Simu Liu Wiki: 5 Facts To Know The Chosen ‘Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ Character

Who is Simu Liu, his bio and his acting before Marvel’s news

Simu Liu was born on the 19th of April, 1989 and is an actor from Canada. He is preeminently known for the role of Jung in the sitcom Kim’s Convenience that airs on CBC Television.  Just recently announced by Marvel Cinematic Universe a new movie is coming out in which he will represent the superhero Shang-Chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The whole deal will be beginning now with the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings upcoming in the year 2021. Simu Liu is not only an actor, but also a director, stuntman, and a writer. He has also worked as Paul Xie in Blood and Water 2015 on the OMNI Television mini-series. 

Born in Harbin, China, Simu Liu immigrated to Canada at the very young age of five, where he was brought up in Erin Mills. Erin Mills is an area of Mississauga, Ontario. Simu Liu belongs to Chinese ethnicity and his nationality is Canadian. He follows the Buddhist religion and his zodiac is Aries. He was a student at Ivey Business School and studied the subject of accounting and finance as majors at the University of Western Ontario. Not to mention, he was also nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for the work he did in Blood and Water. 

Background Of Simu Liu And How He Went Into Acting

His Beginning as an Accountant

It’s a well-known joke how Asian parents are particular about the career choices of their children. We’ve all seen memes about Asian kids being exceptional at maths because of how strict their parents are when it comes to studies – well, turns out, it wasn’t much different from that in Simu Liu’s case. The Chinese actor, who emigrate to Canada at 5, didn’t always have acting goals in mind. His parents had expectations for a stable, secure, well-paid job. For this, he studied accounting and finance at Ivery Business school, and worked in the field of accountancy at Deloitte, which is amongst the top 4 accounting firms internationally. 

His Ironic Drift from Accounting to Acting

We all know how becoming an actor is not such an easy job. It’s not like you just get the job, it has always been that we have heard great actors come up after a good amount of struggle. He made his debut in the sci-fi horror film “Sick” as a stuntman in the year 2012, and the very same year acted in the TV series Nikita. He was juggling his accounting job with these little gigs, but later on decided to quit in 2014. Since then, he has been featured on Blood and Water in 2015 and Taken later in 2017, he also guest-starred on shows such as The Expanse also in 2015, Fresh Off the Boat 2015, Bad Blood 2017, many more.

To many people, his choice of quitting a secure job for an uncertain future would have been perceived as idiotic, but that’s just an example of why you should never let others dictate you. Simu Liu definitely didn’t, look where he’s got now. While it’s obviously not plausible to think that everybody will get success just the way Simu Liu did after such a ballsy choice, but wherever you end up, you’ll have given it a try.

The actor shared a picture from back in his accounting days, and recognized the sheer irony of the situation. The picture was taken for a stock photo shoot which occured when he was working in Deloitte, and the magazine cover caught Simu Liu’s eyes after he’s now an emerging Hollywood star – life’s strange, damn. 

He came into the spotlight with his role as Jung in the comedy television series Kim’s Convenience, which aired on the CBC network in 2016 and also from the role of Faaron on NBC’s thriller and action television series, Taken in 2017. Simu Liu joined the cast of the CBC/BBC America hit show Orphan Black In October 2016 for its 5th and the final season. Some had also been nominated for a 2016 Dora Mavor Moore Award in the category, Outstanding Ensemble together with his castmates in the Factory Theatre remount of the play the Banana Boys. 

As mentioned earlier about how Simu Liu is an all-rounder, it is worth mentioning that he has produced and written for TV as well as in the film. Liu’s short film the Meeting Mommy was chosen as a semi-finalist for NBC Universal Shorts Festival. 

His Role As Jung In Kim’s Convenience

Jung (Played by Simu Liu) is the character who is Kims’ 24-year-old son. His character works at Handy Car Rental. He is definitely very athletic, ingenious and good with people, except well when it comes to this one character, Appa. They just never get along. Jung has always longed for the approval that Appa has never given. After running away from home, Jung hazarded into inconsequential street crime and was for a short time in juvie, but has ever since cleaned up his act. Simu Liu’s character Jung works really hard to put his past life behind him and tries to find his place in the world. Jung is very well-liked, self-assured, and a born leader and all of this helps him a lot at work. Since leaving home, Simu Liu’s character Jung kept in touch with Janet and Umma but still doesn’t speak to Appa. 

