Sadie Sink Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Max From ‘Stranger Things’

Want to know who Mad Max is from Stranger Things season 2? She is Sadie Sink, someone we all have seen on TV before. Here are some facts about this amazing little star!

Who is Sadie Sink?

Ever since she has appeared in Stranger Things Season 2, fans want to know who Sadie Sink is.

Sadie Sink is an American film, television and theatre actress who has played the role of Maxine Mayfield a.k.a The Mad Max in Stranger Things. Sink was born on April 16, 2002, and she has started acting from a very young age. Sadie Sink is from Brenham, Taxes. Sink has three brothers named Spencer, Caleb and Mitchell. She also has a young sister named Jacey. Her father is an American football coach. She is also popularly known for her role as ‘Suzanne Ballard’ from a show called ‘American Odyssey’. Sink also appeared in a few episodes of ‘The Americans’ and ‘Blue Blood.’

Sadie Sink’s Age and Height

Sink is 15 years old, and she is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Quite a height for the age!

5 Facts to Know About Max from ‘Stranger Things’

Here are some facts about Sink that not a lot of us know:

#1 She played the role of young Queen Elizabeth II

Remember the Broadway play ‘The Audience’? Sink played the role of young Queen Elizabeth II along with Helen Mirren who played the role of adult Queen Elizabeth II.

#2 She danced with Helen Mirren on the Red Carpet

Sadie Sink came to the Tony Awards in 2015 with Helen Mirren and both danced on the red carpet together.

#3 She has a little sister who has red hair too

Sadie Sink has a cute little sister who has red hair just like her. Her name is Jacey.

#4 Her real-life BBF is Millie

You wouldn’t believe who Sink’s real-life BBF is. It’s Millie Bobby Brown, her co-star ‘Eleven’ from the show Stranger Things. They even went on a family vacation this summer with their families in Mexico. Onscreen, they are rivals but off-screen they are BBFs. Sink says she wants Eleven and Max to have their friendship. She hopes that the resentment between the two gets resolved.

#5 She had a role on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too

Apart from having a role in ‘The Americans’, ‘Blue Bloods’, & ‘American Odyssey’, she also had a role in ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’. ‘The Glass Castle’ wasn’t the only movie she has appeared in. She appeared in the famous movie ‘The Bleeder.’

Stranger Things Kiss Controversy

In the last episode of Stranger Things 2, Sadie Sink (Max) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) shared a kiss at the snowball dance at school. Rumors say that Sadie Sink was quite uncomfortable about the kiss. In a video from Beyond Stranger Things, Ross Duffer, one of the show’s co-creators said that Sink’s reaction to the kiss was strong saying she freaked out so it was her fault that she had to kiss Caleb McLaughlin in the show. The scene was added to the script after Sadie Sink was stressed out by the idea of kissing her co-star. Sink, on the other hand, responded to the controversy saying that she was nervous, of course, because it was her first kiss. However, she never objected to it and she wasn’t pushed to do it either. She also added that the Duffer Brothers always create a comfortable workspace. And, if she had felt uncomfortable with the scene, she wouldn’t have done it.

What is Sadie Sink’s Net Worth?

Pretty Decent Net Worth!

Since Sink started her career at a very young age, she collected a sizeable net worth. She also managed to land on a small role in The Glass Castle, a biographical drama starting Lain Armitage. Her net worth is $200,000. Sink said it was easy transitioning into the cast of Stranger Things. It is like going to a camp and making so many friends. And, when the camp is over, you still keep in touch.

More About Sink’s Passions

Sadie Sink aspires to have a career like that of Emma Stone. Sink is a passionate vegan. She was a vegetarian for a year when she was working on ‘The Glass Castle’. Woody Harrelson and his family inspired her to become a vegan. She is also a huge fan of Beyoncé. She says she would drop everything to see her. Sink and her brother, Mitchell, made their Broadway debuts at the same time. They used to play at the park in between the shows. Surprisingly, she met Gaten and Caleb at the park long before the Netflix original series. They were also on Broadway at that time. Sink has two dogs and a cat, and she also loves photography.

Auditions for Stranger Things 2 and Sink’s Superstitions

Sink says that she was extremely superstitious during her auditions for Stanger Things 2. After each audition, she would put each scene script on the car floor and she wouldn’t pick it up until the process was over. Sink says that she was quite worried about fans accepting her character as Max, but it was all good as the storyline of Max fits into everything nicely. Although she has no idea what’s going to happen in Season 3, she is hoping for more scenes with the kids. She also wants more Max and Eleven scenes.