had 26 episodes. Whereas, in “Durham County”, there were only 7 episodes and Sonya Salomaa was Traci Prager in that series. Worthy of note in Sonya Salomaa’s career was that in 2008, she took over a role from Claudette Mink, who until that time, was featured in the TV series “The Guard” as Laura Nelson, a member of The Guard’s coast. So, all in all, Sonya Salomaa has had a total of 43 appearances in TV series’ and a total of 15 movie appearances to date. Some of the TV series’ Sonya Salomaa has featured in include Dark Angel (2001), UC: Undercover (2002), Ist to Die (2003), The L Word (2005), The Guard (2008), and Supernatural (2011). Here are some of Sonya Salomaa’s filmography: House of the Dead (2003), Firefight (2003), Fatal Reunion (2005), Black Eyed Dog (2006), Watchmen (2009), and The Space Between (2017).

Relationship Status & Personal Life

Sonya is married to Warren Christie who is a London-born Canadian and equally an actor of great repute. Much is not known about how Warren Christie and Sonya Salomaa met but one thing is clear; ever since their marriage on January 7, 2006, the couple has been together happily. Warren Christie and his wife do not seem to have a child of their own yet but that doesn’t seem to detract them in any way. Sonya has an older sister named Tammy who is married with two children.

Has Warren Christie’s Wife Won Any Award?

Definitely. Two times (2005 and 2006), Sonya Salomaa, for her role in “The Collector,” won the Leo Awards for the Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series. She equally was nominated for other awards for her role in two other TV series “Durham County” and “The Space Between”. So, in total, Warren Christie’s wife has been nominated 5 times for an award and out of those 5 nominations, she has managed to win two. That, of course, does not look like a bad one, or does it?

What Is Sonya Salomaa’s Net Worth?

Sonya Salomaa’s net worth, at the close of 2017 has been estimated at 1 million USD. She makes most of her earnings from acting both in movies and TV series’. At age 44, Sonya still has a lot of active years ahead of her and that means Warren Christie’s wife may just have started making money if she keeps up the good performances.

Closing Thoughts

Sonya Salomaa represents a perfect blend of existence and purpose. She initially enrolled in College to read Forestry but along the line, she discovered her purpose and took a drastic step to walk in it. Today, she’s not only making money, but also a name for herself. At the age of 44, she has featured in over 30 TV series’ and 15 movies and the list keeps growing. Perhaps, her life may just be a lesson in two ways viz: First, you can study anything in college but it’s up to you to discover yourself. Second, you can be an actress (or actor) without tasting divorce.