Seinne From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Seinne from the TV Show The Bachelor earned the claim of being too good for Arie. Find out the net worth and everything else about the contestant.

A brief about the TV show, The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a famous American dating and relationship reality TV show that was first aired in 2002 on ABC. The show is hosted by Chris Harrison. The show was a success right from the first season and has resulted in several spin offs since 2002 till 2018, including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise. In this show, in hope of finding his true love and life partner, a bachelor dates a group of women over several weeks. These women compete in a series of challenges that eventually prove their compatibility with him.

Contestant Seinne

Contestant Seinne has a career in real estate just like the bachelor Arie. They have both lived in Scottdale, Arizona for quite some time. Seinne now lives in Los Angeles. Seinne’s hometown is Long Beach, California. She attended the Yale University and subsequently traveled across the country to New Haven, Connecticut. Later, Seinne spent several years in Scottsdale which happens to be the hometown of the Bachelor she had been vying for. Arie was born in Netherlands and lived in Wisconsin for some time but later relocated with his family to Scottsdale owing to his racing career. “We moved [to Scottsdale] because Indy Car used to do all their winter testing there,” Arie told in an interview. “So, my dad just fell in love with it and we moved from Wisconsin.” Seinne was one of Chris Harrison’s top 5 contestants of the previos season. He told in an interview, “This girl is flat out impressive… She’s incredibly intelligent and she definitely has this zest for life that Arie is in awe of. He’s a little bit mesmerized by her.” While in the show, Seinne started by gifting Arie a beautiful pair of elephant cufflinks and then went on to win the demolition derby. Seinne graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a B.A. Degree in Economics. She admits that she found her studies difficult and does not call herself a genius. Seinne further mentioned in her biography that she loves to travel. She has visited Rio de Janeiro, Thailand, Dubai, Italy and many more places. She also went for a backpack tour in India for five weeks. Seinne also does modelling and is a certified yoga instructor. Standing tall at 5’4′. Seinne is a spiritual person and has no tattoos. Seinne has a soft corner for the elephants and when asked if she could be any animal, she would choose to be an elephant as she finds them loyal, intelligent and beautiful creatures. She also mentioned that five things that she cannot live without are a yoga mat, lip gloss, passport, sunglasses and the ocean. Her favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones and her favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve.

Seinne in the TV show

Seinne Fleming, one of the contestants on The Bachelor, 2018, had her first solo date with the Bachelor, Arie in the show. An official synopsis of her date night on the show before it was even aired by the channel states, “Seinne and Arie’s chemistry is simmering just below the surface, but that could change when the couple takes off on a wild parasailing adventure, which the rest of the women jealously watch through binoculars. Seinne confesses at a romantic dinner that night that happy endings have been few and far between for her. Will she get her fairytale ending with Arie? The two finish a giddy night filled with excitement dancing to the country music of LANCO.” Seinne managed to get the Date rose in spite of her sad admissions on the date. She told Arie that she has not had very happy times and yet is quite accomplished in life right now. Seinne said that she was named Miss Teen Long Beach in 2007 and even had a Yale University Alum. She told Arie that she had been working as a commercial real estate manager at Latitude Management Real Estate Investors in Los Angeles, California. Seinne Fleming had also worked in television as an intern in the past. On Social media, fans have been weighing in about Seinne Flemming saying that she is too good for the Bachelor, Arie. Some even called her too level-headed for the Bachelor. One fan even said they hope she becomes the next Bachelorette star, saying, “Oh my. Seinne is WAAAAAAAAY too good to be on this show. I hope she comes in third and becomes the next #TheBachelorette. Seinne is too good for Arie and he basically said it himself.” Unfortunately, Seinne did not make it to the final this season. The winner was Becca Kufrin who could win over Arie’s heart.

The net worth of Seinne

Her current net worth is under review right now. Seinne Fleming is on Facebook with a long list of friends and followers. She uploads a lot of her personal posts and photos on Facebook for her fans and friends. The show contestant is also quite active on Twitter and Instagram. One can check her photos and videos @seinnefleming on Instagram. She is also available with the same account name on Twitter.