Scott Frank Wiki: Screenwriter, Net Worth, ‘Logan’ & Facts To Know

Net worth and what you need (or want) to know about the popular and talented screenwriter and director, Scott Frank, and his work.

Scott Frank, The Start of Screenwriter

Scott Frank, an American screenwriter, producer and author, was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on March 10, 1960. He has credited the movies’ Dog Day Afternoon’ and ‘Harold and Maude’ as the movies that made him want to write scripts. He moved from Florida to California to study at the University of California, Santa Barbara to study film studies. Frank Scott graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in 1982. Six years after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Scott Frank got one of his first screenwriting jobs with the 1988 movie, ‘Plain Clothes’. The same year he wrote one episode for the classic show, ‘The Wonder Years’. He didn’t write much in the world of television, though there are a few conflicting reports that he was one of the creators of ‘Birdland.’ The few episodes he did write for shows would ultimately lead him to his recent television hit, ‘Godless.’

Scott Frank and His Hits


When Scott Frank talks about his career as a screenwriter it’s easy to tell that it’s a career that hasn’t been easy but he somehow managed to make it big. He’s a success in Hollywood today because he loves what he’s doing and decided early on that this was how he was going to make a living. ‘Get Shorty,’ arguably the first big movie by Scott Frank came out in 1995 when he was thirty-five years old. ‘Get Shorty’ got him nominated for a Gloden Globe and a Writer’s Giuld Award. There would come a time when he would go through a dry spell when he didn’t have another hit like ‘Get Shorty’ but he was able to shake that off in 1998 with one of biggest movies ever released, “Out of Sight.’ ‘Out of Sight’ is an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel by the same name. It would become Frank Scott’s biggest movie for almost the next twenty years. ‘Out of Sight’ was nominated for an Oscar and was the winner of the Writer’s Guild Awards. ‘Out of Sight’ won many awards and paved the way to Scott Frank writing ‘Minority Report.’ ‘Minority Report’ came out in 2002 and was widely considered a hit. It had an all-star cast and was directed by Steven Spielberg. It wasn’t a shock to most people when it started to rack up awards because the sci-fi hit was well-liked and different from his next big movie, ‘The Lookout.’ The ‘Lookout’ was not only written by but also directed by Frank, but it turned out to be his directorial debut and it went fantastic. ‘The Lookout’, which came out in 2007, would be nominated for four awards, including the Independent Spirit Award. The intense drama was very different from Frank’s next movie, ‘Marley and Me,’ which didn’t go to win any awards but it still managed to capture the hearts of viewers all across the globe. In 2014 Frank’s movie, ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ was released. While critics couldn’t agree on how good or bad the movie was, according to the box office it was a hit earning $62 million. ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ is another movie that Scott Frank wrote and directed as well.

Branch Into Superheros


Scott Frank was back with another drama in 2013 when the movie, ‘The Wolverine,’ hit the big scrreen. ‘Wolverine’ was part of the X-men franchise and while it didn’t win Frank Scott any awards, its sequel, ‘Logan,’ would be one of Frank’s most successful movies. ‘Logan’ earned over $616 million at the box office, over six times it’s budget. ‘Logan’ earned so much that it’s currently the third highest-grossing rated R movie of all time. The only ones ahead of it are ‘Deadpool,’ also from the X-men universe, and ‘It’ (2017). ‘Logan’ has been nominated for an Oscar 2018 as well as nine other awards. It has achieved both critical acclaim and love from audiences, hopefully during the Oscar 2018 it will finally win Frank an Oscar.

Television Work


Scott Frank has not worked on many television shows in his twenty plus year career. He wrote an episode of the short-lived program ‘Birdland,’ and hopefully, for him, there is nothing short-lived about his new television show, ‘Godless.’ ‘Godless’ is a Netflix original which had such a positive response and is rumored to be launched for a second season. The show not only reflected well on Netflix from branching into a new type of show but also on the actors and Frank as well. ‘Godless’ seems like a series that is here to stay.

Scott Frank’s Net Worth


Scott Frank is rumored to have a net worth around $5 million. That’s an impressive net worth for a screenwriter and it certainly is well deserved. Frank has talked about how you take some jobs because your mind is running with ideas and you think it’s going to be brilliant, and how those jobs usually crash. Sometimes, however, you take a job to support your family and those are the jobs that change your life forever. Scott Frank is lucky to have had so many life-changing scripts and through them his net worth has grown but more importantly his name has too. Frank is no doubt proud of where his career has taken him.