Landing the role of Jung Kim in Kim’s Convenience was a huge break for Simu Liu back in 2016, as he’s still best known for his performance in this critically acclaimed CBC sitcom. On his portrayal of Jung Kim, he managed to win the ‘ACTRA Award for Outstanding Performance’ (Ensemble 2017) which is always a big deal for any up-and-coming actor in today’s competitive industry. Not just that, he was also nominated for the exact same award next year for the next season of Kim’s Convenience, which goes to show how consistently well he performed in that role. 

How He Earned A Place In Marvel As Shang-Chi

It’s interesting how one witty post can change your whole life. Really guys, if there is one thing that we all need to learn from Simu Liu it is that to achieve something great in life you gotta stay true to yourself and most importantly really genuine. Bet you’re wondering what’s all that about? Well, we all know how the actor mostly tweets amusing, funny yet clever posts that show about how witty this person is but here’s the deal about how he scored the role. He actually got called for the role after he tweeted about it. Keep reading to find out how!! 

5 Facts About Simu Liu That You Did Not Know

1. Simu Liu Got the Role for Shang-Chi through His Quirky Tweets

That’s right folks! These are his exact words from what he tweeted: “OK @Marvel, are we gonna talk or what #ShangChi”. 
From sitting at a desk in his underwear and eating shrimp crackers (Like he mentions in another tweet) to becoming a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is all about one quirky line that Simu Liu posted on Twitter. He definitely tagged Marvel in his tweet and tested his luck in December 2018. And then it was just one click what it takes to go from an ordinary to cool superhero status. This just goes on to show that Twitter can be the platform to benefit people get their dream jobs.. keep tweeting people! 

2. He’s Got the Moves

Simu Liu looks like he is very amazing with his hands and could definitely do a lot of severe damage with only a pair of nunchucks. A lot of his Instagram posts can tell how good he is. Most opinions on these posts have been about how the actor (Before he is even allowed to speak about the movie) is leaving subtle teasers 

3. He’s a Great Friend

If you ever need some sort of support from a friend and are looking forward to great help, you should definitely find someone like Simu Liu. He is a great great friend who knows how o be there for his friends and how to do what best he can do for them. For instance, to support his good friend Awkwafina who is a fellow Asian actor and not to mention America’s comedic treasure, Simu Liu bought out an entire cinema just for the screening of The Farewell starring said chum. With friends like these, you can’t worry about anything. You know they will be there for you in times of dire need or even when you don’t say it out loud they will just know how to be there.  

4. He’s a Dog Person

This is just one more reason out of the several more reasons to fall in love with this man. Who doesn’t love dogs, I know I do… totally a dog person! Simu Liu has been posting many pictures of the man’s best friend. It happens to the best of us we all love our pets and we all post so many memorable pictures with them and so does Simu Liu. Simu and his adorable pet husky are the cutest things to watch on the internet they are absolutely delightful together. The actor is even witnessed bringing him on the set where ever he works! That’s what I call a lucky dog living the dream. 

5. The Guy Sings Well Too (Is there anything he can’t do?!)

On top of everything that he does, he is also a great singer. You can just never judge a person and can’t imagine that one person can be so good at so many different things that too all at once. He often posts about his routine while he sings. Uploads videos showing the equipment he uses to record and seems like he’s very much into it as well! 

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Simu Liu is just one of the examples of people who become successful through hard work, dedication and most importantly their genuine personalities. Nothing happens overnight, all success and fame cannot be defined only by luck, calling it all being lucky really just reduces the importance of all the efforts and hard work that it took to reach this level. Simu Liu is yet to be seen as the MCU’s superhero and we are all waiting very anxiously to see the character of Shang Chi by Simu Liu. We wish him all the best!