Sarah Vowell Wiki: Historian, Net Worth, ‘The Incredibles’ And Facts You Need To Know

Known as Violet from ‘The Incredibles,’ historian Sarah Vowell has been observing and contributing to American history and her net worth in several other ways. She’s also acted in movies such as ‘A.C.O.D,’ ‘Please Give” and the soon to be released ‘The Incredibles 2.’

Actor Sarah Vowell: She voices Violet Parr in ‘The Incredibles,’ with ‘The Incredibles 2’ FINALLY set to Release this June!

Who could possibly forget the shy but powerful Violet Parr from ‘The Incredibles?’ Let’s be honest here…What girl in middle school or high school hasn’t wished to be invisible at some point while also being an awesome superhero? After years of being an historian, actor Sarah Vowell made her animated debut in ‘The Incredibles’ in 2004 (Was it seriously that long ago?) Ever since then, fans have been demanding a follow-up to the heroic antics of the Parr Family!

After voicing Violet in a few Disney/Pixar video games (including the Disney Infinity series) the Parr family is returning to the screen, after in ‘The Incredibles 2.’ It’s been FOURTEEN YEARS but Sarah Vowell will soon reprise her role as Violet, who is sure to be going through teenage angst while Mr. Incredible tries to be a stay-at-home dad while his wife, Elastigirl is off fighting off the bad guys.

Along with Vowell, the cast includes Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Huck Milner, Josh Ratzenberger, and Samuel L. Jackson who is returning as Frozone. Hopefully in this film, Frozone will be be able to find his super suit this time.

Between ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘The Incredibles 2,’ Sarah Vowell has taken on smaller roles as well, including ‘A.C.O.D’ and ‘Please Give’

Since there was a FOURTEEN YEAR break (not at all bitter about it) between ‘The Incredibles’ movies, Vowell had to find other movies to satisfy her acting needs, which included ‘A.C.O.D.’ and ‘Please Give.’ ‘Please Give’ starred Rebecca Hall and Elizabeth Keener and it focused on family life while watching the life drain out of a loved one. It was released in 2012.

The 2013 comedy A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce) includes names like Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, and Jane Lynch. Adam Scott’s character must deal with his divorced parents as his brother’s wedding draws near.

Along with being a part-time actor, Sarah Vowell is a full-time historian, writing books and articles on American history and culture.

Before Sarah Vowell started dabbling in acting, she was diving into American history, both as a writer and narrator. She published her first book in 1997 when she was 28. It was called ‘Radio On: A Listener’s Diary,’ in which she chronicles a year of listening to classic rock, NPR, and talk-radio. From 1996-2008, Vowell herself was an editor for the radio show ‘This American Life,’ which included memoirs, first-hand accounts, and found footage of American life.

In her work, Vowell has covered the time period ranging from the Puritans to the 1900’s expansion of the United States. Most recently, she examined the French hero of the Revolutionary War, Marquis de Lafayette. Along with examining specific time periods, some of Vowell’s books are collections of essays that analyze American culture and lifestyle, such as her 2002 book the ‘Partly Cloudy Patriot.’ Her writing has been described as making “shrewd observations” and a “good tale” while also bordering on “casual [that] turns cute and cute threatens to turn glib.”

Harsher critiques of her writing do not take away the respect Vowell possesses as a writer, as her writing has been published in everything from ‘The New York Times’ and the ‘LA Times’ to ‘Esquire and GQ.’ She has also contributed essays to larger books, like ‘State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America.’

The Incredibles was an animated project that was produced at the same time as a writing project, Assassination Vacation.

Vowell was working on ‘Assassination Vacation’ while recording her voice for ‘The Incredibles.’ This book focuses on the assassinations of presidents Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley as Vowell tours the country researching these particular murders, a self-proclaimed “pilgrimage.” Vowell made short films for the movie’s special features, where she notes that it was nice to be part of a movie that she didn’t have to sell to get people excited about watching. She went on to say that it’s quite the opposite with history at times and that her work with ‘This American Life’ landed her the role of Violet after Pixar heard her narration of the time she and her father made a home-made cannon.

With fun historical anecdotes as well as stories from working with names like Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, and Oliver Platt, Vowell is a great touring author and keynote speaker. Her unique voice is also a great addition to several documentaries, including the HBO special ‘Assume the Position’ which was broadcast in 2005. Her stories also make her a fun and informative guest on late night shows from Jimmy Kimmel to Jon Stewart to Conan.

Her Net Worth

As of this moment, Vowell is worth $28.1 million dollars, and that’s without ‘The Incredibles 2′ being released yet. Plus, with the new Incredibles’ story line, more video games will pop up that Vowell needs to voice. She’s also a frequent contributor to different movie documentaries and radio shows. Using her spoken voice alone, Vowell’s net worth is a killer.

With her written words, which include seven published books, and one audio book, Vowell uses her voice to observe American society as a boost to her bank account but that’s not her only goal. Vowell just wants to write and spread knowledge to others. Whether she’s writing about Puritans, presidential assassinations or female power in a teenage superhero, this is one woman who deserves to be listened to.