Shi’Ann Jones Wiki: Everything To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

The youngest contestant on the talent show “The Voice,” Shi’Ann Jones rock the scene with her powerful voice like she’s been a pro singer for years.

Shi’Ann Jones – age, bio and net worth

The youngest contestant of “The Voice” in this season, is certainly one of the stars of this competition. Shi’Ann Jones is only 15 years old and has already shown huge musical talent. She was surrounded by music since her early age, and that is one of the reasons Shi’Ann Jones wanted to become a singer. Her father has been a gospel vocalist in the local choir for more than a 20 years. According to Jones, her dad is her greatest role model. “The Voice” contestant began performing at churches, singing with her father in Gospel Choir, at the age of 7. Her parents noticed her potential and began to sign her up for numerous competitions. Shi’Ann Jones grow up in a big family, having 8 more brothers and sisters. She was shy and introverted, and then she began to sing to stand out somehow. While she is in front of the audience, all of her jitters disappear. This young singer rules the stage as if she has many years of singing experience behind her. If she continues to work on her talent and voice, Shi’Ann Jones will make a great singing career. We expect her to accomplish numerous successes in the coming years. Although Jones’ current net worth is not known, there is no doubt that she will very soon reach the very top of the music world.

She was the part of “The Voice” Snapchat edition

Before she appeared in the original “The Voice,” Shi’Ann Jones was part of the “The Voice” Snapchat Edition project. The point of this project was to organize the competition through this application. And here Jones stood out among a large number of applicants, even though she did not win. Then she decided to apply for a blind audition for the original “The Voice.”

Shi’Ann Jones presented herself with “Drown In My Own Tears”

This year in October, Shi’Ann Jones appeared in a blind audition for “The Voice,” featuring the song “Drown In My Own Tears.” Jennifer Hudson turned her chair after the first beats of the song, recognizing the huge talent of a young singer. Blake Shelton soon turned around, ignoring the “threats” that Jennifer directed to him and the other members of the jury, Miley Cyrus, and Adam Levine. Of course, it was all a joke in order for a young competitor to become a part of her team. Judges were delighted with her voice, energy, and youth. Jennifer’s threats were successful, and Shi’Ann Jones picked her as a mentor. The assumption is that matching Jennifer Hudson and Shi’Ann Jones was a winning combination, as these two have similar voice capabilities and temperaments.

This young singer is a Jennifer Hudson’s “mini-me”

Shi’Ann Jones admitted receiving the greatest possible compliment from her mentor; Jennifer called Shi’Ann her mini-me version and said that she imagined her child just like that. That’s why Shi’Ann Jones wanted to do her best and meet Jennifer’s expectations. After the blind audition and team selection, the next stage was Battles, when members of the jury make an additional selection in their team. Jennifer decided to pair Shi’Ann Jones and Stephan Marcellus in performing the song “Oh! Darling.” And it was a score for Jones because she literally “blows out” her opponent. Stephan Marcellus “lost” the battle after “Oh! Darling,” but it was a win-win situation because Miley “stole” him, so both contestants continued to the next round. Shi’Ann Jones thrilled the jury of “The Voice” this time too. They advised her to be a little less shy, but she still stole the show from her opponent.

“Who’s Lovin’ You” took her to the next round

Jones moved on to the next stage. Many fans of “The Voice” doubted this young singer, but Shi’Ann Jones has proven that youth is not an obstacle. With her powerful voice, she won the next round, where she decided to sing “Who’s Lovin’ You,” which is originally performed by “Jacksons 5.” Although she had some problems with singing interfering at the rehearsals, Jones won the Knockout rounds against Lucas Holiday and moved to the Playoffs. After the Play-off round, Jennifer Hudson chose Shi’Ann Jones among 3 competitors who will perform on Live 12. That night she performed “The Vision Of Love” and got enough votes on iTunes to move on. In Live 11, she decided for Beyonce’s “Listen,” and although it was tight, she got to the next round. Heading to the Live 10, Jones chose to sing “Diamonds.” Unfortunately, that was a bad choice, taking her to Bottom 3 and later, elimination from “The Voice” competition.

“Shy’Ann” no more

This was a tremendous experience for a girl who definitely won’t give up on her dreams. Ever since she performed a national anthem on the NBA match in front of the wide audience, Shi’Ann Jones knew she was born for the scene. With the strong voice and unquestioning energy, we only need to see what this young star will achieve in the upcoming period. So say “hello” to the new singing sensation, who is just another proof that you do not have to win the show to become a star.