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Sarah Midori Perry

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Sarah Midori Perry is a 27-year-old pop singer from Japan. She is the lead vocalist of the London indie group called Kero Kero Bonito (KKB). Hence she is also known as Sarah Bonito.

Sarah Midori Perry and her growing and learning years

Sarah Midori Perry is a Piscean and was born on 4 March 1991 in Japan. The exact locale of her birthplace is not specified. She was raised in Japan and spent most of her childhood there. She has a mixed ethnicity-Japanese and British.

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Source: Facebook (Sarah)

Sarah Midori Perry and her musical career

Sarah Midori Perry and her two bandmates namely Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled formed the group called Kero Kero Bonito or KKB. Sarah is the main vocalist of this pop music group. Gus and Jamie were looking out for a new member to join their team in 2013 and Sarah’s musical sense and personality matched their expectations and she was chosen to be part of their group. Their meeting was a chance one. Talking about how she came into the group, Sarah had once said:

“I saw an ad online looking for a bilingual rapper/singer and thought it was interesting and decided to jump in. I didn’t really have a background in music except for playing the alto saxophone in a brass band. From our first rehearsal all three of us really got along and it felt right. I think it was meant to be!”

Her mixed race descent has brought freshness to the band. She writes bilingual and playful lyrics and possesses a bubbly personality which makes it nice to watch her on the stage. Besides writing for the group, Sarah has also ventured into a solo recording.

Source: Mindset (Sarah with her bandmates)

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Sarah Midori Perry and her talent as a visual artist

Sarah is also a visual artist and it is not just a hobby for her but she takes it seriously as a profession. Sarah had a passion for reading and writing and this used to help her rap. She could be at ease with her writing and singing since she is also a visual artist and a vocalist. When she ventured into writing, she was elated and said this of that experience:

“I remember writing my first rap for one of the earlier tracks and realising that there is this other world of expression that you can use through music. Up till then, I was only focused on creating visually. It felt like I just stumbled upon something amazing, like another dimension.”

Source: Twitter (Sarah)

She displays her art on her social media. She has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account with a huge fan following. Her current net worth is not known.

Sarah Midori Perry and her personal life

There is no disclosure of her relationship status and other details of her love life. It is not known whether she is single, in relation, or married. She seems to be a very quiet type of a person who prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. People know her through her work.

Source: The Guardian (Sarah)

Sarah Midori Perry interview

In an interview by the Daily Californian, Sarah with her bandmates was interviewed. She talked about her childhood, Linkin Park and music.

Talking about childhood Sarah said in an interview:

“Where I grew up, there (weren’t) much kids in the village, and they’d always tell us (the school’s) gonna close this year; it’s gonna close this year. But it managed to stay (open) until recently. I don’t know the exact reason (it closed). I think there’s not really kids left in the village, I guess.”

She also talked about Linkin Park:

“Hybrid Theory and Meteora got me through a lot of things when I was 14, 15. It’s crazy how … when you look back at (the artists you listened to growing up) you’re revisiting your childhood as well.”